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  1. I believe that unless the item is a persistant reference, it will not register events as an objectreference.
  2. I think there is a toggle for water. I cant recall where you set it though.
  3. i tried making tjis once, but it broke the quest entirely. Im fairly sure I did something wrong though. Anyway, there are translations written in the comments secion when you edit dialogues.
  4. Some elements could possibly be randomized, but the overall layout and purpose of dungeons must remain the same. The game wasn't made to be randomly generated; even radiant quests are tied to a specific set of locations. Same goes for overworld. That said; it is possible to add a bunch of new traps to every existing dungeon in the game and give each a chance to be enabled when the dungeon is first loaded. Say that each dungeon is given five new traps. Each trap has a 25% chance to be enabled when you first enter the dungeon. Some dongeons might have 5 new traps added to them, while others have no new trap. It is also (probably) possible to randomize most pillar puzzels to some degree, though they wouldn't really be much harder considering the correct picture is often located nearby.
  5. There is an "is marker"-flag. Have you tried to uncheck it?
  6. Create a dummy marker that is vissible. When this vissible marker is placed, replace it with a real marker.
  7. I think display racks and mannequinns gets reset as well. Though if reseting plants is your only goal a locally attached script should do the trick.
  8. Well, right now I'm thinking of re-designing the concept (I might still choose the original idea). 1st option Im considering is to make spells cost less as your mana goes down, but they also become weaker. When your mana hits zero, spells also cost zero, but are also significantly weaker. 2nd option is to grant the player a massive mana regeneration boost which goes down as you cast spells, instead of reducing mana cost. This helps with some of the technical issues I encountered when I implemented the original concept while still achieving a similar goal. Because the original idea is already functioning, I'll probably leave it in so that you can choose through the MCM which implementation you want to use.
  9. Well, magnitude is boosted for Restoration and destruction spells, while duration is boosted for remaining schools. This is pretty much standard for any of the larger overhauls.
  10. The thing about having multiple spell scaling mods installed is that they will all apply their multiplier unless specific conditions prevent it. While the game itself will run just fine, the synergy between double spell scaling will arguably break the spells affected by them. For example, assume your destruction skill is at 100. Two mods boosts damage by 100% each. This would result in a spell dealing 4x normal damage (BaseDmg*2.0*2.0). A compatibility patch could set conditions to prevent both scaling multipliers from effecting the samme spell. As for your second question, I honestly have no idea.
  11. Playing as a pure mage in vanilla skyrim is, well, boring. Early in the game you don't have enough magicka to cast spells and in the later stages, your spells doesn't do enough damage. Some of the first mods made for Skyrim introduced spell scaling, a system that fixed the lack of late game damage and has been adapted by many other mods. The magicka issues early on still remained however. This is my attempt at fixing this. What this mod does: The mod reduces all spell costs by 75%. Each time you cast a spell, spell cost for all spells go up. The effect stacks, and each stack has a separate duration. This is called Instability. Spells with a high magicka cost generates more instability than spells with a low magicka cost. Casting spells too rapidly causes subsequent spells to generate more instability than it usually would. This is the Global Cooldown multiplier. This value increases exponentially every time you cast a spell, but is reset after a short period if you haven't cast any spells. Concentration spells generates more instability that lasts longer. Spells with a long duration generates half as much instability, but lasts twice as long. Most of these values can be modified in an MCM menu. Aside from the instability system, spell scaling will be introduced. Magicka reduction on gear will improve damage or duration instead of reducing magicka cost. Default Values: What does all of this mean? The formula for instability generation is as follows: StackBaseInstability + StackBaseManaCostMultiplier * GlobalCooldownValueA normal firebolt has a base cost of 41. Assume we were to cast 5 in a rapid succession. This is the result before perk and skill reductions: The first Firebolt would cost 10 magicka and generate 18 instability. The second Firebolt would cost 17 magicka and generate 19 instability. The third Firebolt would cost 25 magicka and generate 20 instability. The fourth Firebolt would cost 34 magicka and generate 21 instability. The fifth Firebolt would cost 42 magica and generate 23 instability. Total magicka that would have been spent in vanilla: 205 Total magica spent here: 127 Step it up to the Incinerate spell, with a base magicka cost of 298: The first Incinerate would cost 74 magicka and generate 38 instability. The second Incinerate would cost 190 magicka and generate 44 instability. The third Incinerate would cost 323 magicka and generate 52 instability. The fourth Incinerate would cost 479 magicka and generate 61 instability. The fifth Incinerate would cost 662 magica and generate 73 instability. Total magicka that would have been spent in vanilla: 1490 Total magica spent here: 1616 As you can see, the early game is cheaper, while the late game is more expensive. Keep in mind that higher damage spells benefits more from enchants and damage gained through spell scaling. Calculation spreadsheet Synergy with other mods and conflicts: Any mod that introduces spell scaling will need a compatibility patch. Spell packs that introduces concentration spells might need a compatibility patch, but probably not. Current status: - Main script: Done. - Spell scaling: Not made. - MCM: Not made. - Compatibility patches: None yet. - Spell packs integrations: None yet. Thoughts on this? Should anything be added, removed or tweaked?
  12. Yes and no. It is no longer compatible with the unoffical skyrim patch. A sollution can be found a few pages back.
  13. Your recipe and the other mods recipe doesen't share the same ID in game. Upon launch, all active plugins are given a hex prefix, based on load order, ranging from 01 to FF, or 1-255 in decimal form. The workaround is to set the other mod as a masterfile for your mod.
  14. The main problem with spell making is that some things can't be changed dynamicly, such as missile type and area of effect. Even though there are workarounds, magicka cost is also a thing that is hard to implement seamlessly. Also, you need an existing form to modify, so there would be a limit to how many spells one could create ingame. Other than that, spellmaking isnt too difficult. Custom menus can probably be created with the use of SKSE/SkyUI. Most effects such as damage, heal, fortify and plenty of others can be achieved through clever scipting. To sum it all up, Skyrim wasn't meant to have spell making in it.
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