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  1. In response to post #64846086. Thank you Targuinius, for the correction, and UnshodCobbler for the insight into the correction. But good Lord that horse is dead now :) I did not know about ISO/IEC/NIST Adoption of a new standard and find this information fascinating. So from me, thank you :) but I'm sure many people reading this post may now be more confused than ever. Sure ISO/IEC/NIST Adopted a new standard symbology as a measure of binary units back in 1999/2009. but here it is 2018 and (almost :) ) nobody uses it. Rarely ever do we see KiB but instead the old KB, and it is no wonder people are confused if they expect base 10 symbols to actually be base 10 not the Binary equivalent thereof or something confusing like that. However, most people that are familiar with binary have no problem with it once the realize what going on, and I think most people do not see the need for another standard of symboles. However, I really never gave it much thought, but mathematically it's a mess otherwise, no wonder people are confused, good grief!! I agree you are correct but just because ISO/IEC/NIST Adopted it does not mean it will be used by the general population obviously and unfortunately. It's been years since the adoption and I have only ever seen it (and not realized it was actually a new standard) used in scientific papers, journals and some times in specifications in addition to the more common SI units. Hell it's hard enough to get people here in America (other then the Scientist, Engineers and Doctors) to use Metric. lol.
  2. In response to post #64810791. #64820561 is also a reply to the same post. KillerSRB1 is correct, but, just in case you need more detailed explanation: 1000 K (K for 1000)= 1000x1000 =1 M (M for Million) (metric system FYI), your getting 99.2% of the 1MB "cap'ed" speed. Taking into account possible control bits, the fact the computers are binary math systems (see Below further explanation) and/or throttling threshold, In short, your getting what you should get :) Further Explanation: I left the KB/s out of the explanation above because it really does not matter but FYI technically 1KB/s is actually 1024B/s :) For a reference see following: https://pc.net/helpcenter/answers/why_1024_bytes
  3. In response to post #64696286. Wow, I did not know that. I have been away from modding for about 8 months. Thank you for the correction, that's excellent.
  4. Good lord people, do you all need a Snickers Bar or something; so much drama. Nexus is only doing what they need to do to keep NEXUSMODS running great. Those that are complaining just humor me for a moment; take the amount of money you have paid (if any) to use this site and divide it by the number of mods you have downloaded. The result is the % right you have to complain IMO. However, IMO people that create mods that have a significant number of users should get Premium for free. If there was an option to "Support a modder" that would allow me to pay for a modders Premium membership, I would pay it. Some, I would buy lifetime premium because I really do enjoy their work.
  5. In response to post #58857216. #58922306, #58926716, #58931711, #58954851, #58955056, #58956801, #58958426, #58958736, #58979631, #58987141, #58996341, #58997811, #59030141, #59040336, #59063731, #59132571, #59143761, #59234331, #59272011, #59414281 are all replies on the same post. Yep, and VaporWatch nailed it, entitlement. I also smell the stench, makes me sick.
