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  1. I like it overall, love the new UI, feels much smoother than the old design. Only criticism I even have is the tending mods at the top of the game pages. I liked having 5 there because there was a variety (usually) I feel like with only two you could end up with two very similar mods being the only things featured there. Like the current Fallout 4 tending mods, for example. Both are new weapons. Like I said, overall I love it.
  2. I come with what I hope is a simple request for a simple (in my mind) mod. Mailboxes. Just regular mailboxes. Like the ones that you find in Sanctuary (although hopefully not falling/fallen from their posts) to place in whatever lovely little town you might want to build out there in the wastes. I just think this would be a nice touch for the practically-minded people out there as well as being a hit for the post-apocalyptic mailmen we find occasionally wandering about in their pre-war uniforms.
  3. Am I the only one frustrated by the number of keys in the inventory? After a while, I find myself endlessly scrolling just to listen to a holotape for a mission. I was wondering if anyone out there would have any interest in making a mod to compile the keys? Not really even sure if it is possible, but I was thinking of something like a 'keyring' item in the inventory that stores all your keys as a single entry rather than displaying all of them every time you go to your misc. items tab.
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