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  1. I just want a set of clothing inspired (not necessarily a carbon copy of) by ESO's Vampire Noble costume set. Mainly so I can be a legitimate pure mage while looking the vampiric part.
  2. Wasn't there a mod that added Zephyr's bow draw speed buff as an enchantment for clothing/armor/jewelry? I know there was one, but I can't remember which one it was.
  3. Yes, I fully understand why people like Serana and that we can cure her. However, knowing that she tends to spam necromancy spells and the usual follower problems, I feel like only vampire players would get something good out of it (Bloodcursed arrows). So... why not have her essential flags removed the moment the DG questline gets cleared? I mean, if you're hunting vampires, you'll only ever need the Sunhallowed arrows for Auriel's bow, anyway.
  4. Before you ask, the Bodyslide files that already are present in the modpage only covers CBBE. Just ask AgnusTheMagi, who uploaded it in his/her own mod. But yeah, as the title said, what I desire is a UUNP conversion of Nimezis' Eilhart Dress. Thank you if you managed to pull it off.
  5. If I were to guess, according to them, the best visual depiction of elves were the ones on the LOTR movies. They're supposed to be a different species, not humans with pointy ears, so them looking alien should be the norm.
  6. I know that Stalhrim weapons are practically made with enchanted ice, so the odds of it rusting would be impossible by metallurgy standards. Even then, why on Nirn don't they have scabbards? It's not like they would melt.
  7. Even then, a fight between a normal human/elf and a demon/undead/vampire would go as well as you expect: the normal human/elf gets squashed. The chief reason why the latter would lose is if either: the one fighting the demon/undead/vampire is one him/herself; the human/elf gets smart and sticks to ranged combat with whatever implement (bows, crossbows, magic or even firearms).
  8. Would Fusion Cells are Batteries count? I mean, sure all it does is make it so the fusion cells behave like batteries and modify both the pre-War laser and the Institute one to further differentiate them (pre-War lasers hit harder while Institute lasers are more ammo-efficient), but it does alter the functionality of energy weapons. Also, it adds compatibility patches with other energy weapons that are added by mods.
  9. With this, Fallout Miami and New Vegas on Fallout 4, who needs Fallout 76?
  10. Let's be honest: some of us are willing to gun some faction on sight for whatever reason, whether it is by fanaticism or genuine reasons, well name it. But, if you're going to do an unarmed playthrough, you'll unfortunately need to befriend said factions. My question is, would it be possible to add in an alternate way to learn said special moves? You know, the Ranger Takedown, the Legion Assault, the Khan Trick and the Scribe Counter?
  11. It's pretty self-explanatory: the ability to craft fusion cells using, say, the ammunition plant.
  12. My request is in the topic's title, which is rather basic. Problem is, I want it to also be affected by Gamwich's Rustic Clothing retexture, which would defeat the purpose. Could anyone do it, please?
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