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  1. Quoting myself, but it looks like Bethesda is at it again. Opened up FO4 to another Update Required -- Yeahhhhhh, no. I have just re-prevented my (DLC-less) install that I previously prevented from updating (I have been playing my modded game happily since my before my original post) -- and have NO interest in their updates and breaking my game, sO --- I thought I would update with the NEW manifest details that I used. I pretty much used the method above to copy in the new data to the manifest file -- as below: Only a few changed. { "377161" { "manifest" "7332110922360867314" "size" "6092666130" } "377162" { "manifest" "5698952341602575696" "size" "65503104" } "377163" { "manifest" "8681102885670959037" "size" "19539383766" } "377164" { "manifest" "8492427313392140315" "size" "3815537394" } } Once complete, I unset Read Only, Saved the changes, RESET Read Only and Re-Launched Steam Voi'la -- Ready to Play again.
  2. Slick. I'd also say set your game to now Only Update on Launch so that it doesn't get confused and for good measure. This is a huge pain that people have to do this and those who didn't backup/lock their manifest files beforehand got screwed. I did it at the last minute, which is what lead to my own adventure here.
  3. If your game already updated, you'd see your Data/Fallout4 -*.ba2 type files have a new date as a bunch of them were updated. That might make the manifest/locking frivolous. Mine still say 10/01/2008 My Fallout4.exe shows 4/21/24 (as I installed the other night) -- and the Properties/Details shows it is version
  4. Bingo! That's exactly what I did. I didn't click anything in Steam, to be clear: it just changed from Update Required back to Play once I re-started Steam after everything. Thanks for adding the whole manifest and DLC numbers, I don't have DLC at this time. :X
  5. Hmm. I would make sure that you exit Steam, make the changes, set the file back to Read Only, and then re-launch Steam. This is what mine looks like after I updated it -- I have no DLCs just a modded base game: "ScheduledAutoUpdate" "0" "InstalledDepots" { "377161" { "manifest" "7332110922360867314" "size" "6092666130" } "377162" { "manifest" "3747866029627240371" "size" "65503104" } "377163" { "manifest" "3876298980394425306" "size" "19539383766" } "377164" { "manifest" "8492427313392140315" "size" "3815537394" } }
  6. Word up ! I just tried to clarify it and wanted to share. I haven't even had a chance to launch the game again, yet - but AFAICT nothing has changed in my game dir.
  7. Mods. I don't want the update to potentially break my game. If it ends up being fine/worth it, maybe I will later, but eh.
  8. This was a little confusing at first, but I think I figured it out , but after everything was said and done, Fallout 4 is no longer asking to update, and I was able to successfully play my modded game all last night without any problems and seemingly subverting the update. So, I thought I would share my method for anyone else who might have also been confused. I wasn't sure if you were supposed to change the manifest ID for all of the Depots, or just the last one until I went to the SteamDB page and clicked around a bit. Here's what I did: 1) Yesterday I set the appmanifest_377160.acf file to Read Only (and changed Updates frequency to Only when launching) as directed in the OP. Today, Fallout 4 showed [ Update Required ]. 2) Since I don't want the update (at least, not now) - using the Depot ID and Manifest ID for -each- row from my .acf file, I changed the Manifest ID to the new one. (If you click on the Manifest ID link on the right of your matching Depot ID, you will see: Example for Depot ID 377161 from the SteamDB page: https://steamdb.info/app/377160/depots/?branch=public (as directed) Depots ID Configuration Manifest ID Size DL. 228984 Windows Shared InstallDepot from 228980 VC 2012 Redist No size 228990 Windows Shared InstallDepot from 228980 DirectX Jun 2010 Redist No size 377161 Fallout 4 content_a 7332110922360867314 5.67 GiB 5.21 GiB 3) So for the first Depot 377161: the link on the left will take you to a page that has the following on the bottom: Manifest ID changed – 7497069378349273908 › 7332110922360867314 Aha, now I could see that my (original) file matched the OLD ID: 7497069378349273908 "InstalledDepots" { "377161" { "manifest" "7497069378349273908" "size" "6092666130" } 4) So I changed the "manifest" in the file (with Notepad) to the NEW ID from the website: 7332110922360867314 It now reads: { "377161" { "manifest" "7332110922360867314" "size" "6092666130" } 5) I then did the same steps for each of the remaining Depots and Manifest IDs. I only have VANILLA (NO DLC), so there were only 4 matching Depot Manifest IDs to change. 6) I exited Steam, Unset the Read Only for the appmanifest_377160.acf file, and then SAVED the changes in Notepad. 7) After saving -- I RESET the Read Only on appmanifest_377160.acf --- otherwise, Steam might try and get the 'real' update. Upon launching Steam, Fallout 4 now shows [ Play ] -- so I believe Steam thinks FO4 is current, and I'm set. Hope this helps someone!
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