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  1. Thomas lit a torch and held it to the wall. Whoever is the killer better speak up or we all burn!
  2. Alright. That rules out me and Kain. So who here has a blunt weapon?
  3. Lies! My blade has no blood on it. Besides this was obviously done with a blunt weapon becasue there are no cuts. Lets see who has a blunt weapon. Thomas circles Kain looking at his staff.
  4. Thomas fingered his 14inch bowie knife. Yes matthias how did you now it was a dark elf?
  5. The lights go out again. Thomas stands perfectly still and waits. When the lights came back on 3 orcs where on the ground. Thomas looks up and yells. Ok who done it?
  6. The entire tavern goes into a panic. And tries to leave. But there is a violent blight storm outside. Well it looks like we are trapped inside with a killer.
  7. Thomas was in the bathroom washing his hands. A dark elf sat in one of the stalls doing his busiiness. Then suddenly the light went out. Thomas panicked and drew his dagger. He felt someone push past him then leave. Thomas took out a canlde and looked around. The dark elf was dead. His throat slit wide open. Thomas screamed in horrot then ran into the bar. THERES BEEN A MURDER!
  8. Thomas walked out of the bathroom. And sat down next to Kain.
  9. Thomas noticed a short ugly blue thing posing. He spit out his food and ran into the bathroom. The sounds of loud vomiting filled the tavern.
  10. Thomas reaches into his robe and pulls out a small black book. He flips to the middle of it and carefully looks over it.
  11. Thomas walks into the bar and sits on a stool. Excuse me bartender. I will have some hound meat and bread please. The bartender hands him the food and Thomas pays. Thank you.
  12. Hehhe. In seyda neen a rat attacked me. I freaked out and ran to peligaid. I did a few missions. And continued to balmora. I got involved in the main quest. I was in balmora walking around. And I walked outside of the mages guild. Then whack! The same damn rat from before had followed me to balmora. He gave me yellow tick disease. And none of the guards would touch him. Also I was running around vivec streaking. I was totally naked and the only thing I had on was a glass helm. I put my speed up to 500 and ran around the temple area. I ran past an ordinater and he did not notice me at first. Then he said AH! What was that!
  13. Do not worry. I wont kill anybody for bad grammer. :P
  14. This place is dead. Take your characters to my club. Read the first post on the first page before posting.
  15. Why would I want to lay off. Someone needs to enforce these rules. Might as well be me. I promise I will give them simple quick painless deaths. Its the only way we Texans deal with rule breakers. :lol:
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