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  1. In response to post #59741771. #59742766, #59747426 are all replies on the same post. Finally, I also updated my new adress from the Orange Notice and it worked, I recieved your notice of verification by mail. Thank you. :)
  2. In response to post #59741771. #59742766 is also a reply to the same post. I did it with your link a few minutes ago, I have not recieve any activation code yet or no any answer. I thought it's automaticaly done. How many time must I wait for the mail answer from you?
  3. Hi Dark0ne, I want to change my mail adress, I lost my ancient password. How can I send you my new adress?
  4. In the image viewer section in just one post. I mean insert additional images to the main one. Thanks for the answers. Dennywood
  5. Denny what kind of ceremony do you think it is?
  6. Sorry Denny but there is a diffrance between Angelicus and Laurentinus. Guess I'll have to have them both in my next shot.
    1. Aurasoma


      Yes Lauren is Mellow and Angels son.

      I used the CS to merge bother their faces to something I felt looked like both of them while being his own person. I also did an age progression on Kittie to make her look older. Not so easy since she started out as an Anime take on a Breton.

  7. Yeah I was playing with Mellows skin textures to see if I could replicate some demon mods that are out there. The out come was Mellow Surgat. http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/930981-wonder-land/
  8. As of last night Mellow finaly got more of something other then clothing. Think I finaly found a site that has a good amount of SKS Rens hair files.
  9. Sorry Denny, I played out what might happen an opted not to go down that corridor since Angel follows up on the dark lord look by concoring the world, burning most of Cyrodiil. And then waking up to find it was all just a dream, Only to be told by Mellow that he needs to shave his beard it makes him look evil.
  10. Sorry but there where no new textures for Mellow in those new shots. Just the light off Chakaru's Lux Mea blades making her normal skin look more epic then normal.
  11. Use to be that you could not endorse a image with out leaving a comment. Some people didnt like that system because they couldnt think of any thing to post with their endorsement.
  12. Yeah, the next update for Mellow. She comes with that nice sword and the underworld vampire armor you see in that bandit shot.
  13. Oh Mellow would say otherwise. Trust me I once tried telling here shes not the center of the world. That it didnt roatate around her and that she was only a figment of my imagenation. She didnt stop laffing for hours.
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