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  1. Well there are two of us who have posted here at least. There are more - I see requests for it on the official forums and reddit. Also two nexus friends want it. I would think it is possible but it may be that the game is EA and so people don't want to do something complicated till its more final. I have no idea on the technical requirements or time commitment though.
  2. Totally in love with this game, even at EA, and can see great potential in it for mods and screenshots. Was wondering if anyone knows of a tool/mod/utility somewhere that will hide the UI? Likewise something to unlock the camera would be great. Been looking around but haven't found much in the way of screen archery tools. I have played 98 hours of it so far and gone through 3 times with 3 characters and can hardly wait for the full version. Wanted to kill some time with it playing with character concepts and making some wallpapers. So looking for some more tools. Cheers!
  3. In response to post #72143393. #72144508, #72144708, #72144743, #72144783, #72144978, #72145133, #72145678, #72145908, #72146263, #72146413, #72146538 are all replies on the same post. I do think it is interesting that when I visit these news releases, check the V forums, or I am in various discord channels that this seems to come up (load order). I read the link and it all makes sense from a general viewpoint. It is also clear others would like another option. That being said I do respect the decisions made. I may not agree with them, and apparently others do not either, but their tool, their site, their decision. I choose to stay with V and live with the sorting even though I still run into problems with the auto-sorting and have to over-ride to fix them but at least its a small number (7 out of 298 mods currently that I have to over-ride). Elinora did make a great point. For me, and my anal/OCD tendacies, I like sorting all my many plug-ins into groups [EDIT: My own groups not the default categories. Meaning I just clustered the plug-ins into groups visually outside of specific needs for specific order]. I always did that in NMM. It may not be optimal or best practice but I miss that. Sure I could do that in V but man it would take a lot more work to do so. I do know others gave up on it over the load sorting. Granted its a tiny number compared to over all users but 3 folks on the discord I am on all tried it and two weeks later, after much swearing over the load sort, dropped V and went back to NMM. These are all veterans who know what they are doing and understood how to manage V over-rides. They do testing, often need very specific orders, etc. Anyhow would be cool if there was some way to add an extension or plugin to V to allow for this for those who want it. Although I understand for most casual users V works fine for the reasons outlined in the article linked to WIKI. Mod the mod so to speak :)
  4. In response to post #72143393. #72144508, #72144708, #72144743 are all replies on the same post. I third this. I have gotten very good with using Vortex (well for me at least) and have solved all my issues except easy mod sorting on load order. Yes Vortex does let you customize this but it certainly isn't as nice as NMM drop and go. You can drag and drop but it is only relative to other specific mods versus overall order. So in V I made a custom group "mods to load last" and added 7 mods to it. Those 7 then load after all others. Then within that group I manually moved each of the 7 to load in certain order by some careful drag and drop and linking up. Again you can do it but not as nice as NMM. Not really a complaint as I have everything running fine in Vortex for 3 games now ... and when I get my new PC in a few weeks I will finally move Skyrim over to it as well.
  5. In response to post #68796476. #68796921, #68796971, #68797196, #68797266, #68797556, #68797911, #68805166, #68812496, #68822706, #68831301, #68832471, #68837016 are all replies on the same post. Oh no worries at all Ed! I just didn't want you thinking i was ignoring your suggestions. Anyone who reads this thread might get some ideas though. But aye MOD doesn't work in Skyrim classic. I wish it did. Using GET and SET and manipulating those large values returned can be a pain, especially if you make a typo with a number :)
  6. In response to post #68796476. #68796921, #68796971, #68797196, #68797266, #68797556, #68797911, #68805166, #68812496, #68822706, #68831301 are all replies on the same post. Thanks ED. I avoided those as they are FO specific (can't use the MOD in Skyrim classic, have to use get and set). They also start getting into advanced territory. In addition they can cause problems sometimes. I once tilted poor Dogmeat with MODANGLE and he was running at an angle through the ground until I reloaded from an earlier save. This was just meant as a simple, basic, list for beginners to learn some core commands without overwhelming them. But thank you for the suggestion and those are wonderful commands, as are the GET and SET versions (although I prefer MOD, so much easier). I suspect this could easily turn into a large guide considering all the console commands that exist and knowing I only gave a small list from what I use myself.
