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  1. Microsoft has already a way too big monopole, so I can not welcome this. When there is lobbyism in the world - and that is a fact, then this is once more dangerous for a free market and it's natural prosperity.
  2. Unfortunately I'm not surprised about the content of the recent nexus network news. Private company or not, there is a general social behavior for such company's that is juridical reflected by a public license and of course the constitutions all free nations. Means even private company's like nexus had to respect opinions and it's expressions in every case they do not DIRECTLY harm anyone. I wrote "directly" because we have to stay compatible to each other as much as we can but many context of "harm" can lead into incompatibility very quickly. Banning people who want to express their opinions for any reasons and name them cowards - and even more cynically - tell them they will lose they hard work, is exactly what a suppression means to be. Respecting people who want to tell others what they think, especially regarding politics, is very important and marks the opposite of suppression. Politically supressed people all over the world (north corea etc.) can confirm that every day! It's a natural law and base requirement for peaceful living of us humans on earth. Even every doctor can tell you that suppression is not a healthy idea. For people below 18 who can have problems to differentiate all that, there is already a feature within nexus. To be a private company can not be a free ticket for fundamental misbehaviors. Especially regarding such simple basics and the fact that mod autors have a function as customers. It's very absurd. Btw, what is meaned with the multiple mentioned "we"? Is there nobody within the nexus staff who has a completely different opinion? And even if thats the case, how you can be sure they just don't want to lose their jobs? To summarize: I want to find grown-up behavior within the network news, but it's hard for me to see any. That would require more respect for other peoples and their work as creators and particially customers of the company and not the things I mentioned critically. How we the people can live together peacefully, if we have such principles like banning people and tell them cowards etc.? Hopefully I'm not such a coward...
  3. In case you do it without mistakes, here is a guarented working solution. You have to use the superior script cleaner for the special edition (also works with oldrim). 0. Backup your saves. Just to be safe. 1. Load your save with the cleaner. 2. Parse it (make sure it's done correctly). 3. Search for smooth jazbay. Five entries should appear containing that in their names. 4. Delete all of them. 5. Load your save in Skyrim. (The entry is still present, but not for long) 6. Type the following into the console to finish the quest again (press enter between each): setstage freeformsarethifarm 20, setstage freeformsarethifarm 30, setstage freeformsarethifarm 200. 7. (Optional) Throw the potions you received onto the ground. Open the console again, click on the potions and watch for the entry that appears. It must begin with "ff" to be sure the potions are marked and not anything other. Type markfordelete for every potion.
  4. In response to post #84075668. #84076498, #84076513, #84077488, #84077583 are all replies on the same post. Yes, I try, but a topic can be very large and already on medium-term a narrow look doesn't make sense.
  5. In response to post #84075668. #84076498, #84076513, #84077583, #84077828 are all replies on the same post. I guess it has something to do with the absence of free economy. We the people all over the world live in socialism. Or money socialsm like I call it. Normally it should be really no problem to live from just working on skywind or similar projects. Under such circumastances it would also be no problem to announce an approximate release date. So you are right with your arguments. We should really think about how to end these citizen-robbing state and banking systems.
  6. The project takes far too long, but authenticity is important for projects. That should be common sense. Just avoiding a release date is no serious solution.
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