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  1. TheNiceOne and PushTheWinButton are two of the most brilliant scripters I have encountered. I just looked over Ascension's scripts and didn't see anything suspicious. But, you should start deactivating one mod at a time until the problem stops.
  2. Some mod is doing a SetDisabled command on the NPC and failing to undo it. It could be a mod that replaces their inventory (or removes things) when they die, like Enhanced Economy can be set to remove things to make loot scarcer, but I never use that feature and don't know if they would set it to destroyed for some reason. That's the only thing I know of that could cause the things you're seeing.
  3. You can achieve this yourself by modifying the related Game Settings, with this command: SetNumericGameSetting fMarksmanFatigueBurnPerSecond 0.0 SetNumericGameSetting fMarksmanFatigueBurnPerShot 0.0 You can put those commands in a .bat file you run every time you start the game, or (if you are using a mod that has an .ini file it loads every time you start the game) you can try and put them in that file. Other than that, you can just create an ESP file in the Construction Set that modifies those game settings.
  4. Why won't this work? begin MenuMode 1014 if IsKeyPressed3 30 ; 'A' PrintC"Hotkeys Lockpick menu: a pressed" ClickMenuButton "#2" 1014 endif end I want to make it so that if I press the 'a' key in the Lockpick menu (1014) it will cause the "Auto-attempt" button to get clicked. The "#2" is the id of that button in Data\Menus\lockpick_menu.xml. <include src="darn\button_short.xml"/> <id> 2 </id> <user0> <copy src="strings()" trait="_close"/> </user0> <depth> 7 </depth> <x> <copy src="lockpick_auto_attempt" trait="x"/> <add> <copy src="lockpick_auto_attempt" trait="width"/> <add> 15 </add> </add> </x> I am seeing my PrintC message in the console. So the ClickMenuButton command is failing to work for this menu. Thanks.
  5. I have the AV Uncapper installed, and the only thing I have that may change sneak values is Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul. This bug has never happened to me, and I love doing sneak kills on everything I can sneak up on. I am also using Oblivion Reloaded for graphics. It requires this setting in the Oblivion.ini file: bAllowPartialPrecision=1 Any chance that has anything to do with it? Just a wild guess, since nothing else occurs to me. EDIT: Something else occurred to me. If you use RefScope on that NPC, it will tell you the ID of the script (if any) on the NPC. A bad script could cause that behavior. You can also look at what Active Effects are on the NPC.
  6. What if you have the spell set the actor to destroyed (SetDestroyed), which will stop the player from being able to activate them? Will your OnActivate event still fire? If so, you would need to do the 'SetDestroyed 0' to return the actor to normal. I am guessing you are using the OnActivate event to catch this. For further help please post your scripts.
  7. You have a lot of errors in that script. Here is a correction of the part that has a lot: If ( GetStage WaV001 >= 1 ) && ( GetStage WaV001 <= 10 ) ModPCInfamy 1 ; Are you trying to actualy set if to 1 or just add 1 to it?? PlayerRef.SetCrimeGold 0 ActorRef.ModDisposition PlayerRef 100 ; In an object script on an NPC, the ActorRef is implied, but in a quest script you have to specify it. Endif Go here to look up script commands (and here for OBSE commands that may not be in the Wiki list), so you can know how to use them.
  8. You would need to add the book that teaches the spell, not the spell itself.
  9. You have to make the change in the Construction Set Extender.ini file (since the CSE won't save any settings changes you make to the ini file) (in Data\OBSE\Plugins ) [BGSEE::Plugins] PreventTimeStampChanges=1 SaveLoadedESPsAsMasters=1 <---- THIS ONE!!!!
  10. The ONLY other way to make an ESP a master of another is to esmify all of the ESPs that are to be used as masters first.
  11. My memory is vague on this, but I think you have to make the change in the Construction Set Extender.ini file (since the CSE won't save any settings changes you make to the ini file) (in Data\OBSE\Plugins ) [BGSEE::Plugins] PreventTimeStampChanges=1 SaveLoadedESPsAsMasters=1 <---- THIS ONE!!!!
  12. I am using an older version of OR and ENB. To use both, you need to set ENB to use the speed hack without messing with the graphics. Here are the first few lines in my enblocal.ini file: [PROXY] EnableProxyLibrary=false InitProxyFunctions=true ProxyLibrary=other_d3d9.dll [GLOBAL] UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=true <------ This one is impoertant!! UseDefferedRendering=false IgnoreCreationKit=true
  13. OnRelease, eh. Sounds good. OnAttack looks like it would be good for what the OP is asking for. I wonder if OnRecoil and OnStagger would be better than what the mod I am using does.
  14. For detecting when the player is just swinging the sword, all I can think of is something I saw in the mod No Recoil or Stagger. A quest script that runs every frame, with this command in a GameMode block: if Player.IsAnimGroupPlaying recoil ; Is there an anim for swinging a sword? If so, it would require a bit more to get it to work right, but it's a place to start maybe.
  15. I have dealt with this issue many times now. You simply can't force this game to AI actors that are not in the same cell as the player and expect immediate results. The "No high level processing" flag is pretty much meaningless. Two examples of this are the merchants Rohssan of the IC (who generally open after 8:45 AM) and Falanu Hlaalu of Skingrad (who usually opens after 10:30 AM). There is not reason for either to not open at 8:00, except for the fact that the game will just leave them somewhere else until it magically decides to put them where they belong. To get around that, I put scripts on their front doors that does a MoveTo command to stick them in their shops, unlock the front door, and and then activate the door again so that I can go on in as if they had been open all along. The other most annoying NPC is the count of Skingrad. There is nothing that prevents him from showing up a lot sooner than he does, except that the game is again refusing to actually do the AI packages that would get him to come to the lobby until it magically decides to do so. I haven't dealt with this yet, since it is more complicated.
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