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  1. until

  2. Depends on what we mean by "written on the mod page". There's a massive amount of mod authors who skip setting proper permissions, so I wouldn't call the preset Permission Box "written". If the mod author has actually written something on the permission tab or the mod page, I think that should always take presedence. If the idea was to improve the reputation of the platform, unverified PM screenshots shouldn't be counted. There will always be lots of people who think the screenshots are faked.
  3. They were trying to relieve moderation workload, not add more of it.
  4. I think the suggested proposal is good. Once the upload to Bethnet is approved, add a note about that on the Nexus page of said mod. On Nexus you can use the "additional permission details" box. Don't want to bother updating your mod page with the info that you gave X the permission to upload you mod to consoles? > Don't give the permission, problem solved. Worried that the author gave you permission to upload to Bethenet but the mod page where the permission is stated might have downtime or the mod will get removed from Nexus? > Take an internet archive of it.
  5. In response to post #92347833. Because it's site news, not game news
  6. It's still possible as far as I know, that's how people use texture and mesh replacers.
  7. In response to post #72143393. #72144508, #72144708, #72144743, #72144783, #72144978, #72145133, #72145678, #72145908, #72146263, #72146413, #72146538, #72146543, #72147963 are all replies on the same post. I know, bb :wub:
  8. In response to post #72143393. #72144508, #72144708, #72144743, #72144783, #72144978, #72145133, #72145678, #72145908, #72146263 are all replies on the same post. It doesn't really matter how well I explain my point of view in this matter. Every time it gets completely disregarded and I get offered a "solution" that is not a solution to my situation or preferences at all. I'll quote Robbie here: "It's okay that that they don't want to add the feature, and it's okay that they believe in Vortex as a program the way it is. Absolutely no beef with Nexus for going in the direction they did." Hence I said I'll use NMM or hope someone makes an extension like that. You can never make everyone happy.
  9. In response to post #72145658. He is a long-standing member of the community, a highly regarded mod author and generally a very active and liked member of the modding scene. I'm pretty sure he knows what he's talking about.
  10. In response to post #72143393. #72144508, #72144708, #72144743, #72144783, #72144978, #72145133 are all replies on the same post. The answer in the wiki doesn't really give a good argument, other than "Well it's easy because you get a stable game". It's actually horribly cumbersome to create tons of rules and groups as a power user. I **KNOW** how to make a stable game. I have unique situations that most users do not and I don't need Vortex's help with a stable game. I know the auto sort, LOOT and community created rules work well for 99,8 % of users, but for us veterans, it's frustrating. For example I like to sort my load order in categories, depending on how I use my own mods, personal edits and different testing setups. Weapons are loading after each other in the load order, same as armours, environmental mods go in another location. Some mods need to load after others only in specific testing scenarios. I have absolute idea what conflicts with what and know exactly where everything goes and how I need to sort it. I have unique versions of popular mods (for example, removing AWKCR.esm as a dependency from armour mods) and my custom patches for things. It's extremely frustrating to try to sort my load order My Way™ in Vortex.
  11. Using Vortex to install mods and I love it, but I still use NMM to sort my load orders because Vortex doesn't support drag and dropping to manually organise plugins :D Maybe someone can make an extension to Vortex that allows manual load order sorting. :thinkemoji:
  12. There might be cloud objects that you need to hide first (press 1 twice when they're selected) before you can select the water. Or you can go to the exact cell where the water is, and try to find it in the Cell View window and select it through there.
  13. I would love a Nexus mug or a t-shirt with a modding slogan like "Mod It Til It Breaks" and then Nexus Mods logo on the back or sleeve :D
  14. Could the cubemap rotation be related to the UV mapping of the lens?
  15. If user clearly posts Fallout 4 screenshots and talks about Fallout 4 properties, then do you have to go and ask this, when it's totally obvious? Seems less than helpful in a thread like this. Especially when those who have the ability to help with this, and know what OP needs, will recognise the game and its files?
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