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  1. The original poster is probably not around anymore to help, but anyone know if they ever posted the video tutorial mentioned above?
  2. Haven't seen you in a long time, my friend! Any chance of getting back on the nexus since Dragonborn's out? :)
  3. Hello there, and thanks for endorsing my Dark Dungeons for ENB and kudos for being the 300th ;)
  4. Damn, sorry to hear about your troubles! To be honest, my Skyrim is doing the same, ie. crashing after pretty much every fast travel. Reinstalling didn't help, so I guess it must be my savegames. I don't mind though, as I'm not really playing the game anyway :)

    Well, take care and hope to see you around!

  5. Merci, good sir! Actually, you've been on my list for quite some time already. Sneaky me :)

    Thanks for your thoughtful and friendly comments, they're always a blast to read, and for just being such an all-around great guy. Looking forward to seeing your new shots!

    And I'm supposedly working right now... :)

  6. Hey there,

    added you to my friend's list...

    easier to keep an eye on U , eagle eye ! :D

  7. I'll surely miss this place, artem1s... I went back to play Skyrim this morning but it crashes upon every fast travel. *sigh* It'll be a long while before I'm up for another round of frustration. :( Will come back and visit this place from time to time though! :)
  8. Thanks for the add and interest in my stuff! +
  9. thanks to you too artem1! :)

    WE rock! ;)

  10. Thanks dude, you rock!
  11. Hey Mr, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my screenshot thread - very considerate comments, and I couldn't agree more. Best regards + kudos!
  12. Thanks for your nice comment on my work, very much appreciated!
  13. Oh, midhras beat me to it :) I was just wondering too where you've gone hiding. Anyway, hope to see you back sometime with new gorgeous screenshots!
  14. Thank you, ScreaminGreenMachine! You'd also get one if I wouldn't have already given you one ;)
  15. Thank you for your nice comments! Love your art. And don't worry about looking into my gallery, it's just old junk that I should delete anyway :)
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