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  1. This is... an odd bug. Possibly the strangest I've ever encountered. Now, when i say I can't cast spells with my right hand, I mean only the right hand. For example, if I had a fireball spell in both hands, I could cast it with my left and I can dual cast it, but if I attempt to cast with my right hand, the hand clenches and then... nothing. I let go of the trigger and it goes back to normal. I've determined that this isn't limited to certain spells or pieces of equipment. It's not limited to a single character, and it persists after restarting the game, restarting the computer, and performing a clean installation, so I know it's not a mod conflict in some strange way. I can use any other equipment in my right hand just fine, but as a primarily magic using player this is well beyond irksome, into outright debilitating in normal gameplay (Bound sword? left hand or can't use it.) Is this a bug included in the 1.8 patch? If so, is there a workaround? Really, any help here would be appreciated. Technical failure is one of the only things that truly frustrates me, and believe me when I say I'm pretty damn angry.
  2. Heyo. I'd like to request that a version of the Argonian Raptor Feet Mod be made for the Drakian race. Thanks to anybody who considers doing this.
  3. theoretically, yes, but it'd look kind of bad. Because of the odd headshape of the argonian heads, which the argonian horns are fitted to, we'd have free floating horns disconnected from the head of this custom race. This would also leave us with the reptilian ridges you find on the argonian tail. The eyes, on the other hand, wouldn't be so bad. As long as the meshes stay human, the textures should be able to be swapped over with little fanfare
  4. Well yeah, I've seen that race, but... it's not really what I'm looking for. In fact, looking at it again, it doesn't really do anything that I want, except maybe horns, and I'm not even sure about that one. Plus, as a person who plays male characters almost exclusively, the Succubus doesn't actually do anything for me. Thanks though :sweat:
  5. First off, I'd like to thank whoever has the will to sit through this request and take it seriously. The Nexus community has always been wonderful for that sort of thing. I'd like to request a new race mod; nothing particularly major, but it's important to have the option for me as I would very much love to use it. What I'm requesting is tieflings, which are humans that have ancestry among fiends (devils, demons, or, in this case, dremora, among others). This concept initialy comes from Dungeons and Dragons Planescape, an old setting for the 2nd edition game that eventually became the default cosmology for the game in 3.0 and 3.5, though was later abandoned in favor of the odd astral sea thing in 4e. This request carries a pitfall or two that I'll try to address, but that I can't properly handle on my own, first as the CK crashes my computer and second because I have no experience with blender or whatever program you make meshes with. Down to the nitty gritty: the easiest way to make this race, from my understanding, would be to carbon copy another race, and then make adjustments to it. If this is true, I'd like the base we work with to be Breton as I like the appearance of it the best. This, as far as I understand it, would give us all the things that mods add to the bretons, such as hair styles, complexions, and similar. This is important because Apachii's hair is something I always use on my breton characters and I'm certain other users would appreciate having the option of using them. The second thing is the eyes; I would absolutely love to have slitted eyes on a tiefling character, as I try to get such for any tiefling character I have due to the appealing nature of it visually. I don't know if this works as well as it would in Oblivion, as I can't use the Creation Kit to check, but I imagine the easiest way of doing this would be to add argonian eye textures to the breton eye selection. Third is the horns. There's actually an easy way of handling this, as someone has already done the necessary work to figure out how to put horns on a player race that will even go through helmets and the like if you put them on. Such a thing can be found in the Drakian Race by Coolster. Reverse engineering this (With permission, obviously) would allow us to get horns on the tiefling race. Fourth is likely the most difficult of the bunch; a tail. I scoured the Nexus, but at current there are no tail mods specifically for a demonic race, so this would have to be crafted from scratch. Adjusting a khajiit tail to be thinner with a spade or diamond tip and using a human skin tone texture matching the skin tone of the player character seems like it would be easiest way to go about doing this. Hell, I'd do it myself, but I'd probably botch the whole deal, even if I could wrap my head around blender and nifscope. Reasonably speaking, this can be left out of the final product if that would make things easier. I want it, but that doesn't make it necessary. Finally, stats are an important part of the characterization that I'm envisioning, and I'd request the following (thought obviously the final product is how the mod maker chooses to put it down): +50 Magicka 30% resistance to Fire and Cold +10 Conjuration, Sneak +5 Destruction, Illusion, Enchanting To anybody that's still reading this request after all that, I thank you for your patience and consideration, and sincerely hope someone is willing to do this :thumbsup:
  6. Unfortunately my friend, she doesn't have marriage dialogue in-game. She just chooses to turn you down, saying that it's not you, it's her. ... Which, given how screwed up her life has been thus far, is probably true.
