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  1. I ban small suckers when I could save some money and get an all day multicolored multiflavored Lollipop.
  2. Free food might taste even better. This planet is a free garden. Competition for free food is tough.
  3. Out: All the parts to make a table up with chairs to seat everyone for the tasting. Followed with a 25 course meal fit for the ban Banned Band after a full house is rocked down with the music. One tasteful bite from each to find out which food feels good, tastes good, and leaves us ready for more. Nighty night! In: A four poster bed with a downfilled mattress and pillows covered in silk sheets and pillow cases. With lavendar draps, hung around the sides. A brick heater at the foot of the bed to radiate the room so it stays warm in the castle room on night.
  4. Face paints make rainbows without tears. It is fun and makes smiles.
  5. And my skill with glue puts all the pieces together to make an extraordinary looking garden Gnome. Banned together alright now.
  6. I fear sleep is going to take me. I am struggling. It's like I am caught between in a wrestling match. Will I stay awake?! Or lose the match? Find out whether I can stay awake or end up giving in and take a nap. If I stay awake; I WIN. Anyone know where I can find a nap to take? I think the thing called a nap has got me? Help!!! Awe... zzzzzzzzZzzz
  7. Nothing is a sorely misunderstood word.
  8. Miss The next person is a nerd like any of us who got started playing video games and wants to live with other people where he feels he would be among normal people he could tolerate living amongst because of similarities which would make living life NORMAL. Why be NORMAL?
  9. Out: A message written to the makers of Hot Wheels asking them to build a Hot Wheels track with colors and a miniature of Gotham City to play with the car. In: The psychiatrist who tried to psycho-analyse The Joker while he was in prison.
  10. Miss The next person never thinks about getting off the 3rd Rock from the Sun.
  11. Out: Nazeem and his wife Ahlam dancing on the warm patio outside their apartment above the canopy below at The Drunken Huntsman. In: A magic flying carpet thread to weave it into a carpet.
  12. I ban Drakefell01 for banning AaronOfMpls for taking awhile to find the way back to the computer from the cloud filled room where all the papers got used up. For now everything is fine until AaronOfMpls needs another packet of papers. Where the last papers were is probaby in where there may be a carboard box and an empty glass decanter with a scent of Wine. The box probably had a Stranger Things Surfer Boy Pizza in it that no longer exists.
  13. You should be able to find the last remaining posts Brok made during the posts. Then declaring the decision to quit posting here. Brok hasn't posted since.
  14. Knowing when and where to go. Is easiest when you know why. Then you don't have to think.
  15. All dressed up and no place to go. William Allen White in the year 1916
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