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  1. In the code above I would have just used the "akActionRef" parameter provided by the OnActivate event instead of PlayerRef. Or I would write the code to explictly make sure the akActionRef is the PlayerRef because as it's written if an NPC somehow activates the fire then the player will still get those message which wouldn't make sense. You're right. I should've done that - but in this case I basically just saw Game.GetPlayer and my first thought was 'replace'.
  2. 1) I think it's fine. 2) Yep, we're going to use a function called RegisterForSingleUpdate (in particular, the GameTime version). Linky 3) Updating the time? The method with Updates will work fine to take care of this, but you can always register for sleep on the player alias (requires a quest) if you need it for something else. Here is your revised script, using the new method: Scriptname SCFireLight extends ObjectReference ObjectReference Property FireXMarker Auto MiscObject Property Firewood01 Auto Actor Property PlayerREF Auto; if using the player's reference more than once, use a property for increased efficiency compared to GetPlayer ;this will autofill Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActionRef) If (PlayerREF.GetItemCount(Firewood01) >= 4) PlayerREF.RemoveItem(Firewood01, 4) FireXMarker.enable() RegisterForSingleUpdateGameTime(8.0); let's check in 8 game hours from now Else Debug.Notification("You Need 4 Pieces Of Firewood") EndIf EndEvent Event OnUpdate() FireXMarker.Disable() EndEvent
  3. Yep. Properties can be assigned and changed just like variables in this way. If it's working for you at the moment, fantastic - and I'd say stick with it unless you can think of another way to do it, or there are issues with your version in terms of performance or something.
  4. How do you mean link? Like a linked reference? I don't believe that you can dynamically achieve those, but you could easily fill up a variable or property dynamically. If you're not familiar with those, let me know, and I can provide you with some links. A property or variable is easily filled with something else, but I'm not sure what kind of dynamic filling do you want. Do you provide the chest that you're going to link to the script, or are you trying to dynamically find it within the script itself, and if so - what are your parameters?
  5. Random encounters are based on a system of script events, Location Change events, and triggers. There are a variety of random encounter triggers set up in the Skyrim world that will send a script event to the Story Manager, providing the location and other data (like actors or something) as passed in references. A quest will then grab those, based on the story manager, and start. Some quests use Location Change in the Story Manager, enabling an actor reference at the LocationCenterMarker of the location the player just entered - this is what's done for couriers, thugs, and I think some people like the Old Orc. This is mostly for people that are looking for you, whereas the triggers seem to be for those that you will stumble upon. I haven't taken a close look at the exact implementation inside the quests, but this is how they are started, and I presume that they just fill the aliases and then do whatever within the quest, and disable them after.
  6. I assume you mean male rather than female? :P Nice voices! I might hit you up for something in the future, though my current project doesn't require something so dramatic yet.
  7. I personally think it's important that, if the new lands are not there JUST to house the main storyline, there are a lot of NPC interactions and such. Something to make it believable - so, in my mind, random encounters and scenes. Particularly city scenes. They're not hard to do, and they lend your cities some more realism.
  8. OnLoad on the explosion placed marker would be best. It will place the marker as an explosion invisibly where the spell lands, and as soon as it is placed/enabled/loaded, you can just move the object to it quite easily. As for the circle, you can just look up coding a circle around an object. Should be easily convertible to Papyrus.
  9. The event you're looking to use is NOT onInit - OnInit shouldn't have a ton of stuff in it and it doesn't take parameters anyway. You want to use the OnEffectStart http://www.creationkit.com/OnEffectStart_-_ActiveMagicEffect on a script on the magic effect attached to the spell. You'll place your objects at akTarget, make sure your magic effect has a target location.
  10. You have to actually generate Lip files or it will use the ones in Fuz Ro Doh, which are not meant to match exactly the voice files you have. You can generate manually per response (make sure the WAV file for the voice is correctly named (could be silent if you don't want to voice bit it needs to be there) and then click the file path in response and generate from wav), or go to Gameplay>Facial Animations>Yes and it will auto gen them for you. Again, though, you need some form of WAV for each line, named properly and in the right folder. There are plenty of voicing tutorials out there for you to check out on the implementation process.
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