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  1. As far as I know you have the ability to have relationships/marriages with certain NPC's so it may be possible to share a house with them but I haven't heard anything about sharing houses.
  2. Is your directory in program files? Because something about the security in there or something sometimes disallows you to save.. Try reinstalling to My Games or something. Also it says your disc may be damaged, could this be the problem? The CS requires you to have Oblivion installed and working. Hope I helped.
  3. Okay first off I'd like to address this to the moderators, I also would like you all to know that I am NOT complaining.. Just curious - Recently I've seen people being given strikes, or even being banned and I was wondering what is wrong with it and why it is not allowed. Please don't take this the wrong way as I'm just curious and I'm happy to go without an answer but I'd like one. Thanks, Daledge.
  4. I would be happy to see a beginning that actually made sense and also variation is hugely important in my opinion.. I love doing a different beginning each time. I know it's tradition for Bethesda to start you off in a prison cell but I feel they just didn't make sense. In Oblivion (I haven't played Morrowind by the way) the blades just find you in a prison cell, suddenly the emperor's executed and they just let you loose. Sorry I couldn't be of more help but every little bit counts. :thumbsup:
  5. That, my friend, is a missing mesh.. And is the result of a dirty mod. Not sure which one though.
  6. -Monsters: Martigen's Monster Mod. -Horses: Horse Management, Horse Armour Official DLC (Costs Money). -New Areas, Dungeons, Etc: Elsweyr Deserts of Anequina(sp?). -Weight, Fatigue: Depends on what you want, whether it's no encumbrance or more dynamic encumbrance. There are mods that do both. -Melee: Deadly Reflex or Unnecessary Violence. -Magic: Supreme Magicka, Better Soul Gems. I agree with Bencebence with all three of his suggestions also.
  7. What about: 1000. The Adoring Fan is the most Epic person you will ever come across.. EVER.
  8. Is your game directory in the Program Files? If so, uninstall and then install in My Games. I don't have time to find it but I believe Bben has a guide to this somewhere.
  9. If it's a review of the game your after, I felt the storyline in Fallout 3 was better but in general after getting into it (Which took my a while because it starts off quite boring, but I would definetly recommend it.) FNV was better. So yes, it probably will be worth it.
  10. Mine is the same, my console doesn't open when I press the '~' key. I have to press a button on the top right of my keyboard with a '``' and a '¬'. Just below the Escape button. Try that.
  11. I'm a having a spot of trouble with my Construction Set, basically I can't move anything in the render window, including the camera. I can still click on something and press 'C' or 'T' to change the view but that's about it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, -Daledge.
  12. Toggling grass ('TG' in the console) also helps.
  13. Try changing the meshes and textures of the original stones and/or changing the ID's if you want.
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