  6. In response to post #58060001. #58061656, #58062601, #58080306, #58083731, #58087991, #58330871, #58349161, #58392601, #58404976, #58419261, #58426026, #58492336 are all replies on the same post. No, I am not saying or implying that you cannot or should not use Vortex for Skyrim (Oldrin). I was simply agreeing with xrayy that if someone has already invested a lot of energy into his Oldrin setup with MO and it runs stable then stick with that. However, if you are just getting started with Skyrim SE (or any other game officially supported by Vortex including Oldrun); they should give Vortex a try. For me personally having Enderal modded Oldrun running stable on MO and using Vortex on Skyrim SE happens to work really well in that there are no Mod manager mod folder control issues or mod download control related issues because Odrun and Skyrim SE are separate games on Steam :) If I was just getting started as you are I would use Vortex and Skyrim SE. However, you could also run SE on MO or Oldrin on MO or Oldrin on Vortex :) I just think that you will spend more time enjoying modding and playing Skyrim using Vortex and Skyrim SE. If you like making things more difficult then, feel free to join the die hards (myself included at least for Enderal Oldrin) modding Oldrin with MO but look forward to a lot of unstable gaming and save games that just will not load after spending months playing. Of course, those type of problems are avoidable if you know what your doing, but you don't yet. Or you can also avoid a lot of problems by using Vortex and SE as I advised, because SE is a hell of a lot more stable and with Vortex there is a lot less that can go wrong in the process it uses to install mods. Many will rightly point out how many more mods there is for Ordrin and that ENB for SE is not yet as good. For many the lack of hdt body physics in SE is a deal breaker. However, you have so much to learn and there are so many mods available even for SE, that you have plenty to do for awhile. By the time your ready for such things they will probably exist in SE anyway. I predict that within 2 years all the great mods of oldrim will exist in SE as well or something even better in its place :)
  7. In response to post #58060001. #58061656, #58062601, #58080306, #58083731, #58087991, #58330871, #58349161, #58392601, #58404976, #58419261 are all replies on the same post. xrayy, That's good advise about the micro stutter issue. I had problems with that at one time. In my case it was a Vsync issue an was not at all MO related :) in fact I think a lot of blame was placed on MO for a mariod of user errors. I also agree about using and SSD or two :) , especially when running a lot of high resolution textures. Additionally, I had/have been able to work thru most problems related to the VFS that MO uses because I understand what it's doing, therefore its only really a inconvenience not really a limitation, so you're right. MO and Vortex are both great tools and there is no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water (or throw away the champion because you don't like the cork idiom) so to speak for either tool. Good discussion.
  8. In response to post #58354171. #58361366 is also a reply to the same post. What you need is a Junk drive. You can get a 1TB "old spinny type" hard drive for under $50 US. Just move stuff you might or might not need to it :) I keep a backup of all my Documents, Tax documents music and pictures, exc. on one as well and keep it on the shoe rack next to my front door, so that heaven forbid my house catches fire, I can grab it on the way out. I go through it about twice a year, deleting anything I dont need and re-backing up my files.
  9. In response to post #58060001. #58061656, #58062601, #58080306, #58083731, #58087991, #58330871, #58349161, #58392601 are all replies on the same post. Well, for the most part I agree with you xrayy. I was and I still am a huge Fan of MO. At one time I was running well over 400 mods on oldrim with a little help from wrye bash, and I still use MO for my Enderal oldrim game, which is running about 200 mods. Many of these mod are not even supposed to work with Enderal, but I made them work :) So I am no amature here :) , and I'm sure there are plenty of "PRO's" that have also made the switch to Vortex at least for SE so I dont think its fair even at this early stage of development to characterize Vortex as being for amateurs. Other the the ability to select mod overwrites at the file level, (which , believe me I have complained about and see as a terrible shortfall that I hope will be rectified soon, at least in advanced mode) Vortex is every bit as powerful of a tool as MO is. Additionally, anyone that has not had at least one or two problems with the VFS used im MO causing improper installation of mods, or problems with tools and/or Patch mods not being able to properly work for the same reason, has not used MO to its limits and does not know there is this limitation with MO that Vortex was designed from the start to overcome. Nevertheless, I do agree with you for the most part, and I think you have already said you realize that Vortex will overtake MO as the number 1 Mod Manager for most people. However, I say that Vortex is a great tool for everyone not just amateurs, and at some point even the people that are hardened against change will come to realize that Vortex is (or soon will be) the better tool. On the other hand, If you have a build using MO running smooth, that's awesome. Game with that bro, I do. However, why not give Vortex a go on a new build, especially an SE build as there are limited mods (at the moment) available compared to Oldrin anyway. Game with Oldrin and MO, while building a new mod load with Vortex and SE. Absolutely, no problem with one interfering with the other this way as well :) I also think that soon there will be more people modding SE then Oldrin, and 5 years from now, SE will have more and better mods then oldrim ever had, and Vortex will be developed to a point far exceeding what was capable with MO.
