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  1. Tonkatsu AKA: Liam Styles Chang Actor Stats Age: 24 Gender: Male Race: Half Chinese/White Last Updated: 31/07/14 Active Member: Yes Playable Races: Any, though I have trouble with the Nordic accent. The one Ralof of Riverwood uses. Experience: A Moonlit Night (Currently in alpha) by Manjarowolf (Sormer, Berdon) Skyrim Read Books Aloud by bosky2102 (Calcelmo, Akatosh Dichotomy, others) Skills: Frontman in a band called Aivia (https://www.facebook.com/weareaivia) so I am very comfortable with any kind of voices, vocals, singing or sounds. I have a nice condenser mic and know quite a bit about recording and mixing music, voicework and also Elder Scrolls lore. I like doing accents, and I have a North American accent myself. About Me: I've always wanted to voice a bard character and sing the Skyrim music as well as write some new lore-friendly material. I also make art for Facebook games, and here is my portfolio (http://lschang.daportfolio.com/). Voice Clips: https://soundcloud.com/t0nkatsu Email: [email protected]
  2. Thanks for all your hard work, I've just bought a premium membership and was initially confused with what was happening with the systems. I wish you all the best in getting it up and running again!
  3. Hello, t0nkatsu here. I have yet to delve into modding, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in creating a magic two handed sword? I drew up a reference picture in paint tool SAI and attached it. Basically the blade is called Hauteclaire and is of a fairly plain design aside from the color scheme. It is similar in proportions to Narsil/Anduril from the LOTR trilogy. It has a wooden handle with gold fittings and a long, thin crossbar. The blade is also fairly thin, and is made of red crystal with a fuller. I imagined that the blade looks very worn down and could have all kinds of nicks, scratches and dents in it. Colors are kind of dull and not as shiny as they used to be. Anyways, that's the pitch! If anyone's interested, that would be sweet! If not, that's okay too! http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u178/cptnchang/hauteclaireREF_zps0c3e2d05.jpg
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