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  1. In general I like what I see with the new Profile. There is two things that really pops to mind. First. I agree with the others who have said that it's too big. I feel a bit too zoomed in. Especially the "Mods" tab. Feel like possibly that making it all a bit smaller (left side included) and add a 4th mod on the same row would feel better. (Using the browser feature to zoom to 80% does indeed fix the feeling that I'm just a tad bit too close.) Could possibly keep the height of the cards and just make them a bit slimmer on the side to maintain space for the descriptions. Second. This is a small one really, but in Collection tab the "success rate" is cut off and doesn't show up fully. Suppose in general reducing size by a bit as mentioned above would fix that issue with no extra work needed. Edit to add: I now see that a lot of the sorting options are gone. I really hope that they get back in as I really enjoyed tracking by "Trending" amongst other. I see no reason to remove any of them really.
  2. In response to post #55257103. #55257298, #55258328, #55258513, #55258928, #55259153, #55259388, #55259853, #55305193, #55330208, #55334878, #55338158, #55338403, #55338453 are all replies on the same post. New one is just too huge. I had to set browser to 60% size to be able to use the site.
  3. I know a lot of others have mentioned it, but I'll do it as well! The whole design is just too big. Had to reduce my browser to 60% to be able to feel comfortable browsing the site. So really, would like some options to resize things. Using the full width of the monitor takes too long to absorb all the data. And on overall all is just too big. Only being able to see like 3 downloads on the download page of a mod compared to 6+ before just makes it really hard to tell what choices I have in terms of downloads. Makes it frustrating to browse the site.
  4. In response to post #43562570. #43562700, #43562890, #43564045, #43564600, #43570665, #43570905, #43571205, #43571390, #43572610, #43573445, #43575250, #43576535, #43587975 are all replies on the same post. So, while it is the same account, having to login all the time for the forum while still being logged in on the main page can be a bit of a pain sometimes. Perhaps make it so you stay logged in at the forum just as with the main page? And I do agree with the tracked. I got like 20 pages of tracked content atm, so a way to keep track of that better would be awesome.
  5. In response to post #43256435. #43259165 is also a reply to the same post. It's most probably not, as you say, more widely used. The main reason I'd like to argue is that quite frankly people do not know about MO. You got NMM as an easy to access link at the top while you have to kind of know about MO's existence beforehand to use it. This means most new users will end up using NMM in their first go. And since different users wants different options what I'd love to see is an option, like a switch that goes "Turn On vfs" that uses the MO's system. This would give both sides the option to use what they like.
  6. In response to post #43232475. Yeah, seems like he just wanna redo NMM from scratch using the same current system. If that's the case I'll just stick with MO.
  7. In response to post #43213170. #43213650, #43214685, #43224605, #43231310, #43231435, #43232450, #43232890 are all replies on the same post. archerarcher, but it is better than NMM. Waay better.
  8. In response to post #43231060. #43231150, #43233205 are all replies on the same post. DFX2K9, I get the impression you don't really understand how MO works? Manually editing files is very easy. MO makes my modding life so easy in fact that with the click of one button I can have an esm version of a mod "installed" for when I use the CK and in the next moment "uninstall" it with one click for when I test things like when making a patch. So as I understand, you had some issue with CK working with MO? Perhaps the problem isn't the virtual stuffs, but rather the streamlines of making CK work with MO? For me it was quite easy to get things working. A few hitches with scripts as elezraita mentioned, but ain't that things that can be worked out now that we've got a "paid developer"? My impression is that a lot of people give up on MO after a few hickups without actually knowing really what MO can do.
  9. In response to post #43231020. #43231160, #43234190 are all replies on the same post. MO is simple. I can just open up the folder for my mod and mess with it without a second thought. I can even manually add mods by adding another folder. Some link approach that seems to upset a lot of people does not sound promising to me. It sounds complicated and I get the impression I won't have the same simple accessibility I do today. I'll still have MO on my harddrive so I'm not really losing anything atm, but yeah, I won't convert to any other virtual system when there is one already that is really clean and easy to use.
  10. In response to post #43232045. #43232355, #43233385, #43233940, #43234660, #43235000 are all replies on the same post. turulo, I got the feeling you never used MO, but rather got annoyed with the recent NMM? Since there is no way a bug or anything could mess things up in MO since it uses simple folders to keep track of things.
  11. In response to post #43213170. #43213650, #43214685, #43224605, #43231310, #43231435 are all replies on the same post. Thallassa and matortheeternal, I think the problem might be the NXM thingy, gotta make sure it links to MO. And installing SKSE might be a bit more effort. But if the MM would be able to use the NXM thingy out of the box (which it ofcourse will) and detect various things like SKSE, TES5Edit and the likes automatically I think it'd streamline things further. I personally use MO and takes me just mere seconds to setup, no problem. But there is a few things to keep in mind when you set it up.
  12. In response to post #43232045. IMO, what I think would be best is to give two options. One where you can use a basic version like old NMM and one where you can create MO like profiles, using the system that is used there.
  13. In response to post #43222300. #43226010 is also a reply to the same post. You're supposed to start from scratch when using MO though. So how come it messed up your mods? I don't see how it possible can do that tbh.
  14. In response to post #43223160. #43223235, #43225810, #43226065, #43226570, #43226580, #43226675, #43226930, #43227145, #43227835, #43229000, #43229600, #43229700 are all replies on the same post. Gotta voice my opinion here as well. The way MO does the Virtualization is just awesome. Separating everything by folder makes it so easy for me to keep track of it and the main reason why I love MO.
  15. In response to post #43228135. #43228440, #43228710, #43228800, #43229750, #43229950, #43230240 are all replies on the same post. I really really like the Virtual Folders that MO provides. It makes my life so much easier when it comes to modding. Especially when it comes to making my own mods. I hope that such feature will be included in the new NMM if the goal is to stop giving MO future support. I don't mind if I have to activate it for my profile for it to work, as long as the option to do so is there.
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