  7. In response to post #68796476. #68796921, #68796971, #68797196, #68797266, #68797556 are all replies on the same post. ... and now I have learned something new! I have never known that command and always wondered how to clear that kind of effect up. Simply awesome! Thanks so much @MagdalenA I have added it since it seems super useful. Also another friend just told me how to change outfits in FO4 while the camera is locked so added that as well :)
  8. In response to post #68796476. #68796921, #68796971, #68797196 are all replies on the same post. Oh thanks! Aye so many I use but was trying not to overwhelm people who are not used to using the console - but aye TM is one of the big ones so just added it to my post. I could easily write a whole guide on tricks with using console based commands as many have a lot of nuances or cautions people should be aware of (another reason I kept my list short, safe, and simple). There are also a lot of nice idles for people who don't like using pose mods (like me, too lazy most of the time to install them) built into vanilla - I do a lot of my poses based on ones I find with the console. I started to write a guide last year but got distracted ... really need to finish it some day :-) PS - One example idle command tip that my friend PrinceNathan taught me for Skyrim. Enter the console and type: help idledialogue You will see some nice fully animated dialogues you can make your character or a targeted NPC do by typing out the command: playidle [name of idle] Slow down the idle with SGMT set to .1 and you can capture some simple poses for shots. There are many vanilla animations that can be done this way. FO4 works somewhat differently with expressions and flavors but it also has a lot of vanilla idles and animations you can use with the console - I have found about 2 dozen I use on a regular basis. Same kind of command at the console: help [search phrase] 4 idle Above will pull up idles related to the phrase. Like try: help confessor 4 idle That will pull up some talking animations used in the far harbor DLC. To make a character run it target them and type: playidle [name of idle] Of course many vanilla idles won't work on command as they have to meet game requirements - so I just practice a lot and learn by trial and error. There are also many fine pose mods as well.
  9. I was thinking this would be a good place to post some quick tips for doing screenshots as I often find many people only think of the console commands as something for cheating or fixing bugs - but there are a handful of really useful commands to use in making screenshots - that work on most Beth games. Unless otherwise noted they are safe for your game saves as long as you toggle them back to defaults before saving. However, as with any modding, test first and go with your own comfort level. I prefer taking shots while I actually play which is why I don't normally use pose mods or the like (unless doing a themed shot or story set) as I don't want them in my main game saves. So the commands below are ones I built up over time that I can use as I play without worrying about my saves. COMMANDS: TFC - toggle free camera. This lets you move the camera around freely so you can look for different angles or perspectives to take a shot. I tend to use TFC 1 which freezes the game completely while I move the camera around. This locks every thing in place so you have time to play with camera angles or other commands like FOV. Or I use TFC 0 if I want to unlock the camera but leave the game still running (good for capturing action shots or animations - especially if used with the game speed command). Another bonus for TFC 0 is for weather like snow and rain. If you lock the game then the rain and snow gets locked in one direction (and will vanish fro the screen if you rotate the camera around). But with TFC O the game continues to run so you can capture nice weather shots. Also useful to slow the game down while using TFC 0. Note in Skyrim you can also change armor/outifts while the game is frozen like this by simply leaving console mode and opening the inventory. This is completely harmless (note weapon changing is more limited). In FO4 its a bit more complicated but a friend just told me there is a way: open the console in tfc 1, click on the character whose inventory you wanna open, so that it shows his/her ID or prid if you know the ID... then type openactorcontainer 1 and here you go. As always test this stuff first on a discardable save, especially in FO4 (which seems more sensitive to inventory, expressions, and idles) to make sure it works the way you expect. TAI - Disable targeted NPC's AI (toggle). This is mainly useful when using TFC 0 (free camera, game running) so you can prevent NPC's from moving around. Also can lock them into a certain pose and/or expression. A bit more advanced but still very useful with the other commands. FOV - Field of view. Personal favorite for doing close-up shots without getting the camera distortion you get if you try to zoom in close-on something with a higher FOV. It varies on games. For Skyrim I like 60-75 for landscapes, 30 for story shots of characters doing things, and 15-20 for real close-ups. For FO4 my default FOV is 90 so I tend to use 90-100. 45, or 20 for close-ups. SUCSM - adjust camera movement speed. A must if using the free camera. For close-ups I use a range of 1 to 5. For landscapes or distance shots 6-10. SGTM - Set Gametime Multiplier. This changes the game speed (e.g. movement, dialogue, etc.), with a higher number leading to a faster speed and a lower number leading to a lower speed. I use this to slow down action shots or animations. I have often gone as low as .01 although .1 is often enough. Don't save this in your game unless you set it back to default first - then is fine (I never had a problem with it and I do it all the time). CSB - Clear Screen Blood. Removes any blood effects from the screen. I added this one as I know there were many action shots I deleted because of the blood smears on the screen ... until someone on one of my posts pointed this command out to me. SISME 0 - SetImageSpaceModifiersEnable. It remove blurriness during spell casting /shooting /action cam, etc. toggle is 0 for off and 1 for on. I haven't used this one myself (just learned it today) and a bit more advanced but seemed very useful so added. Since I have not used I don't know if it would be an issue for a save game - test first and always restore to default which is ON (1). TM - Toggle the menus/HUD/GUI. This is super useful to remove all the interfaces on the screen - HUD, messages, etc. I use this all the time to provide a screenshot without any of the HUD or the like from showing up. Note most of the commands are toggable so you can easily enable/disable. Others, like FOV or SGTM, have defaults you should know before using them so you can set them back to the correct values when done. My goal in doing screenshots is to enhance my game play so I try to avoid doing shots that interrupt my game play too much - so I don't want to have to reload a save simply because I had a chance to take a nice screenshot! The exception being when I am doing a set on purpose (like a theme) or for a story - then I use discardable saves for those types of sets. EDITED POST: Clarified TFC, added TAI, added TM, added SISME, fixed a typo or two or three ... Here is a list for Skyrim on wiki: https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Console_Commands_(Skyrim) List for FO4: https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Fallout_4_console_commands Google will bring up lots of things as well :) I find the above have worked on most of main BETH games. There are others but they get more in-depth and have various nuances and I wanted to keep this simple. None of this requires an ENB or special tools. There are also a lot of tutorials on Wiki and Nexus for tips on taking screenshots that range from the casual and easy to the more complex and hard core - and cover many games. Experiment and find your own style and preference - that is how I learned a few things along with a lot of trial and error and a lot of kind help and feedback from many in the community. On a side note, although this should be obvious I hope, I find the best way to give feedback to be when its positive, encouraging, and supportive. In this way people can learn to improve (if that is their goal, some people are happy just playing and sharing shots) in a comfortable environment. I think its rude to post unasked for feedback on an image, especially in a gaming community like this where people are mainly enjoying their hobby. Even when someone does ask for feedback keep in mind it should be done in a way to build confidence, provide support, and to encourage people to consider trying new things. I doubt anyone wants to have their work judged or torn down, especially unasked. When it comes to art I feel we can really own judge our own creations and our own personal reactions and feelings to other people's work - it is very subjective. I know what I like myself, and how I view things, but that is only for me and everyone has different tastes and styles. I think it is important to keep that in mind and to remember people are sharing a part of themselves, in a way, when they share a post, and that we should be respectful of that.
  10. In response to post #68760671. #68764026 is also a reply to the same post. They are not the same as one is done in-game while playing and the other is external to the game - a very clear distinction. To me the main difference is anything you can do in-game while playing is part of the screenshot. So mods (including those that also let you edit visuals in-game), textures, ENB, ReShade, they are all done in-game and are also used to actually play the game with. Editing after the game is closed and done - that is not part of the game. Now it becomes digital art and no longer just a screenshot. Which is fine but I see a clear distinction between a screenshot that was done entirely in-game versus one used as a template for later editing. I know some folks who put a lot of effort into getting the most out of their game, especially with less powerful computers, get annoyed when people accuse of them of post-editing the image. To me one aspect of doing a screenshot is saying - hey this is what the game looks like. It is used to show off how someone has made their actual game look via mods, ENB, etc. It is a way of showing the community - hey look how you can make this game look with mods and tools while playing it. Once you edit the image outside of the game with GIMP or PS it is no longer a screenshot representing the game itself. Its someone going - hey look what I can do with GIMP and PS. That is why I prefer screenshots that are not edited as I want to see what people can do with their game and what kind of shots they can make. That being said it certainly isn't a big deal if people post-edit either (I have seen some really amazing images done post-edit) although it is nice when they actually state that they did edit the image afterwards instead of pretending they did it all in-game (outside of the obvious of course - people will crop, make thumbnails, or do various things that are clearly post-edits and often to help create a main image that explains a theme they did). On the other hand when you get to art it doesn't matter if screenshot art or digital art- at that point its just art. If people enjoy that than more power to them. I just know I personally prefer to see screenshots of what people can do with their game not what they can do with GIMP and PS (and there are many other places I can go online to see the wonderful work people do with tools like GIMP and PS). Matter of taste. Don't think its worth a big fuss over beyond understanding there is a difference. As one user indicated some of this is probably more the result of prizes, which tend to always heat things up but I understand some of that is probably to motivate people to get involved. Will certainly be interesting to see where it goes. Regardless I do see a lot of cool images and many people enjoying themselves which is really the point of it all I believe.
  11. In response to post #67686471. #67690756 is also a reply to the same post. Thanks I was wondering this. Nice to see the support!
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