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  1. This is quality work. I commend you, sir!!! Do keep up the good work, yeah? :thumbsup:
  2. The nexus community has disappointed me one too many times.
  3. saw12

    Radiant Flux looking great. I cant wait to play it this mod looks so great bethesda should be hiring all the people working on it.
  4. Depending on how many times the forms in the GECK were used, I would just replace them with the vanilla files when your mod is complete. That's just all part of the house-keeping and fine-tuning phase before you release your super amazing mod that will blow everyone AWAY. ...sorry. I had a good day. :happy: As Q said, it keeps download size down. And, in theory, I would imagine it would be less taxing on the game engine if there are less forms it has to call. (That may be wrong, for it may not matter in this context whether it is calling a bunch of vanilla sounds or custom...)
  5. In regards to the LOD generation time variations, and as Casey mentioned before, this has to be THE most informative post on the forums I've come across in regards to the matter: http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/782478-generating-lod-one-cell-at-a-time/ More hills and ridges means less gen time? The flatter the terrain, the longer the cell takes to generate lod? Who would have thought... You may want to add that last post in the thread to your tutorial for everyone to reference. It is very informative, as information on LOD is too few and far between. (and it is a pain to experiment with). The bit about flat plains and smooth slopes taking longer to generate is a bit discouraging, for I've been planning on getting ready to design a worldspace with this type of layout in mind: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-aPSbf338akM/TzgjU0jui5I/AAAAAAAACZQ/FhfzBB7Fh-M/s1600/Gran+Pulse+2.png Given that my island worldspace still isn't done generating LOD, and only 1/6 of it is the flat surface of the shoreline, I'm not too happy about that. Casey, I too exported in GeoTiff and was able to skip a few of the tutorial steps. It was in 16 bit format and came out fine in the end. Very nice find, thank you. But I would not use the "screen" layering type when you could simply use of the filters to control the levels (Curve, Levels, etc). This is what I have been doing alongside Tricky's method to fine tune my elevation in the heightmap. Funny thing is, the terrain in Fallout (Gamebryo) is so...meh...that it really doesn't matter how well you "fine tune" the heightmap levels. I've experimented with terrain in Unity and UDK, and I have to say that both had more impressive rendering features (obviously) and greater terrain detail. When it comes to Fallout...it's either lumpy, spiky, or flat. There's no abstract complexity you can implement here and there. So as much as I would want to create a vast tundra environment with snow-capped mountains, I would not be able to achieve that level of detail without using LOD models. I am sorry if I am not explaining myself properly.
  6. Uh, I'm going to have to agree with Mardoxx here. While this isn't English class...a properly structured post would be nice. Like an introduction so we know what is being discussed here :happy:
  7. ^ I wish my first post was that intricate! I will investigate your findings when I get the chance :happy:
  8. Sup man. 1) Start producing material for the mod on your own. A fairly large bit, too. You cannot expect others to give you the light of day without putting your money where your mouth is (in this case, some worldspace work already done or something). Unless you have made a successful mod in the past, or you are great "friends" with whoever you plan to work on the mod with, people make the mistake of focusing on building the "team" first rather than producing material for the project itself. Just a heads up.
  9. The only solution to the majority of the problems stated already would be a new worldspace. That way we can build a DLC-sized control environment, and we build it in a way that is most convenient for this worldspace. I am capable of doing so, pretty well. But as I said before, I won't start anything unless I see a foundation for this collection of "ideas", as well as other able modders who are willing to make it happen. Devin, very good ideas.
  10. ....How about this. You create an in-depth design document (such as google docs) containing all the ideas that we have presented so far, well organized and informative. You then include a section for random ideas/game mechanics that could make the mod that much more interesting. Should this idea attract any other "capable" modders, I'd be more than willing to work on this project as long as it does not become too "large". Depth, I am not concerned about, as it can be a gradual effort and scripting/AI packages will not be too troublesome. But the ideas need to be laid out, and I will not do it alone. I have a project of my own that I need to attend to. I also know a handful of voice actors who could get the NPCs voiced, creating a heap of interesting quests that are special from the common convoy missions. Just a thought.
  11. I agree. Few people actually walk around the worldspaces in the fallout/elder scrolls games for prolonged periods of time. Interesting encounters take place when you choose not to fast travel all the time. It proves for a more immersing experience, though it can be tedious and boring at times. But then again, what does that say about the player? Do we wish to be demigods in comparison with the rest of the characters in the game where we can jump from one side of the worldspace to the other with a click of the pipboy button? Or solve quests faster than it takes a mercenary npc to complete his travel AI package from Novac to Freeside? Mods like Increased Wasteland Spawns and whatever else that increases the "activity" in the wasteland is always nice. But what about the player experience, for himself or herself? I realized that traveling with some kind of "company" trying to reach "some destination" always brings out the best adventure experiences in any forms of media. Think about it. Heck, that's why people love traveling with companions as they complete quests. And that experience is enhanced when you either have something dear to lose or the odds are against your traveling company. This is why I had thought an in-depth caravan mod would have been great for Fallout: New Vegas. Through random scripted sequences/encounters, one could make the player respect the harsh wasteland when they actually have to take a step back, stop playing demigod a la "the player", and focus on protecting someone else (the merchant, or if you ARE the merchant, then your merchandise). Unfortunately, I came up with this idea when I had first started modding. Of course, I have the skills to make it happen now (and then some), but I'm pretty caught up with another modding project at the moment. I would still like to see something come out of this idea, though, if the community responds well enough to it.
  12. I made a thread about this very concept a year ago Here. Take a look.
  13. There's nothing worse than having your scripts not work, and you can't find the bug!
  14. As I thought. Those were all points that went through my mind before posting this. I just wanted someone's input from the community, if not a moderator. I will try to get in touch with the authors/artists, though I really don't think it would be problematic in the end. But you can't ever be too safe...
  15. Say I wanted to include licensed sound files I have bought online (they have copyrights on them and state I cannot share them in a way that would be easily accessible in my works). If I pack ALL files in a bsa before release, am I violating copyright laws? The sounds are compressed with the rest of the game files, and the player would technically have to go out of his/her way to extract the files. I just wanted to make this clear, for I do not wish to get banned over material I bought and thought I could include! Thank you.
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