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  1. Now there's a name I haven't heard of since my Sims days wow :o
  2. I'd like to help but I don't have much skill beyond some alright textures that aren't good enough quality for something this grand sadly.
  3. In response to post #84072103. #84079383 is also a reply to the same post. Yeah you're never to old to play games :D
  4. Awesome! when it eventually released I bet my siblings will be old enough to give it a go...and I will be in my 30s oof.
  5. I know this is a few months old but it's Piper's unique facebones annoyingly if you looksmenu slm a face onto her n game it messes up on load same issue as Preston, I'm not sure if there is a way to change Piper's facebones to prevent this however.
  6. Oh I was wondering what was going on I thought i had messed up settings somehow and spent the last few days trying to work out how to reenable images
  7. Using NMM and manual installs, already went through and tested every mod to see what could be the problem and found no solutions.
  8. At first this bug was funny and it would usually go away for a bit when I'd quit the game entirely and restart but now it won't go away and I can complete some quests because of it. Even on new saves most NPCs make molerat noises when spoken to. I've tried disabling any mods that relate to NPCs and molerats, reloading game, recycleactor. The current problem is with Andre in the Far Harbor DLC, I can't do anything with him he just makes molerat noises preventing me from helping him and i can't even do anything with him in console because the game won't allow it. It's frustrating the hell out of me not being able to make any progress in quests because of it!
  9. Would anyone be willing to/knows of a mod that adds tatos (and their plants) and mutfruit (their plants) to FNV? I think with some retexturing and slight mesh work the jalapeno and honey mesquite plants could work. I'm happy to do the textures myself someone could do the working meshes with visible mutfruit and tatos on them :smile:
  10. I know there are a few sets for argonian armor on the nexus but none of them are lore friendly except for one possibly the Shadowscale set but that's male only. The sorts of armors/clothes I mean are these ones from ESO https://imgur.com/a/wDPdG3j some mods o could be retextured to look similar (i've tried to low quality success) They have Aztec look and are quite unique compared to other TES races styles
  11. I was hoping to use a program other than gimp that wasn't photoshop (I use gimp because photoshop has issues i'd like to avoid by not supporting that company) guess i'll just stick with gimp. I've been saving my textures as BC1/DXT1, didn't know about the alpha channel I had just been changing the specular in the mesh itself, are there any tutorials available for doing normal maps by hand on gimp? (googling hasn't provided me any answers) Thanks for the help everyone :smile:
  12. I'm using gimp but I find when I compress the textures they get all these green and purple marks all over them and normal maps are too glossy, grainy and pixelated (all I can do is change the meshes to fix the glossiness but that doesn't work for landscape textures) and none of the suggestions on the internet seem to help. what is the best program to use for texturing (aside from photoshop) preferably free but if it isn't free can I get it on steam? I can make do with gimp for textures but I need something better for normal maps.
  13. Could someone please edit the dialogue in the Dragonborn DLC/ teach me how to edit it so the dunmer there don't call me outlander in their various dialogues I play my dunmer as a native and it's very distracting and unimmersive to be called outlander :)
  14. I was worried that was going to be the case. I've got statics to work before and removed parts form weapon and armor meshes fine but I didn't think it could be done in nifskope (though I was hopeful) I tried to use blender a few years ago and could not work it out at all the item is going to be added where the hand is but it wouldn't be the best way to do it yeah.
  15. How would I go about adding a dragonskull to a bow mesh in Skyrim? can it be done through nifskope (if so how would I do that?) or does it have to be done through blender or another program? Thanks in advance for any help.
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