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  1. In response to post #74727003. #74730663 is also a reply to the same post. There are no models. Those are 2D sprites, faithful to Daggerfall.
  2. Great works, and advices! I just hope, no one will catch me watching makeup videos.
  3. No matter how hopeless, no matter how far!
  4. In response to post #61093447. #61098347, #61100232, #61100767, #61101667, #61112377, #61114392 are all replies on the same post. So, it was April to May. Funny, that no one have troubled for increased amount of DP-s. :-)
  5. In response to post #61093447. #61098347, #61100232, #61100767 are all replies on the same post. However, the DP/UD ratio remained ~1.13. In that case the main pool could not be that much as it was before. One thing for sure, we are in the test run phase.
  6. In response to post #61093447. #61098347 is also a reply to the same post. Looks like it was not finalised. My counted Unique Downloads also decreased by 40% just like the DP-s. Maybe they have changed the examined time interval.
  7. In response to post #61021667. If someone obtains DP for stolen content the author has some time to perceive and redeem.
  8. I have looked back for the source, and it was in the first MADS announcement topic.
  9. In response to post #60939852. #60944872, #60947427, #60958117, #60963692 are all replies on the same post. Anons are not in play since registration is mandatory for downloads. Uniques should be counted once per month, if not thats the case already.
  10. In response to post #60939852. #60944872, #60947427, #60963692 are all replies on the same post. I can't argue with the second part of your comment, so it is addressed to the pre "======" part. I did not talk about the overall dominance of Bethesda games, I talked about the effect of Download/Upload ratios here. Take the example of Skyrim and Warband: Skyrim D/U: 1.4 bn/58k =~ 24138 Warband D/U: 3,6M/1,1k =~ 3272 So, Skyrim has a RELATIVE small!!! amount of mod uploads compared to the amount of its dowloaders/players here. It means every single Skyrim upload expects 7,3 times more DPs than a Warbad mod upload - and Warband is not the last game in the top-list. I do not know how many opted files are here and there, so my math assumes a similar inequality in Downloads/(MADS opt in) ratios between the two games. With the current 6000$ main pool, that + 500$ NB pool would give a +135% support for NB Mods at the moment, what is very kind, but really not an overcompensation, knowing their way higher scale of disadvantage in this environment. Moreover, by further increasing the main pool that percentage will become proportionaly lower. So, that +500$ balancing pool would be a nice gesture towards outlanders, nothing more. =============================================== Dividing the funds to all games base on their ratio is a fair idea, and nothing that couldn't be automatized based on monthly data. True, it could cause gold rush among new games. I don't know if it would be good or bad on the long run (America had some in the past, and she is OK) Thinking rationaly, Nexus profits better from sharing pop game mods. Those attracts more players as potential victims of advertisement, or premium mebership subscribers. That's why a symbolically balanced popularity model is more feasible than a fair one. At least, Nexus has made it, and that's great! See what the future brings.
  11. In response to post #60939852. Maybe they just realized that introducing a clear popularity based support only reinforces monopoly. As you have mentioned, it is more difficult to make mods for non-Bethesda games. I agree, I have modded Morrowind before I had internet connection. Moreover, this system gives non-Bethesda modders a way lower quantified recognition what can be achived with the same or less amount of labour by modding Bethesda games, simply because of their significantly higher player/mod rate. And people usually moves toward things that gives them more positive feedback. Sorry for my english. I have no energy to learn it, being depleted by the cumbersome modding tools of Mount&Blade. :D
  12. That side pool would raise the value of the scarce non-Bethesda downloads significantly. I like it!
  13. In response to post #60921067. Grabbing the core essence 10/10
  14. In response to post #60929452. If I remember well, games of objecting companies can be left out from the system. I doubt it would be advantageous for them, even though for Bethesda games there's no 100% certanity in subjects involving both mods and money.
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