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  1. In response to post #60307046. The idea was never to make it so modders can rely on this as a source of income. It's just a small way of saying thank you. Also, there's the option to donate the money to charities, who will happily accept and appreciate even relatively small amounts. Also, they'll be worth more if the community actively puts into the system, too. (Well, they'll be worth the same amount, but you'll get more of them...)
  2. In response to post #56082096. #56082186, #56082681, #56083906 are all replies on the same post. And of course, if the author of the assets you use does allow it to be used for donation points, you could always shoot them some as a thank you.
  3. In response to post #56085316. No. This is a separate beast entirely.
  4. In response to post #56081816. #56081971, #56082201, #56082696, #56082916, #56083201, #56083376, #56083496, #56083506 are all replies on the same post. The chosen method isn't fair to everyone. It's as fair as possible to as many people as possible. I remember the thread where we were all discussing this idea and how best to implement it, and there simply isn't a better way to handle it, unfortunately.
  5. Well, for Wildcat, at least, EnaiSiaion tends to be relatively open to suggestions. If you ask him about it, he might be willing to add a setting-save feature. Though, I'm not sure if he'd want to use FISS or go a different route. (I ended up taking a different route for the mods I made. FISS had a couple of issues I didn't like.)
  6. I make no promises this will work perfectly or that it will work with the most recent version of Ordinator by EnaiSaion, but here's the link. Some quick notes: the idea behind this mod is that it adds a menu when you activate an enchanting table. If you answer yes (you want to do mass enchanting), then it will take a few seconds (several, in fact, it's the best that's possible, I think) to sort through your inventory. Then, when you enchant something, it'll ask how many more instances of that same enchantment you'd like to perform, up to the number you could actually manage. However, this *only* works for enchanting. It doesn't have any system in place to handle smithing or tempering. I could definitely look into how to manage that in the same basic way, but it would be tricky. https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B-cZn2P5m-lYd1pGRTlOT0xYaGs
  7. Not related to AHK (though that's how I found this thread, because I was trying to see if anyone had gotten "ImageSearch" to work reliably, since I wanted it to be a sort of "auto-pilot" for following quest targets), but you mentioned the crafting thing for enchanting being impossible, and I'm pleased to say I actually just got a mod working to do just that. I only finished it a couple of days ago, and it's still got a bit more customization I want to add before releasing it, but it is at least possible, at least in a sense. I wasn't able to make it keep the selection so you could repeatedly click craft if wanted to (and thus could automate it from there how you want), but rather I added a "Mass Crafting" input box that asks how many copies of the enchanting process you'd like to perform and then does everything at once. (It doesn't let you do anything you couldn't already do; it only lets you skip the tedious menu flipping by doing it all at once.) If you'd be interested in that, I can post a link here when I get around to uploading it.
  8. This finally fixed it. Something about posting for help always seems to make it more obvious... 4 BSDismemberSkinInstance -> Partitions -> Partitions -> Body Part = 30 (And now, I supposed that means my post is thanking myself... I promise I'm not that conceited...)
  9. I'm trying to make a model for Konahrik that dragon priests can wear (I'm making a mod so there's a battle with its namesake before you can claim the mask itself). Konahrik, unlike all of the other masks, doesn't have a Dragon Priest compatible armor addon, so while it's in his inventory (and its enchantment works), it doesn't show. I figured what I would need would be the model from another mask's normal version (used Morokei: dragonhelm_moonstone_0.nif) and its dragon priest variant (maskmoonstone.nif), plus of course the original for Konahrik (dragonhelm_ultra_0.nif). I made all of the changes I could find that seemed like they might be relevant, but it doesn't show up in game. Along the way, I've managed to get something to show up, but it was in the wrong place (behind his right leg facing backwards), and it was only visible if you were looking at it from far enough away and from the right angle. (At one point it even showed up as a 2 foot wide rock for seemingly no reason at all). I've attached the resulting nif (maskultra.nif) along with the three files used to create it. The actual process for this was: Copy "dragonhelm_ultra_0.nif" -> "maskultra.nif" Delete all branches except "15 NiTriShape" (the mask itself") and "0 NiNode". Copy "1 NiNode" from "maskmoonstone.nif" into the file. Move the new NiNode up to become "1 NiNode". Set "2 NiTriShape" string index to 2. Set Bones in "4 BSDismemberSkinInstance" to reference "1 NiNode". "5 NiSkinData" Translation Z = "-14.698". "3 NiTriShapeData" Center Z = "122.358". "2 NiTriShape" Translation Z = "14.698". "0 NiNode" children set up so "1 NiNode" is the first child and "2 NiTriShape" is the second, then deleted the other references (they were at the end of an otherwise blank list of 10). "NumChildren" set to 2, then refreshed children. "Num Extra Data List" set to 0. In the Header, modified Strings so 0, 1, and 2 were correct, deleted the others, set the count to 3, and refreshed. Saved.I checked it in the CK, and it appears about the same as Morokei, but in-game, it simply doesn't show up. I don't like the idea of just asking people to fix it for me, but I've tried everything I can think of. As far as I can tell, it's virtually identical to the Morokei one, which obviously works. I also made sure it's not me ESP by trying it with the "maskultra.nif" model, which didn't worked, changed nothing except pointed the custom armoraddon to "maskmoonstone.nif", and tested it again. It worked this time (with some extremely minor positioning issues, but for all I know, those might be present in the normal versions). What I'd really love is for someone to take a look, and if you can spot what's wrong with it, tell me both what's wrong and (hopefully) why it's wrong (if it's not obvious). I've tried messing with models before (3 or 4 times), but I've never managed a single successful venture. I'm fairly good at most other aspects except voice acting and level design, the latter of which could actually be helped quite a bit by getting better at this (since I'd be able to make the minor changes needed for some items to work where I need them). Thank you to anyone that takes a look, and even more if you figure it out. There's also an ESP with the armor addon and the cell I'm testing in. "COC TFM". (Also, when I tested referencing Morokei, it was in that same folder. So, any folder issues are just from my zipping it.) EDIT: I discovered that when the file is closed and then reopened, the nodes 1 and 2 are listed in reverse order within 0's "children" section, and their order in the block list matches. I found that disabling the auto sanitize on save option made it stay in the order it's supposed to, but this had no effect in-game.
