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  1. You might actually want to post this on the STEP forum.. They make guides for near perfect installations and modding etc. They might be interested in this.
  2. The only real limitation is your own skillset and imagination. The creation kit plus other third party programs you can pretty much do anything.
  3. It was the same with skyrim, you can tell which body mods were done with realism in mind and which were made for mere w*** bank material. Most of CBBE bodies uploaded thus far are merely the latter.
  4. the easiest way to do it is plop a door on the front and make a new interior cell as they did in skyrim for the most part. I mean you could gut out the houses and make it part of the world space, but that would involve far more work than just essentially adding a portal to a new cell.
  5. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7145? mod is released!
  6. http://imgur.com/a/3KpEk a few more images, almost there. Just need to clear house and sort some pics out and should be all done!
  7. You can do about 80% of the things the GECK can do by just using fo4edit, for those who know how to use the modding tool it is rather very powerful in it's own right and these "they aren't really mods" thing.. they are mods and quite a few of them probably won't even need editing when the GECK arrives if the work is done correctly. But more mods will come our way at a higher rate when the GECK is released, no doubt. But in answer to your question, the GECK gives you a window for you to see where the object will be placed, as tFO4edit does not have that feature, they are essentially flying blind for placing objects in the game world. But depending on what the object in question is, they can easily be placed in level lists and vendors.But for bigger objects etc, best to just do a bit of reverse engineering on some objects already set down and use those co-ordinates etc.
  8. I endorse what i like. when the "big" mods come along and get crazy high downloads and endorsements over night, the ones the entire community says "you need this" - they will go straight to the top of the list. So it is irrelevant if you endorse an under par mod or not, in fact it is completely redundant. Whether it is a 1kb mod or a 2 gb mod and does as it describes with no errors, properly cleaned and implemented then the author did a decent enough job to gain an endorsement.
  9. Right, now i am back from my mini "Hiatus" i shall continue working on the mod (obviously had a few days off for family/xmas and what have you)
  10. actually added a sugar bombs poster just after i posted the thread heh. I am putting in a wide variety of posters in the mod :smile: uhhhh can't wait for this mod to come out , remember to make it compatible with all other main mods . it doesn't touch anything to do with the other mods and goes via the wall decorations tree line of decorating and i set everything up using my username in the title of things, so i highly doubt it will. The only way it would is if a modder completely re-did the decorating menu, changed the file ids and keywords.. which they really would have no reason to. Plus, i have a few big settlement mods active currently as i test, so it all runs well :)
  11. actually added a sugar bombs poster just after i posted the thread heh. I am putting in a wide variety of posters in the mod :)
  12. So, i figured out how to get posters in the game with out having to make my own mesh, which is always handy. I am in the process of making a lore friendly poster pack for all your settlement needs etc. 60 flags thus far but looking for 100 minimum before initial release http://imgur.com/a/YRd4V Link to most of the posters that have been done all ready http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7145? They take up roughly half the height of the wall, so you can have two to reach the floor to ceiling etc.
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