  7. I actually rather like using the Aetherial shield. I tend to play with mods that make rushing off into the wilderness fairly dangerous, so having a chance to heal myself in the middle of combat is an exceptional boon, or take the heat off if I'm getting overwhelmed by numbers
  8. Well, to answer this question, I'd like you to take a look at the map of skyrim for a moment. Whiterun is smack dab in the middle, and this provides several advantages; It's a launching point for further campaigns in the direction of the west, it has the best access to supplies from Cyrodiil, so taking it cuts off the imperials just that little bit more, it means he can put a new Jarl on the Dragonsreach throne that's actually loyal to him, And I'm sure there's other things that are tacitcally advantageous that I haven't considered yet. The point is is that, strategically, Whiterun is one of the most important holds in Skyrim. Either side would be idiots not to try and take it
  9. Despite the rather narmy way the request was done, this isn't a bad idea. I mean, honestly, how cool would it be to have a war bear companion or mount?
  10. Ah, yeah, I've seen that one before. Even tried it out. But, unfortunately, it's not what I'm looking for. Thanks though
  11. Hey guys. I was wondering if someone might be willing to do something for me; Given my complete lack of knowledge on how to mod something into Neverwinter Nights 2, I was wondering if someone might be willing to create a race mod for me. Specifically, the race is a half-red dragon/human, with all that entails. If it's unclear, it'd effectively be the same as a human that had taken ten levels in Red Dragon Disciple without the class levels that entails: - +8 strength, +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, and +2 Charisma - Quick To Master: A human bonus feat - Skilled: 4 extra skill points at level 1, and an additional one at every level thereafter - Immunity to paralysis, sleep, and fire - +4 Natural armor - Breath weapon that's a 30 foot cone of fire that deals 6d8 damage, with a reflex save for half (Constitution based DC) - +3 Level Adjustment I was thinking the base race design could be made using a yuan-ti pureblood as a base appearance, and then just using colors that are more appropriate to the half-red dragon as a skin tone. Would anybody be willing to take this idea on? Note, I understand that engine limits prevent one from having templates like Half-Dragon in the game. That's why I presented this as a single solid race. If anybody decides to help, I'll be grateful. Thanks much for your consideration.
  12. I'm honestly surprised this hasn't come up before. Would anybody be willing to mod some pants into the Saviour's hide? I'd wear it, but I always hated the loincloth look, either on men or women.
  13. Alrighty then, after a modding misadventure my game decided it didn't like me anymore and wouldn't let me load up any of my save files. Because of this, I had to reinstall the game, wiping all of my mods (I really should learn to backup my game sometime...) In any case, I'm going to be starting over from scratch, of course, and I'd like some help with clothing choices for my character. As always, my main is a straight mage with no armor or the like, and I'm having trouble finding good clothign options for him. I already have Tona's Anchorite for Robert's Male, But I can't find anything else. Recommendations, anybody? I'd appreciate it.
  14. hey all. I was wondering if someone might be able to tell me what the hairstyle is from the picture and where I might get it http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b283/pyranack/mia_ii_by_corporealmirage-d3deu6v.jpg
  15. Take a look at the link in my signature
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