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  1. If you measure it by damage per second, I would have to say no. Without exploits or mods, magic has been really heavily nerfed in the Skyrim in comparison to previous games. Chalk it up to the lack of spell crafting and many of the most interesting effects being limited to shouts. Pure mages (no physical armor, weapons or reliance on mundane stealth) in the game lack the one or two hit kill potential of melee and bow wielders with lootable items. Magic works best as a supplement to the other skill sets. Illusion reinforces stealth. Alteration gives extra armor and paralyzes opponents for you to wail on. Destruction is (much) weaker but easier to use than a bow. That said, people who want to be pure mages should do so more for the variety than efficiency. I find magic to be more desirable with disposable minions as mages act best as support characters. That is why I love using my necromancer character with twin souls. Two dead thralled boss lvl mages armed with a pair of high level staves or a pair of boss lvl archers make for fun glass cannons that I am unafraid of accidentally re-killing with AoE attacks, charms or paralysis effects. If you have dawnguard, you can even heal them though I prefer just to ressurect them. Hearing them die again with sighs of relief always amuses me before I ressurect their butts for more misery. :P
  2. Tainting the bow actually does make more sense but I could have swore the prophesy was about firing tainted arrows instead of tainting the bow. I'm guessing Harkon didn't know the effects would be temporary as it has never been done before. Then again, he did have a large inventory of elven arrows so he may have planned to capture Serana and/or Valerica all along.
  3. All that proves is that the hero became Sheogorath at least in name. Even if he was fully mantled to the point that he completely lost his original personality at that point, that does not matter. As I explained earlier, the hero could have become Sheogorath before even becoming the hero of Kvatch which is why the full power of an endgame CoC should include the full and surprisingly limited benefits of Sheogorath at the end of the game.
  4. Considering how crappy my internet connection is, how many bandwidth hogs live in my house and how flakey my wireless connection has been recently, I have to give online games a pass in general. Even with a perfect connection with no hogs, I never got into the whole multiplayer scene, much less MMOs. If I wanted human contact while gaming, I'd go to a casino.
  5. I am not sure I would say Alduin is an equal to Shor or Akatosh. Their relationship reminds me of the Devil and God in Christianity. The devil isn't more powerful than god but he certainly does oppose god and can bring ruin to the world. Of course, this is TES we are talking about so for all we know non-daedric gods are next to powerless at this point and Alduin's power can only continue to grow in the future. As for comparing him to a celestial body, I doubt he really has one. Just as daedra and daedric princes dwell in their own planes of Oblivion, dragons and mortals generally dwell in Mundus. Considering Alduin considers himself First-Born of Akatosh, I tend to agree with the in game book that Alduin is not Akatosh. His natural form most likely is a case of what you see is what you get; a massive black dragon with the power of a demigod. Dragons in general are considered children of Akatosh so it stands to reason that he is not some blob of power that assumes the form of whatever mortals tell it to, at least no more than any other dragon. While someday, he may get his own moon, comet or whatever, currently, all we know for certain is that Alduin is a dragon with the power to destroy the world and the Dovakiin is the mortal with the power to stop him.
  6. The vast majority of any vampire army will be lesser vampires and thralls though. Pure blood vampires, vampire lords and daughters of Coldharbour aren't exactly the norm afterall. Even then, vampire lords require blood to fend off the four stages. One of the biggest strengths of vampires is their ability to hide in plain sight and not feeding isn't exactly an option vampires take lightly.
  7. When exactly did Jyggalag say the CoC is no more? All he did say was that the hero is now Sheogorath. The order of when the CoC became Sheogorath isn't even set in stone. The hero could have become Sheogorath before becoming the CoC just as the Dragonborn could have defeated Miraak before fighting Alduin in TES's nebulous timeline.
  8. If it is possible to be the divine crusader and the listener to the dark brotherhood at the same time, it should be possible to be the CoC and hold the title of Sheogorath at the same time. The lack of Sheogorath powers were not just pure gameplay mechanics. As Jyggalag said after his defeat, You now hold the mantle of madness, and Jyggalag is free to roam the voids of Oblivion once more. I will take my leave, and you will remain here, mortal. Mortal...? King? God? It seems uncertain. This Realm is yours. Perhaps you will grow to your station. Fare thee well, Sheogorath, Prince of Madness. The new Sheogorath was still mortal at that point. There is an argument that sometime in in between the 200 years that he may have ceased being the CoC but that isn't the case right after Shivering Isles. Fair comparisons of the endgame characters would include CoC as Sheogorath right after defeating Jyggalag the same way you would compare the others. Of course, if the Sheogorath really is still the CoC in Skyrim, then barring CHIM (which could be argued all PCs possess) the CoC is likely the most powerful. Then again, 200 year is plenty of time for the Nerevarine to become something far more in some far away land. The Dovakiin though, looks fated to be Mora's toy for the rest of his violent life.
