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  1. In response to post #84206898. #84261903, #84282448 are all replies on the same post. I can't give you too specific a reply quite yet, ertrick36, but we'll be customizing the character generation to be more like Morrowind. Skills, classes, perks, and attributes will all be present.
  2. In response to post #84137638. #84221488 is also a reply to the same post. Sorry that you didn't hear back. We had a total deluge of writing applications but we've kept the scope of rewrites quite tight. Writing is a very upstream department and changes have a butterfly effect on voice acting, location level design, NPC schedules, and more.
  3. In response to post #84161263. Loading screen planning is happening right now, as it happens (excitingly, the 2D team are starting to run out of concept tasks).
  4. In response to post #84206898. We plan to make fast travel and some of the more "hand-holding" elements from Skyrim optional, configurable in the game settings. Perks and skills are beiung reworked to be much more similar to Morrowind - nothing's quite final yet, but a custom perk menu planned, with much of it already developed. It'll be the Skyrim perk system, but with fresh perks based on Morrowind, and a little inspiration taken from other games as well as fresh ideas. We're merging skills a little where appropriate to work with the Skyrim limit while still covering everything Morrowind offered. We'll be using global variables to track additional skills.
  5. In response to post #84096628. Understandable that you thought so. The arms on our centurion spider are repositioned entirely, which sounds trivial but represents the first fully implemented custom skeleton - a humble start, but actually a major milestone, even though it might not look it.
  6. In response to post #84088613. #84092923, #84093808, #84096133, #84100343 are all replies on the same post. A word on modular armor: there was a point in time, relatively early on in the project, where we could have gone the route of fully independent armor pieces and ended up with a *fair* result. At that time, the decision was that it really wouldn't look great in terms of clipping and presented too much of a restriction for different armors, which would have to all have near-identically sized "components" despite being of different styles, materials, weights, and cultures. This would have ended up with armors with artificial and ungainly proportions to permit them to snap together. This was reviewed recently - everyone on the team would like to have modular armor in an ideal world. This time around we (mostly) agreed, reluctantly, that not only would it *still* result in restrictive designs and weird-looking armor, it'd also involve throwing away the extensive hard work of a lot of 2D and 3D artists. However, we can probably achieve individual pauldrons across most armors without too much sacrifice, and we fully intend to do so. We're not all overly happy with this compromise, but we do think it's the closest we can get to striking a balance between not looking silly and still allowing customization.
  7. In response to post #84076163. Be sure to check out the description in the video. There are plenty of roles that don't require you to already be Van Gogh or [insert famous level designer here], and with our collaboration with the Arcane University (a venture founded by Beyond Skyrim), you can learn the skills you need, and maybe even set yourself on a new career path.
  8. In response to post #84075668. I get the itch for wanting to know when Skywind will drop - I really do. But there's no way for us to predict a release date, because the team of contributors and the amount of time they have available is in constant flux. All we'd achieve by putting out a release date is potentially disappoint people - there's no benefit to the public, and there's no benefit to the team.
  9. In response to post #84076038. Any legal version of Morrowind should be fine for the Skywind validator. If it's not, you can throw things at us until we fix it. The plan is for Skywind to install separately (like pre-Steam Enderal) and act as a standalone game.
  10. Thanks for the kind comments, glad you all like it! I'll be keeping an eye open for any questions on here, and if you think you can help out, do head over to the site and ping us an application.
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