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  1. " I also removed the mods so that Modbuddy doesn't detect the mods during shader compiling, but that doesn't do anything." Based on this, I'm not sure if you did this or not. You must delete ALL mods from ... SteamApps\common\XCOM 2 SDK\XComGame\Mods before you build EACH mod in ModBuddy. This is because of a defect in the SDK in handling art assets. If you have multiple mods in that folder during builds they will sometimes end up sharing modshadercaches, which is why it is working when you have another mod active (that one has the right shadercache and is supplying it to both), while the other one isn't getting it built-in.
  2. Yes, so we can maintain a semblance of keeping this on topic, please take further discussion of the patch to another thread. Thanks.
  3. I don't know of any changelog with the level of detail that modders would need that will be shared.
  4. Not quite sure how far I can go within the confines of our NDA, but there are changes to a significant portion of the gameplay code (changes within a few hundred classes), so it all comes down to what area mods mess with. We'll have to update Toolbox and OfficerPack to fix some absolute show-stoppers, and make a minor update to SMG Pack.
  5. Crossposting that I've uploaded our a zip of our development files to the Nexus as an optional file under the Toolbox mod.
  6. We didn't use anything like PERL scripts or other tricks outside the mod toolkit. I've uploaded an optional file on the Nexus Toolbox page which is just a zip of the solution from our development directory. The only thing I removed was the Workshop ID file, so you should find the solution files, internal directory structure, loose icons, and the source for Tuple, Mod Options and the Toolbox files themselves. Let us know if that satisfies (although I'm not sure what else there would be to provide).
  7. Hrm, not sure how to help here -- the only issue I ran into when uploading involved the mod preview image, which goes in the root folder with the readme. Needs to be a jpeg below a certain size -- the uploader will reject the mod without it, or if it's too big. Didn't otherwise hit any problems that I recall.
  8. Text strings are in localization files. For English, that's files that end in .INT
  9. There is no German translation for Long War. If you install Long War and play with your game set to German in Steam without making further changes, the campaign will eventually encounter a CTD. You can copy Long War's English-language .INT files into the German folder as a workaround, but the game will be in English.
  10. 1) Try SetPowerA 3 2) You almost certainly need to start a new campaign 3) Bad luck, although consider how you are using your stances (aggressive etc)
  11. Nicely done! I might recommend you specifically test it at 18 tiles range -- the first squadsight-range tile. I had to do some goofy workarounds to fix a bug and let soldiers see and target aliens at that range.
  12. A lot of people needed to verify files in XCOM on Windows 10 after upgrading to 10 but before installing LW and other mods.
  13. @ Dark0ne Oh no, we don't want to bite the hand that's fed us for so long! And we certainly won't be *distributing* XCOM 2 mods on our site. If the community makes a home here we'll do what's in our power to help out.
  14. Hey gang, sorry we've been unable to say until now (and even now we can say very little), but we're planning to help the XCOM 2 modding community get started by offering technical assistance where we can -- primarily on our web site forum, here http://www.longwarstudios.com/phpBB3/index.php but elsewhere as we are able.
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