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  1. Its very Marine-ish actually.=) being a veteran I know first hand about customizing our gear in the combat zone. ;) Oh no I get that :) - I just prefer these sorts of things to look "brand new" is all, but hey, it still looks good, and at the end of the day it's your mod, so do it how you like it.
  2. Not too keen on the "Get Some" on the back... perhaps something cooler would be something more...regimental perhaps? Such as "ODST" etc? But hey, not my mod, still looks fantastic :) - can't wait.
  3. I'm pretty sure I did yes (though it was yesterday, and I tried it a few times ... and my memory isn't the best), because I watched the mod sanctuary video especially to re-install AV, since I'd forgotten how to use it. Perhaps I could try installing the old Live another life mod again, and then AV, since they worked together before, and see how that goes... Thanks for replying btw :)
  4. Hi everyone :) Basically my problem is as title - I've got live another life installed and it's not working with automatic variants... What basically happens is when I got to click new game, the dragon symbol doesn't disappear and basically I have to close down Skyrim, when what should happen is the game starts, and you create your character in a prison cell to begin your new life. What's odd is that I've never had this problem before... I've had AS, LaL installed with AV before, with no issues... Recently though I uninstalled every mod and started installing them again, to get rid of mods I didn't want any more and start fresh, and in the process downloaded and installed instead a newer version of live another life, though I've still got the old version too. However it seems with both that auto variants isn't working... - I install it correctly and then after that, AS doesn't work properly as described above, and even after I uninstall AV the problem persists, only stopping when I completely uninstall ALL my mods and start from scratch. Please help me with this :) - they're two great mods and I don't really want to stop using either to be honest... Alternate start: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/9557 AV: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/21377
  5. Agreed. It's great we're finally getting some Halo mods which aren't going to be taken down as soon as they're put up.
  6. So you're releasing the helmet and armour separately? - Any chance of a rough date for the helmet release? :)
  7. What you're describing doesn't sound too difficult and you should be able to do it all with just using GECK. I'd start at the beginning of that tutorial so you don't miss anything. http://geck.bethsoft.com/index.php/Bethsoft_Tutorial_GECK_Setup That looks like pretty much what I'm looking for :) - thanks.
  8. Er... I'm a little unsure of how that helps me to be honest :( - it's just a video showing other mods (some of which might contain quests) and telling you how to install said mods via FOMM, which I can already do. To clarify my original question, what I want to do is create my own mod, which includes a small/short quest., and I'm asking how difficult creating a small quest would be for a total noob. - I've managed to find this article: http://geck.bethsoft.com/index.php/Quest_and_Dialogue_Tutorial - so I'll give that a look I think :)
  9. Hi everyone :) Basically after posting this mod request - http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/780147-small-quest-behind-the-attack-on-ranger-station-charlie/ I just wondered how difficult it would be to just do the mod myself. I've no real experience of modding past swapping meshes and textures around in the GECK, so creating a whole new quest, no matter how short and simple it is, is pushing the boat out for me, but I was just wondering whether the more experienced modders on here could help me out :). Basically my questions are:- 1) How difficult is creating quests from scratch? 2) What sort of tools would I need? - All I have for the moment is the GECK 3) Is this something a noob such as myself could do? 4) Any other tips would be appreciated Thanks
  10. Hi everyone :) Just a quick request from me - basically I've just done the Ranger Station Charlie mini-quest, where you speak to Ranger Andy about him having no contact from the station and upon checking it out, you find it's been attacked by the Legion and everyone killed. This is all well and good, but upon closer inspection of the command house in the outpost, there was a holo-disk thing, which is basically a message from the legion, which whilst threatening the NCR, also says they've taken one of the women. What I think would be good, would be if it were possible to expand upon this part, by creating a small quest (with a name such as: "No one gets left behind") where the Courier (if they are NCR aligned) goes and rescues this ranger and brings them back to Novac or something. Anyway, yeah that's my request. As a matter of interest, how hard would it be to do this sort of thing myself? I've got no real experience of modding, past swapping meshes and textures in the GECK, so I've no real idea about how challenging this would be, but yeah, any help is appreciated. Cheers :)
  11. Basically my problem is what the title says it is, whilst the floor and so forth of the volkihar court-yard are all there, including doors to other areas, a lot of it's scenery so to speak, just disappears as soon as I enter the area - things like the walls which surround it. I can tell because as soon as I enter the area, I see them, then they fade away, and also because the windows seem to stay put, so they seem to just float in the air far above my head. It also just seems to have bits of the wall which just kind of "cut off" onto empty ground - which looks wrong, and obviously wrong at that. It's pretty difficult to explain it really, if I can upload a pic I will, but I've no idea how to do it in Skryim, can anyone help me out on that? Anyway, I've gone through and unchecked all my mods to see if any of them cause the problem, and unfortunately that yielded no results, however, I have broken my "one rule" so to speak when it comes to this save file, in that I've allowed myself to keep on saving (even though I've done backups) when different mods have been installed and uninstalled, so chances are if a mod did cause it, I have saved with it on, and either left it or uninstalled it, and saved onward (Skyrim saves have this weird tendency to associate mods with saves, or something like that, and that has resulted in loads of problems for previous games I've run too... so that might be what's behind it here). Anyway, I greatly appreciate all help you can give me in getting this fixed :) - I'm not against starting a new game and re-doing the vampire side of Dawnguard, but it is a bit of a pain. Thanks.
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