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  1. I'll have to do it all over again, I must have missed something. Thanks for the reply.This is my first attempt, so far I've only done things in xEdit. To me, CK is like theoretical cubohysterical nuclear physics.
  2. Hi...Sorry to bother you with this, but I probably won't figure it out on my own. I've already tried everything I can think of that, according to my logic, could be there.I created a trigger, set it in the interior, defined the sound that the trigger should play, named everything, entered the script given by you, but for the life of me I can't figure out what is:TheSoundToPlay Compiler Output message (when I don't enter any value): missing ID at 'Auto'const scripts may only contain const auto properties. Property <missing ID> cannot be definedconst scripts may not contain data, script variable ::<missing ID>_var cannot be defined Could you please tell me what it is and where I can find it:TheSoundToPlay - <missing ID>Thanx.
  3. Holy moly, advice from Zorkaz himself. Thanks. I will try it immediately tomorrow.
  4. Hi... Could someone, please, explain to me how to put a sound trigger in CK in the interior or exterior? The player character walks in a corridor and when he passes a certain point, a sound or voice is heard. I managed to create a sound trigger in Dunwich Borers, but it is a hallucination-like trigger, I would like to create a trigger with only sound and/or voice. I tried all kinds of possibilities, but nothing really worked for me and I can't find a good tutorial. Thanks.
  5. Hi ... Could you differentiate the REPORT and REPLY button in color? Even today, I clicked on REPORT instead of REPLY. It happens to me twice a year, but still, when I want to do something quickly, I have to be careful about this. Thanx.
  6. Yes, 295 saves, the last one was corrupted and I think it was during the Win 10 update. Mindblowing.
  7. Striker879 I was just trying saves and I figured it would probably be a corrupt save (about 99 percent). It's never happened to me before. We have to try everything once.
  8. Hi ... At the outset, I want to note that I've been modifying Bethesda and other games since 2011, so I'm a "little" familiar with that. I was able to play with hundreds of mods without (you read well) CTD FO3 + NV, TES4, TES5, I use my own mods, utilities, etc . I'm currently playing Oblivion and everything went well, no bugs, no anomalies, I finished and turned off the computer (that was yesterday). Today I turn on the computer and Oblivion freezes when I open any menu or when I reach the next level and move the cursor to the options. I must note that I have been playing with the current load order for TWO WEEKS without any problems. How on Earth does the game work without a problem for two weeks and then it just doesn't work? Could this be due to a Windows update? So far, if there was a problem, I always solved it, I also solved the problems of others, at the moment I'm clueless. I used LOOT for load order, I created a new Bashed Patch, I created a new ini file, I deactivated the last installed mods, nothing, the same - the game freezes in the menu. I even turned on the darkest black metal to expand my mind to other, unexplored dimensions of deep darkness, to come up with other unconventional solutions, nothing... Sincerelly, fuk this game :laugh: Thank you in advance for any help.
  9. It started a few days ago. I want to read something on the page and the page will automatically drop me down to the ad. Is it some new feature? Because it's annoying. I have Adblock turned off on purpose, but I have the urge to turn it on. Thank you in advance for your answer.
  10. In response to post #76730058. #76736273, #76754668, #76762448, #76779138, #76782503, #76972618, #77104318, #77109438 are all replies on the same post. Remember the hack, when a 100+ megabyte file was replaced with a few kilobytes file (if I remember good) ? How can a 100 digit password help you then? I am not saying that one should not use such passwords, I use combined and different passwords for each account myself, but you know what I am trying to say. I downloaded the file and ran it. Since then, penis extensions offers have been sent to my (dummy) email address :D
  11. Please, could you turn the "REPORT" button red? Thank you.
  12. 1. Is there such searcher for place names in Fallout 4 map, because I can not find it 2. If no, does anyone know such mod? 3. When such a mod does not exist, please, someone, create one, it will be a life and time saver. Thanx.
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