  10. Regarding the place being messed up after a certain quest, UESP actually lists a very simple way to put it back to the way it was. There are a few different ways it could be handled. As simple as either running the command when you're ready (simplest for the modder) or adding a button with that marker as its enable parent such that activating the button disables the marker (simple for both), or catching the beginning and end of the quest and triggering the change automatically when the player transitions (simplest for the player, most difficult for the modder). Out of curiosity (I've got several mods I'm planning to work on of my own soon, so I probably won't be doing this, sorry), where would you want the house? I had a look and found a few locations that could be suitable based on what you're going for. I'd expect it to be really simple, with probably nothing more than something like Anise's Cabin without the basement (could even keep the basement if desired). Over the waterfall (by the gold mine) would be a good one. Since the gold mine is there, it's clear the player is supposed to be able to get there, and I thought it'd be a cool touch to have a rope ladder that's rolled up at the top. Make it up there normally once and you can unroll the ladder to get up with ease in the future (and probably add a map marker for instant arrival, and mark it as possible to fast travel from the location as well). Another location, if you're wanting a simple camp, would be to simply have a camp near the entrance, just like there's one there during the quest. And the other location I thought of (didn't realize Zyris already mentioned it) was on the central rock area that the whole path winds around. It'd take a bit more fiddling to get it to look right here, but with it up high like that, it wouldn't interfere with the quest, you wouldn't really see the house itself much from below, and you could get a nice view of the grotto in any direction.
  11. The archetype doesn't really matter as far as dispelling goes. If it has the same keywords and has the box checked saying it dispells these keywords, that should be all that's needed. The archetype I would go for is script. This would prevent any unexpected results. Definitely don't use the Dispel archetype, because you're right: that would dispel all active spell effects, not just the ones with the keyword.
  12. When trying to click properties, did you select the script name? "TIF__########" must be highlighted before you can edit its properties.
  13. Alright, then we'll need to go to the source. Is this being done in a quest? If not, is it dialogue? If this is a quest, then you'll need to go to the Scripts tab. There, you should be able to see a script that handles ALL script fragments from the quest stages. Select that script and open its properties. Add a new one like described before. If this is for dialogue, then you'll have to let me know, because I don't know off-hand how to do that.
  14. Remove the last line. Comment out line 3 (the on the removes 'goldbase'). Compile. Then, look for a button that says Properties and click it. Find where it says to add a new property. Name the new property "Gold001" and make sure its type is "MiscObject". Click okay and it should add the property. Click the property on the left and click auto fill on the right. Click okay to close the properties window. now uncomment the line that refers to goldbase and change goldbase to "Gold001" and try to compile again.
  15. I did what your pic did (Since I have a similar problem) placed it at the beginning (before the if 'statement', before endIf, and after that.) All of them come up with this message. Here's my script as of now. if (Game.GetPlayer().GetGoldAmount() >= 10000) ; lines to remove gold from player then adds key to player Game.GetPlayer().RemoveItem(GoldBase, 50) Game.AdvanceSkill ("Alchemy", 1.0) Elseif (Game.GetPlayer().GetGoldAmount() < 10000) ; lines to remove gold from player then adds key to player Debug.Messagebox("Sorry you don't have enough Septims.") MiscObject Property GoldBase Auto endif And since it won't compile I can't check properties, and when I remove it, and click on the properties tab (and the RemoveItem bit) I for some reason can't add or edit properties (it shows up, but all of it's greyed out). Edit: Sorry for dropping into the subject. But since I have the same basic problem, I thought I'd use this thread instead of making a new one. Have a look at the script I posted near the end of page 2. It shows where the property should be placed. Properties MUST be places OUTSIDE of any events or functions. It can't go inside the if statement. It can't even go inside of the event or function that the if block itself is inside of. If you post the entire script you've got, I can show you quickly where it should go. However, there's a much easier way. Instead of typing it in manually, just open the properties box for the script and add a new one that way. Then if it still doesn't work, show us the script you've got then.
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