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  1. It's nice to see you Mute, and I like your introduction post a lot!
  2. Have self-applied member titles been beheaded, or is it just because the migration sliced my post count in half? Perhaps these questions are easily answered by an official post made with a list of changes somewhere? I'm a little bit lost as I adapt to navigating the place now so I apologize if these are dumb questions.
  3. Happy Halloween to you. As I see it, holidays are officially hosted on dates but nobody likes being restricted to time, especially if the event is for fun and has the room to be personalized. Celebrate Halloween however you want, even if it's a day late. Give yourself that chance. Dim your lights, put on some decorations, grab some snacks, grab a friend or spouse or whatever, throw on a movie. Play a horror game, go on a spooky video spree, confront a fear of yours. Dress yourself up! Combine your outfits and accessories to at-home cosplay a character you like, or if you're like me, actually cosplay a character you like with more official means. It's up to you. Personally, I dress up in cosplay and hand out candy to kids. I'm at the age where trick-or-treating doesn't seem so far back even if it sort of was, but I like handing out candy and complimenting the costumes of people I see. Halloween might have its own energy, but you can spark that energy yourself, too, if you feel like unofficially giving it a spinback and redo if that's your style. I sincerely hope stuff catches on your way 'come the next holiday you celebrate. I understand that's a frustrating feeling. Again, happy Halloween.
  4. Yes. But I suppose we left a hole in our conversation and forgot to specify what kind of activity. Kidding. lol
  5. I used to be really active here. I assume the Forums were a lot active at some point. I eventually branched off because it did seem like it was growing quiet, and I was losing energy trying to upkeep my activity here. You're right; it felt frustrating. With all the members here, it's worth it to note that the same Forums are not only used as a hub for people that are installing mods for their games (a lot of people) but also who are experiencing issues getting their mods working (again, a lot of people). It's unfortunate, but it seems to me that the community engagement outside of mod support in these Forums are buried behind the core reasons for people to show up in the first place. It's about intent in the community. If they wanted to discuss something about the game, sadly, they will probably head elsewhere. I love this place even if I no longer frequent it. But after branching off I did end up using reddit. Most of the platform is complete garbage and toxic. But don't delve into the whole of it all at once. Don't just find individual communities that are calmer and kinder, find sections of communities that make the site usable. For example, in the gaming subreddit (which I don't personally use, this is purely for example), maybe you can find more success talking about or sharing a game-related arts-and-crafts project than roping yourself into a debate about a game's mechanics (prime grounds for creating reddit's infamous opinionated toxicity). Does this make sense? It's a matter of maneuvering and "choosing your battles" so to speak - to avoid them.
  6. I agree with you about the persistence issue! I've thought about that ever since I was younger playing Transformers games. About the siege game, perhaps it was For Honor? I know it keeps many footsoldier corpses on the field with long persistence times.
  7. I have been doing some research this morning on other people who have had similar crashes. Since this crash has a skeleton.nif crash, it's probably related to any type of mod that modifies creatures' body rigs or animations. The mod doesn't need to be dragon-specific (e.g., one case was solved by downgrading Racemenu), but it is often caused by anything related to the aforementioned variables. Try rerunning any type of application like FNIS to flush out the animation mod. However, something odd I've been noticing when it comes to dragon skeletons in particular is that sometimes the mod is random. One case that involved dragon corpse CTDs (only when the dragon was later a skeleton) was Strange Runes - that mod needed to be downgraded, like Racemenu. And again, another case actually pertained to the newest version of MoreHUD. By installing an older version, that user solved the same problem. I wish I could tell you the exact intricacies of my morning research and how exactly to solve the problem. But what I can tell you is that these factors I mentioned have constituted most of the dragon skeleton CTD cases I've read up on for modded Skyrim SE. Try taking a look at any mods you have installed recently, even if they seem innocent - look for if you have installed the newest version of them, and try out an older version of that mod to see if the issue is resolved. I can keep reading every now and then to see if I find anything new, or another contribution in this thread could help out.
  8. The second half of the log mentions an "AnthorDragonFix.esp"... since you don't remember installing anything specific to dragons, I wonder if this is part of another root.
  9. Ravenswatch. A neat roguelike game that supports co-op. Be warned - very early access without a ton of content right now, but the experience is very fun, and the company has done a great job with the game so far.
  10. I played Diablo 3. It was a great game... but if I were to make a comparison, it's in a similar position to Skyrim comparing popularity of franchise hits. Diablo 3 is the most popular out of the series, like Skyrim is the most popular in the Elder Scrolls series, so it was the first and only Diablo game I've played. I remember the Butcher boss. The area you fight him in and the boss himself I thought were really neat, and his high damage made him pretty scary in my memory. But also similarly, the older games in the series (such as, the original Diablo, or Morrowind) often host elements that are lost in the more popular games that come out. Skyrim's writing is often said to be generally worse than Morrowind's... but when it comes to the older Diablo games, there isn't much I have heard about. I appreciate your input! That version of the Butcher sounds very memorable. I love the way you described the encounter.
  11. What are your favorite enemy designs in games? It could be any kind of enemyregular, miniboss, boss.... And it could be any element of its design: its appearance, mechanics, animations, sound design, creativity.... Let me know! I'm interested to hear about any opinions.
  12. Walkie talkie? I have never used one before. Is it fun?
  13. It would be a lot easier for modders to fulfill this request if you specified a selection of armor pieces you would like to be modeled, and how. Remodeling all armor sets in the game is an enormous task.
  14. https://www.nexusmods.com/site/mods/370 ??? Okay. Sorry. I did not search Nexus for a Vortex support tool for the game. I have modified my post.
  15. Elden Ring is not directly supported by Vortex. Elden Ring is supported by Vortex. You can use the mod listed by showler below. Mod descriptions on Nexus should give installation instructions. It's different for some mods, because they often fall into different categories. Some mods require you to replace some files in the Elden Ring directory, and others may ask you to use Mod Engine 2. There are some mods that also have their own installers and executable files - however, no Elden Ring mods that I know of are supported by and installed through Vortex.
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