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  1. Its present opening time. I looked in to see what condition was and found myself talking to someone about cars. I asked if the person knew what a Go Cart was.
    1. Pagafyr


      I have a Cloud on another computer with 8 TB of space with all the posts I ever posted on Forurms Nexusmods dot com.  Think of it as a think tank. 

      Yeah and remember me!    I with the Avatar of Pagafyr was a fool and deleted my account just to find out what would happen.  I am no longer a fool about that question, because I can see and know what resulted from doing it.  Now it smarts a little whenever I look and see what happened.

      It sure would be nice if Dark0ne would restore my accounts content so all of the newbs can see it is just Little ol' Me, still.  Yours truly, " Pagafyr "

      No!  I didn't Die Mktavish!  I was a fool for knowledge and paid the price by finding out what the link called, DELETE ACCOUNT actually does deletes.



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