  9. Physically, that may be true but mentally, it has been shown they revert to rabbid monsters without a constant supply of blood. Without intelligence, they would be slain like wild animals.
  10. I'm not sure the blotting of the sun can ever be more than a temporary localized event. The player could blot out the sun with the bow using Serena's blood but the effect always wore off. Prolonged use would lead to damage to the environment but it would bounce back eventually. The arrows may give vampires advantages in controlling villages or towns but that alone would not allow them to control Skyrim much less Tamriel. A vampire army can only be supported by a large population of uninfected. It is hard to judge how this would have ended though. In Morthal, only one person besides the Dragonborn had the courage to really face Movarth and his thralls even though they formed an angry mob and he was crazy with grief. If most people were to act as scared sheep like they did, then the vampires would have little to fear even without the bow.
  11. What AlduinWorldEater said. Otherwise, she would be dead as the others. It is why the first mod I installed was the kill children mod. Really though, I wish it would have been so that she was taken prisoner instead of killed since the dumb imperials thought she was just some juvenile delinquent. It could have turned into an interesting quest.
  12. I am partial to the CoC because he was a nobody with no special fate who fought his way to become a god. The amulet of kings pretty much emphasized how worthless you were in the beginning compared to Martin. The Neverarine and the Dragonborne were born to be heroes with the dragonborn being constantly reminded that. I'd say the CoC is the most powerful if only because he is the only one who can be reasonably said to have achieved 100% completion in the game without being accused of being contradictory. Only a madgod would be the head of the dark brotherhood and the Divine Crusader at the same time. Even if you assume all three did 100% completion, I'd say the CoC is more powerful than the Dragonborn. Even if the Dragonborn were to somehow over power the CoC, one hit with the staff of Sheogorath is all the CoC needs to run away and backstab the DB with a poisoned arrow to the knee. I wouldn't know about the Nerevarine though since I am not as familiar with his equipment. In a cage fight, without any crafted items, I'd go with the first person to land a nonmagical paralyze attack, which makes the whole fight a toss up. As to the arguments that we should not consider the CoC after Shivering Isles, if that is the case, why are people comparing him to the Nerevarine after his fight with Hircine or the DB after fighting MIraak? Canonically, while Sheogorath may no longer be the CoC in Skyrim, that does not mean he stops being the CoC immediately after Shivering Isles. He did not gain the full powers of the original right after Shivering if at all but he did gain control of the Isles, several powers and most importantly, the staff.
  13. Paarthurnax was more useful than the blades for me so I chose the beards. If I was choosing based on the future of Skyrim though, I would have chosen the blades because Skyrim needs people willing to fight off rogue dragons and any future threats from the Thalmor. Without you, they may kill a dragon or two but they would wind up getting annihilated by the Thalmor again in short order. The Greybeards are way too passive to protect Skyrim from anything though it would be nice if the old dragon was able to unite the dragons and end their rampages. The problem with that is that he could very well wind up uniting them, become the new dragon king and go crazy with power. Even if he didn't, uniting the dragons is not guaranteed and would be slow to implement. Genocide, sadly, is a much quicker and surer option after the death of Alduin. edit: Y'know, it really bugs me that the Blades are so insistant on killing Paarthurnax but says nothing about Odahviing. I doubt Odahviing avoided committing war atrocities himself and he wasn't exactly keen on the idea of following the way of the voice. If anything, he is what Paarthurnax was.
  14. Considering the number of dragon souls you have, it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that you'll still have plenty of souls left after selling one or two. Mora though is a greedy and fickle one so the Dragonborne's future doesn't look too bright. Better than being a butt buddy to Molag though. The big thing to consider though is that all this will have to happen after the dragonborne passes away. Considering the kind of connections the dragonborne has, his life can go on indefinitely in one form or another. Lesser characters have done the same. More likely though, I imagine he/she will die a violent death; most likely by the tentacle of Hermaeas Mora after he eventually finds someone more interesting.
  15. 1) What must a perfect opponent be able to do? E.g. complex maneuver, variing his combat style etc. A: The perfect opponent will always hold the player's interest. 2) What should be his behaviour? A: Behavior should be based on the setting and the function of the character. Kratos does not belong in an E rated game. A mook should not be tougher than the mid-boss. The mid-boss should not be tougher than the boss. 3) How easy or hard would you like to win a combat? A: As long as it is not a chore to defeat the opponent, it does not really matter what the difficulty is. 4) How should the level of difficulty adapt? Should it be a sneaky adaption or a hard cut at some point in time? A: Gradual progression of difficulty with optional side quests to drastically more challenging areas is best. 5) Is realism in combat situations important to you? A: No. Most of the finest games are not realistic. Just look at Mario. 6) How many times are you allowed to die at the same place before you lose the interest in the game? A: The number of deaths does not matter as much as the time for completion. If I fail a thirty times in ten minutes before succeeding, it is far better than failing three times over the course of ten hours. 7) Would you like to use combat strategies? Should your oppnents use them as well? A: Yes and yes.
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