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  1. I'd love this, too. We always have the option to fast travel to a specific destination if we don't want to watch landing cinematics and arrive in the pilot's chair, or dismount your own ship - there is really nothing to lose with something like this and for those of us who want to avoid fast travel/skipping and RP actually moving around it's basically a necessity for a mod like this. For the same reasons, but tangential in terms of a mod suggestion, I wish I could 'plot a course' to a star or planet in the map, yet return to my cockpit and have it 'targeted' to engage grav drive or travel manually instead of almost every movement you make in Starfield being a form of map-based fast/insta travel.
  2. Thanks for this, Amineri. This clears up most everything I was wondering how to do, especially re: total conversions/overhauling original game code. Now just.. how to cook? :blush:
  3. It doesn't, the game actively rejects overwrites of vanilla (indeed the Redscreen actually notes duplicates and rejects them, instead of overwriting with the new data).. Hence my problem earlier; it seems we physically can't edit the non-ini variables of vanilla weapons, items (?functions?) at the moment, only add new content; at least without the work-around you've suggested. Makes it very difficult to make base gameplay mods :/
  4. Well at least I can edit items now. But seriously, in terms of putting together a mod which would change how drops work, change how enemies behave - modify anything of the base game meaningfully - how do I go about that in general? The 'big vs small' mod dichotomy is irrelevant, A) because pls educate meh and B) if you're committing to making such changes then you're making it a 'big'/conversion mod anyway. Also, that compiles fine but it doesn't actually change the slots :/
  5. Well you won't need to do this for the SMG mod, as I exposed the number of upgrade slots at each tier as config variables instead of hard-coding them into the template. Similarly the schematic costs are exposed. But then, I have a bit of a mania for putting stuff into config files, I suppose :D I've worked on some projects which have their gamedata and mods in XML and I share the same mania. Anything that can be devolved to the config/XML MUST GO THERE. What do you mean you don't need to configure how many individual asteroids there are in that asteroid belt? Nonsense.
  6. Thank you based Amineri! :laugh: This is, incidentally, exactly what I've been trying to do as my first test,
  7. How so? As in, the tools will allow for rebuilding of the default code?
  8. Well unless they make overwriting/editing of vanilla content possible, then almost no major mod can really take off, because it means that the basic gear and settings are locked in and you can only add extras on top; we heard discussions of total conversions and the like in dev commentary so it doesn't sound intentional. I'm hoping and anticipating they open up that functionality pretty soon, therefore.
  9. There is an example project for overriding classes which shows how to make a mod class override a vanilla one in the XCOMEngine config file. Clearly it works (or so one must presume if it's provided as an example of how to override vanilla classes) for amending functions as per the example. *herp derps and tries to override the entire Item Manager additem function to overwrite duplicates*
  10. That seems like a huge limitation given the amount of effort they put into making the game moddable and giving us an entire dev kit. Weapons and their functions seriously aren't editable outside of what's already in configuration files, seriously? :/
  11. Could someone give me a quick description of how to override existing content with mods? I have been through the guides but am unfamiliar with UC as a format; I can add variants and new weapons as stand-alones and have a basic grasp of scripting but don't understand how I would, for example, replace the values for e.g. the vanilla Assault Rifle itself, as opposed to adding a new weapon in. Using an edited weapons script in the mod creates a conflict as the game rejects the duplicate templates. Tl;dr - how do I edit existing templates? I can add new ones just fine, but I'd like to sink my teeth into the existing content. Thanks :)
  12. Has anyone come across/happen to know what kind of mod conflict or error could cause this? Basically, I can play the game fine; it'll load any of my saves and I can play through and save and continue without issue, unless I try and load another save-game once I've already been playing - e.g. if I die and try to load the last saved game. When I try to load a game for the second time during a run of the game, it crashes on the loading screen with a 'runtime error'. Weird.
  13. I was hoping someone with a better understanding of Papyrus could help me out here - I'm seeking to create a spell that dispels an already-deployed Magelight. Background: I've already created a simple 'Extinguish' spell that quietly dispels Candlelight - this is very straightforward, as this spell works as an active magic effect on the caster which can be dispelled like any other: adding a unique keyword and having the Extinguish spell dispel on casting does the trick nicely. Magelight doesn't work like this, however. The Magelight spell projectile which produces light en-route is a F&F normal spell projectile, but when it impacts a solid object, the impact data then specifies a hazard to generate, which in turn produces the lighting effects involved, drawing the duration of illumination from the parent spell. Basically, it no longer is an active spell effect, and dispelling - either on self or in the area - cannot remove it. What I'm looking to do: I believe, therefore, that a papyrus script is needed to facilitate the dispelling of a Magelight. This script is fairly simple in conception, and would need to: Find out if there's a Magelight (MagicLightLightSpell01) in the defined area (or, just the cell) Define that object Disable itIn an ideal world, what it would do fully would be: Find all of the Magelights (as can be modded to have multiple, or can be dispelling an NPC's!) in the defined area/the cell Produce an array of each of these Disable each of the Magelights in that array (no 'for each' loop in Papyrus? :ermm:) If anyone could walk me through a good method of actually achieving this - or even just provide some raw code for me to work out if you don't have the time - I would be very grateful. Thanks FC
  14. UPDATE: For anyone having the same problems, the Nvidia 334.6 Beta drivers were the cause of this phenomenon. Rolling back to 332.21 drivers should resolve the issue
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