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  1. Hello, I am a mod author / content creator and I've been using your mods on PC Skyrim for a while, a couple of buddies of mine would love to use your mods on Xbox and I've noticed that some if not all are not on xbox. With your permission could I be added to your about me page as a designated Mod Porter / Bundler. 
    I will give full credit to your work and would provide a nexus link back to your profile page as well so people know where to go to donate and support your hard work. 
    I hope this message finds you well and I hope to hear back from you soon 😄

  2. Your heart is free, feel proud to follow it
  3. In response to post #28773604. follow gopher video to move ur profile to the one in vrs 60
  4. In response to post #24634334. #24634469 is also a reply to the same post. You right,this is a way for Bethesda and Valve to make money on works of talented people without having them on their rolpaycheck
  5. My opinion , i think there are modders out there that deserve something ,because some mods are awesome ,(questmods and overhauls), more than a donation that sometimes really come not easy to do , i would be glad to pay 1euro or 2euro subscription for 1year to NEXUS ,this subscrition can be use to give something to modders tie to endoursements ,For example ,a modder get 0,10cents or 0,20cents for every endorsments that his mod gets ,in this way the modders can get something for the real value of the mod, if the mod work usually get more endorsements so it's more fair and push also modders to impruve, everyone of us users can spend 1e-2e-5e fee a year, plus this can fight the cartel that Bethesda and valve are trying to impose in Steam
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