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  1. It requires a bit of a learning curve, but Audacity would be a good start. It's a free download.
  2. Hi everyone, I think I will also leave my name here. Just to let you all know, I'm very new to the forums here, so I may appear a bit lost in some of the stuff here. My Elder Scrolls lore is very limited. Starrkk (Or Dusty) Age: 21 Gender: Male ​Race: White/Caucasian Active member: I have not really visited the forums before, but I browse and download mods a lot. Playable races: Unsure here. Dialects were never really my strong suit. Experience: Studying Voice Acting in college, but haven't gotten any real first hand experience. Skills: Deep voice, sinister voice, calm voice. I have a bit of a range to my voice, but I can't say that I'm good because that'd be for you all to judge. I have Audacity on my computer, but I only have the basics of it down (Recording and saving. I'm used to Adobe Audition, but purchasing that one is...well expensive.) About me: I was told that I have a good sounding voice, so when I started college, I set out to study to be a voice actor. Voice Samples: Just so you all know, my samples here are rather dated. As such, they will have some voice crackage in some of them. My own fault for not being able to update as much as I would like to. I will try to get some more newer ones up soon. https://soundcloud.com/dustin-sanborn-1 Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  3. Take all the time you guys need! Patience rewards while desperation destroys.
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