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  1. In response to post #118721838. #118722318, #118736613, #118750988, #118758088, #118770353, #118772443 are all replies on the same post. Been experimenting with just that myself; apparently they'll both still use the same documents folder, which is a bit of a wrinkle. I guess there'll still have to be a batch file as the target executable, unless there's a way to change the save game location easily. I haven't found one. And yes, you do still need the disk space to keep multiple versions of the game on your computer. As far as restoring a modded version of 1.32 to a fresh install of the same version, I suspect verifying your file integrity would either not work at all or would update it to the next-gen version. You'd probably need to keep a backup copy, or just use a mod manager to easily uninstall the mods. It's not a magic bullet, just a way to keep playing it without Steam auto-updating. :)
  2. In response to post #118721838. #118722318, #118736613, #118750988, #118758088 are all replies on the same post. I assume so, unless I'm confused about what you mean... anything you can do with a backup of the game, you can do with a renamed copy. This just allows you to exempt that copy from forced updates, unlike renaming directories with a batch file which is what people used to use. If you wanted to, you could keep as many copies of the game as your disk space allows and have all of them playable via Steam; e.g. a copy of both 1.32 and next-gen in vanilla, then 1.32 with all your preferred mods as you have them now, and finally a next-gen copy to experiment with new mods on. Just make sure you keep the next-gen vanilla as the one Steam recognizes. It's quite easy to tell - the non-Steam games will have no pictures, achievements, links to the forums/guides, etc. Those are the ones that will be exempt from updating.
  3. In response to post #118744293. At least the Wild Nudity Project didn't make it in. :P
  4. In response to post #118721838. #118722318, #118736613 are all replies on the same post. I also only have Steam, that's what I meant... after backing it up, I added it to my library (+ sign in the bottom left corner) as a non-Steam game and called it The Witcher 3: Brothers in Arms. This way I won't have to go offline to actually play; if you leave it with the default name, it'll try to update every time you start up the game while online. Easy to let an update slip in and break the game like that, I went through that nightmare with Skyrim enough tyvm.
  5. In response to post #118721838. Definitely sad that BiA didn't make it in. Now I have to choose between nicer graphics, or 5k+ bugfixes? Easy choice, making a new non-Steam game entry in my library right now. Go figure, CDPR chooses form over function and goes for the graphics update... screw that.
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