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  1. In response to post #70382058. what tantrums? also i recall recanting on at least one of those names(fanboy) you however have yet to recant on calling me stupid(PEBCAK is a way of calling people stupid without saying the word...well that and and the sound a 3 year old makes when choking on fresh air) and vortex can rot
  2. In response to post #70379938. cant have issues...when its no longer on my systems nor will it ever be and i have you to thank for convincing me to remove it! game dedicated managers from now on for me(since i've never had one claim incompatible with a game it supports) good luck with Vortex(your going to need it)
  3. In response to post #70375313. i don't care what you say custom rules ARE an extra step thats never been required before i don't want your love i don't need it keep it and give it to vortex
  4. In response to post #70362773. #70365408, #70367743 are all replies on the same post. its not too difficult.... its damn stupid with a bunch of "design" ideas that should have been scrapped at concept default setting that don't work surely an intelligent search parameter that auto switches between linkages would have made sense? it can already search and find the games so why not switch link types when it finds games that use certain ones?) then there is this lunacy of custom rules who though that was good idea?.... a manager that takes more time to make work and play nice is not an improvement not even over NMM which (never thought i'd have anything nice to say about NMM!) i'll find workarounds and other managers that work and avoid this leper of a manager(partly due to my experience with it and party from the first responder effectively calling me stupid with that PEBCAK quip....personally i would have used PICNIC at least its a real word and not the sound a three year old makes when they choke on fresh air)
  5. In response to post #70367913. Nope pointless arguing with a wall.... enjoy your perfect tool that adds more steps than needed and increases the complexity of an already at times complex process one last thing you have done a fantastic job of driving me away from ever using vortex truly an outstanding job! give yourself a pat on the back(just don't dislocate a shoulder...not cause i give a damn i just don't want you blaming me )
  6. In response to post #70366028. if a tool does not work straight out of the box its not much of damn tool is it? i want to actually mod then play the game not spend 5 hours setting up a tool that is supposed to make thing easier.... so your not a fanboy good! i'll retract that one and admit i was wrong there i still think the managers more trouble than its worth after looking into it more....why the hell do i need to write "custom rules" no other mod manager i know of besides vortex demands this insanity and what happens when your mod list hits 250+(with esl files this is easily possible) you spend days modding the game then days writing rules to the point where you loose all interest no thanks after reading that and the issues of not being usable straight out of the box its going to be hard pass from me ...which is odd considering the guy who made this made MO and the early versions of MO2 how the great have fallen
  7. In response to post #70362773. thanks for the info! but that's a stupid design choice(managers are meant to make things easier not harder) not that it matters between it failing to work out the box and now the fanboy i've been enjoying speaking with has killed all interest in this "manager" that appears to way more trouble than its worth
  8. In response to post #70364178. #70365108 is also a reply to the same post. i was going to use it for a horizon install of fallout 4 and witcher 3 now i will just find other workarounds but claiming it always works is a false statement its not a bad install i did everything that it needed to work and it failed right out of the box i've been modding games since 1998/9 with baldurs gate and in those days it was weidu installers(man where those fun) so it not PEBCAK or PICNIC issue i followed the install instructions and it failed it says it incompatible with fallout 4 so be it i have other mod managers i can use ....it would have been nice to have an extra option but that not going to happen now
  9. In response to post #70364178. i have no faith in it as soon as its installed it throws an error? yeah ill pass on that it just screams avoid at all costs to me(last time i had a piece of software do this it screwed up my system to the point it needed a fresh install windows XP) to those who it works for.....good luck your going to need it
  10. In response to post #70361593. good for you... since it wont work for me i must find other ways of managing mods since vortex is broke(its like NMM all over again EG: works for some and not others) i backed up my claim with a screenshot in case any vortex fanboys want to claim i'm lying(like you appear to be doing...i could be wrong) but since it wont work for(my) fallout 4 i cant trust it to work for any of the games it claims to work for look at it this way: you take your car a garage and they claim to have fixed the issues it was having and yet before the end of the day the issues have returned would you go back to that mechanic ? no you would not that's how i am looking at vortex its making a claim that it can do all these things and yet when i try and use it it contradicts those claims instantly ergo its broken and broken things get thrown in the trash enjoy your working copy of vortex i will have to find other avenues of modding the games i have
  11. In response to post #70358178. if it supported the game i would not have posted .... i have more games than Bethesda games and surprisingly enough they don't use MO/MO2(Witcher 3 for example)i would like to trust/learn use this manager but if it cant support one of the biggest titles in games with fallout 4(going off personal experience) how can i trust it will actually work for ANY game? Screenshot for any who don't believe https://imgur.com/a/DP2zaUg
  12. In response to post #70358033. >very easy, but you know users..... was only responding to the insult above....insult me and ill damn well insult you back
  13. In response to post #70357588. Lets see install vortex scan for games pick Fallout 4 get unsupported message tell me where i went wrong smartass?
  14. was going to have another try with this but its just not worth it considering every time i want to use it i get "incompatible with fallout 4" message whats the point of placing this here if it does NOT support the game? advertising? guess i'll stick with MO2 a manager that actually supports the game from the second its opened
  15. we shall try again.... good luck all
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