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  1. Armageddon with Bruce Willis, Liv Taylor, Ben Afflect, Steve Buscemi, Billy Bob Thornton, Owen Wilson, Michael Clarke Duncan, Peter Stormare, Jessica Steen, Willian Fichtner, Will Patton, Ken Hudson Campbell, Keith David, Grayon McCouch, Jason Isaacs, Clark Heathcliffe Brolly, Eddy Griffin, Michael Kaplon, Marshal Teague, Harry Humphries Chuck Jr., Shawnee Smith, Chris Ellis, John Mahon, Stanley Anderson, Deborah Nishimura, Udo Kier, Kim Ishida, Dyllan Christopher, Grace Zabriskie, Anthony Guidera, J. Patrick McCormack, Michael Taliferro, John Aylward, Duke Valenti, Greg Collins, Vic Manni, Patrick Richwood, Brian Mulligan, Andy Milder, Billy Devlin, Brian Brophy, Bodhi Elfman, Mat Malloy, Christian Clemenson, Fred Weller, Peter Murnik, Richard Green, Joseph Patrick Kelly, Jeff Austin, Sage Allen, Mary Ann Schmidt
  2. Miss The next person likes to working out crossword puzzles after reading everything where the answers come from; like the New York Times.
  3. The price wasn't an exageration that year the big businesses version of the AI enhanced Nvidia device was up for sale. I only report the past. If I made it up it would be lot more interesting.
  4. Miss The next person will find out how many fauna there are around them by looking up the word using a search engine and refer to their location to find out how many fauna live near them.
  5. That's a good question? It has a big part. It handles all the computer stations monitors in every cubicle in an Office building, and more.
  6. The Nvidia 4090 was out when I bought a factory built PC Gaming machine with the 3070. The 4090 sold separately to those of us who built computers from parts and it cost $4000.00 for the 4090 then. I bought the AI enhanced Video Card that came with the Star Wars duo. The Jedi and the Sith versions. The Light and the Dark side! AI and Nvidial are bringing in faster electronics with better video card software because of their AI enchanted video cards for gamers and Super AI business cards that sold for $27,000.00 to big dot coms the same year the Jedi and Sith video cards came out. Those 1080's. The 1080's stilll get updates recognized by the AI enchanted Software even today.
  7. Surfing through the webpages looking for fun when bored and nothing helps. I just think about the time I was so bored I couln't find anything to bring me out of it. I let boredom win! Went to sleep. Had a strange dream. Here I are again. :- )
  8. The minute you wake up dead I thought it was going to start out with a car chase through a small down. Because Morgan Freeman was in it. I suspested the movie detective investigating would be detectiving strange occurrences racing to find an answer like Morgan Freeman did along side Brad Pit in Se7en. It definitely was not what I expected.
  9. Miss The next person that posts likes spaghetti and meatballs with a side of toasted garlic seasoned french bread.
  10. The comical collections of bumper stickers are out there on the Internet. Once in awhile I go surfing to find them; just for fun. I surfed and found a cup with a sticker on it with almost the same quote I mentioned. They switched the lines so the last was the first. Put a picture with it. The bumper stick I got it from had more than just the two lines but I won't plagarize theirs. A place called reallyBored.com used to be a fun way to get out of the boring gloom, but now "just the address, not their fun webpages", is for sale for $5,095.00 +.
  11. Epicurus makes the following claims about human happiness: Happiness is Pleasure; all things are to be done for the sake of the pleasant feelings associated with them. False beliefs produce unnecessary pain; among the false beliefs are, that the gods will punish us and that death is something to be feared. Once again I find I recollected what I read long ago. I personally wasn't the first to even think the thoughts. Since I find that it only seems like I am smart when I am writing, now I search the Internet and libraries with the thoughts first. I have had to find out if I did think up new thoughts or just remember others thoughts I have read. My Ego feels a boost thinking I thought the words were mine first before I shared. The Ego becomes comfortable and wrongly boosts my thoughts on those occasions. So I fear I am becoming lost and with no where to find help, and burden myself with made up fictional stories to find a safe haven in my mind. No more! Before I share my thoughts; I have learned to discover if someone else said them first, a long time ago. I feel stronger for doing that because when I do; I give someone attention who said it some time in the last 30 centuries. If they were like me, then they probably got the same thoughts from a previous mentor or tutor and shared them too. Now I find out who I am quoting, before I post so they too get attention for it. My poor Ego, didn't like me doing that at first.
  12. Today I used Google Translate to help a new member who wrote in Chinese simplified. The symbols that the author used to say they were a newbie were interesting. I'm lucky to have Google Translate so people from all around the world can communticate. I going to go surf the Internet and find out if the advanced vers of the Star Trek communicator has become a reality? Hm? Looks like Star Trek is Fading out of Commision! Google Translater works. Once I get all the settings to use it like a translator I will find out if it meets the translator abilities to translate a persons language as they speak so we hear it in our language, and they hear their language when we reply. :- )
  13. Welcome to the Forums. I hope the Eudemons video game has some players here. Seeing that it is an Online game you're refering to you might be the first to learn and master the modding skills for it. 欢迎来到论坛。 我希望《魔域》电子游戏能有一些玩家。 看到您所指的是一款在线游戏,您可能是第一个学习并掌握其模组技能的人。
  14. I used to have a link to a collection of bumper stickers with all kinds of fun worded twists on them. My favorite bumper sticker message is, "I have a body! I am a soul."
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