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  1. Nexus's needs to review what they call "hot" and what is not. I mean you download a mod and the next time you are on nexus it gives you a popup to rate the last mods you downloaded. If a mod has say, 10,000 downloads and only 600 people are willing to give it a thumbs up, when the option popped up in your face. That should send a signal to the algorithm, if Nexus has one of those. At this point I am not certain about anything on here.
  2. "I stopped taking MattyPlays seriously back in 2017" Add me your MattyPlays list and move along then. We will all be better off.
  3. UPDATE! "This has nothing to do with cyber engine tweaks. It's for archive mods. All you have to do is rename the previous patch folder that you had your archive files in to mod and they'll work. Cyber engine tweak mods still go in the bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods folder like they did before. I repeat, this has nothing to do with Cyber Engine Tweaks. If you have an issue with cyber engine tweaks, join the discord and post in the CET-Support channel. Also has nothing to do with redscript. Those files still go in r6/scripts" https://www.nexusmods.com/cyberpunk2077/mods/107?tab=posts&BH=0 I loaded all of my mods in one location as I would with any other game that I have modded. ALSO, for those of you that stated my original post "crap", etc... Mr. MattyPlays reported today that CP 2077 was intended to have microtransactions but "it got cancelled". In English that means placed on hold until they sort their mess out. Take care and happy gaming.
  4. Except, I loaded in Cyber engine tweaks as per instructions. Not in the archive folder. Loaded my mods in and my game runs normal. Some mod makers will redirect their mods to the archive folder, yes. I will download them manually and redirect them to where they actually belong. I have no clue how you are installing your mods. But I use the Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Manager. Cyber Engine tweaks has a mind of its own. I can uninstall it with the mod manager but stays in the game file. This causes it not to run at all when I update or the game crashes. So I uninstall engine tweaks in mod manager. Then go to the game file and open bin / x64 / plugins and physically delete "cyber_engine_tweaks" and "cyber_engine_tweaks.asi". Then I installed the updated Cyber Engine Tweaks using my mod manager. For my mods I downloaded manually and placed the in a folder. Used 7zip to extract if the mod has no file structure or one that doesn't match I make the file structure bin \ x64 \ plugins \ cyber_engine_tweaks \ mods and place the base mod in that last folder. Then I delete the original download and any (extracted) trash that was left over from it. I then turn my file into a 7zip and use the mod manager to install the converted version.
  5. Except, I loaded in Cyber engine tweaks as per instructions. Not in the archive folder. Loaded my mods in and my game runs normal. Some mod makers will redirect their mods to the archive folder, yes. I will download them manually and redirect them to where they actually belong.
  6. Thank you for the in depth, well thought out explanation of where I have errored in my thinking.
  7. Do not change the name of or create a mods folder in the archive section as CDPR stated. We have been down this road with Bethesda and I can prove it. Open your Skyrim SE folder and you will find a "mods" folder. That folder is created by Bethesda and is linked to Bethesda.net paid mods program. If you never bought a mod from Bethesda.net the folder will be empty. None of you NMM / Vortex mods are in it. If you bought mods from the Bethesda store they will be in that folder. I am not saying CDPR are going to sell mods. But they said modders can monetize their work, which I don't have an issue with. They (CDPR) want a "mods" folder in the archive section and the patch was suppose to place it there. So it was intended to be attached to the Redenginelauncher. CDPR has a ton of stuff to fix in this game. No dlc's have dropped and people are not playing it like they did. But they want to address a mod folder?????? I would keep loading the mods as you had been before the 1.2 patch. But you do what you want.
  8. This is easy to fix. Don't buy the game until Microsoft lists it on Steam.
  9. I just started playing the game a few days ago and I don't mod unless I have played through at least once which I haven't. "Yes, I'm late to the game, sue me" (Sorry Silver Hand talking there). Have noticed that If I look down at the sidewalk the frame rate dips. This is wrong and should be the opposite, too many polygons in the meshes. Had a slight, fast, texture glitch that showed the water extended a block from... the water. Too many polys. "Water was probably there because someone has a strong desire to drown your sorry ass" (STFU Johnny) But I am willing to bet it is the same for everything. I also bet that all those building meshes are absurd with polygons even though they extend beyond eyesight detail. All of this kills frames per second for no reason. Admittedly, I am not a mesh creator, "So you're not good at that either?" (REALLY) and will need to do some homework. But I am not afraid of that and can learn it. But if someone has had a play through or went straight to modding. This needs to be addressed if any major mods are to be implemented into this game. "You actually think that someone gives a f*#@ and will help?" (Johnny, let me finish) Because it is open world with no load doors, every resource is valuable. If you have the skill / Knowledge / time can you look and see if I am correct? Thx in advance. "May as well have placed a note in a bottle and threw it in the water you want to get rid of" (Johnny, this is the mod community. You know nothing about this, So shut up or I will take the pill.)
  10. I had a similar issue at the start. I installed the game via Steam went to bethesda net got the creation kit. Got all up and running then went to add or remove programs etc.... and got rid of bethesda net completely. Beth net is spyware and triggered my AV constantly.
  11. Skyrim SE will automatically use memory resources. I have 64ish mods don't think any are 4k and I am using about 4 GB RAM and 4.5 VRAM which makes me wonder if you are hitting a VRAM limit. You are using 2.5 of 3 GB and if there is any memory degradation on the older GPU..... Having 2000+ hrs on LE, it was not demanding out the box. Then we used ENB boosts and speedhacks etc... to circumvent the outdated engine. But with over 250 mods on SE it is hard to tell what the issue is. I would start with a fresh game profile with no mods. Play for an hour or so and check the hardware monitor. You can then add a a few mods and see if there is a mod causing it or a hardware limitation caused by resources added to base SE game by Bethseda/Nvidia. Good luck Edit: There is a mod that returns SE to LE state (removes changes) but the game remains 64 bit. I cannot remember its name but it is on Nexus.
  12. Never mind. I have my game files backed up on an external drive. I plugged it in and found the dll on it. Copied it and pasted it where it belongs, all is well.
  13. press win+R, paste: steam://nav/console in steam console, paste: download_depot 489830 489833 7780040377772731640 steam console will show you where it has downloaded. copy the .exe and overwrite the old one.
  14. Since the update (April 2018) I downloaded the previous executable to launch the game. I did this so there was no conflict with SKSE64 and so my mods would work as they should. This may have nothing to do with my issue but mention just in case. I try to launch the creation kit, which worked fine before, and get "libScePad.dll was not found". Google search turned up little worthy info so any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Man I wish Bethesda would move on and keep their skeever beaters off my game. lol
  15. If you use mods that do not require SKSE then yes. Some mods that require SKSE will still work but not all functions will be present. But if you use a mod that requires the current version of SKSE and we ever get SKSE64 you will have trouble. The new SKSE64 will have elements of the old which the mod may recognize and attempt to use, only to discover it can't.
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