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  1. I have the habit to create large mods over large landscapes. The mod in question is Hammerfell WIP No matter what I do it doesn't work in the long run. Planning to start all over and work on smaller parts. It is also cleaned all the way - I guess you are familiar with the tool. I have also removed objects that I don't concider necessary at this stage - hair styles among others. I sincerely hope there is a solution to this. I really want to fullfill the mod. I get this message in GECK:
  2. Last attempt in FNVedit by following a how to here I simply couldn't find out where to click to remove the mentioned NAV? Otherwise my Arizona Baby! ticks now. Thank you.
  3. Th Worked fo me--then the game uses the vanilla files from Data/Fallout - Meshes.bsa . See discussion at http://www.gamesas.com/pyffi-and-broken-meshes-t58788.html and http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php?title=Porting_hairs_to_Fallout. This one worked for me. Made me happy. Have bugged me for some weeks actually :)
  4. The life here on nexusmods will continue as we are used too?
  5. Thank you, Selene! This is impressive and a great gift to the community :)
  6. I managed to lure the mod by starting from earlier versions. The goal now was to secure my work - which I seem to have done. Some repairing is necessary which is better than nothing. No I also know what to do next time this happens :) Regards Jan Erik
  7. Hammerfell WIP The last uploaded versions were manageable but not anymore. The last EDIT files are also uploaded. I have run TES4Edit regularly. Even the 4_0_3 Cleaner on all installed plugins. I use LOOT and WryeBash. Now I run the game without any plugins related to Hammerfell WIP. Runs like a charm. My setup is a Dell portable 7270. The project is put to hold of course. Regards Jan Erik
  8. I am working on a mod based on the Hammerfell Landscape. The rift splits the landscape from the island in the south of Goldmoor and through Skyrim in the north. I have uninstalled my mod plus some other mods that cover the area and reinstalled the LOD. The rift is also presnt in the vanilla setup. Is there a workaround for this or should I create a "New Land"? I am still in the architectural stage so to say with some NPCs placed around and inside some buildings. I have experienced the same behavior both in Oblivion and Skyrim. :smile: ?
  9. Beware of the videos I say :) Muhuuuuhuuhh ( supposed to be a scary sound).
  10. Looks exciting. I have to take Morrowind into a deep concideration again. Good luck guys and dolls:)
  11. According to https://haveibeenpwned.com/ I have not been pawned. I reckon solid measures have been taken.
  12. Extremely well worked out. It is time for a TESII. Thank you Interkarma and the authors of course.
  13. This sounds a little sour but it is not meant that way; At last I feel I have a value here on nexusmods. Not in money value but in an empathetic way. I hope you understand what I mean? Nice work.
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