  10. In response to post #58060001. #58061656, #58062601, #58080306, #58083731, #58087991, #58330871 are all replies on the same post. IMO there are more reasons to use Vortex and Skyrim SE and those reasons will only increase but the reasons to use Old Skyrim and MO will only become less and less with each passing week. Time to smell the wind of change my friend :) Oh, but you do. Thats why your here trying to convince yourself why you shouldn't be :)
  11. In response to post #58185821. Me Three :) had the same problem back at launch day. I mentioned it back then but I think few people could make sense of what I was saying at the time.
  12. In response to post #58060001. #58061656, #58062601, #58080306, #58083731 are all replies on the same post. Ethreon thanks and DFX2K9 thanks for the more detailed response that I can now understand. So, it is unfortunate, that the entire code in not running at 64 bit. Oh well, the biggest problem was the limited memory availability, and at least that and the rendering pipelines have been brought into the realm of modern computing for this decade :)
  13. In response to post #58060001. #58061656 is also a reply to the same post. :( but thanks for the reply. Do you know why not or why i'm an in error in this thought?
  14. Does any know the answer to the following: In Old Skyrim (32bit) we were limited to 255 plugins because 255 =FF in Hex and 32 bit programs can only access 2 hex registers (FF) (or something like that). If that's correct (or closely correct lol :) )does anybody out there know if Skyrim SE being 64 bit = FFFF (vs FF) = 65535 plugins, and what will Vortex mod limits be in this case?
  15. OK, as I have stated before, I am not going to be happy with Vortex without the ability to "install order" adjust individual files in conflicting mod packages. However, once that capability is added, i will be retiring MO for good and obviously Vortex is already a hella lot better than NMM. Im currently running 76 Mods and a few of them are very large mods that MO had trouble with. So far, it has not CTD once (except once when I try to go to fast and started the game before the plugin I just installed had a chance to deploy. BTW i'm ok with just having to be patient, but could we get Vortex to run install, and Deployment a little faster please :) ),not a studer, or hiccup and Skyrim runs as fast and as smooth as virgin Skyrim thus far. Now, it may be a little too soon for me to say that Vortex is more stable than MO because I'm not slapping up against the 255 esp limits and recklessly "wrye bashing" stuff together to get past the limit like I was in MO. However, I have high hopes for Vortex, and I believe it will deliver :) One of the weak points with MO ironically was exactly what many loved most about MO. I'm referring to its Virtual File System (VFS). Damn was it handy to keep the Data folder clean, and that was much loved. However, damn was it a pain in the ass when a tool expected files to be in the data folder that were not without MO running. Having to run everything thru MO so it would see the files was only one of the problems with VFS. Compatibility patches with fomod installers (or any fomod that needed to be able to see you install) was another problem and I could go on, but why keep kicking a dead horse. Ontheotherhand, some will not call the horse (MO) dead but rather call Vortex dead if it does not get those powerful features that MO had like the individual file level mod conflict resolution I mentioned earlier, and the ability to extract BSA so they can resolve file conflicts within and/or even make modification to the file/file structure to suit their taste, and i'm sure there are a few more Im forgetting at the moment. I don't want to start counting the chickens till they have all hatched, but most have hatched and there seems to be a few more in the nest than ever before:) For those that are literally metaphorically challenged, (lol) or those using translation, in short; I am very happy with the progress of Vortex. It has surpassed NMO and will likely surplant MO/MO2 eventually as well. Way to go Tannin and those who are helping especially with bug chasing (that got to be rough), and to the modding community for coming together to submit feedback in a way that's useful so that our "Vortex Dreams" can become reality. BTW in Oldrum we were limited to 255 plugins because 255 =FF in Hex and 32 bit programs can only access 2 hex registers (FF) or something like that. If that's correct does anybody out there know if Skyrim SE being 64 bit = FFFF (vs FF) = 65535 plugins? :)
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