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  1. what about you ppl just ignore that post here that bascially just results in stupid modders getting their accounts banned? its not my job to teach you guys about copyright, if i were u i wouldnt touch it. nuff said.
  2. ps: just for laughs, i actually spent some weeks on their forums and tried to support those guys a little because i find the idea awesome, though... this is outta my league. but hey, i tried :wink: pps: and yep, no matter what, score the game, oblivion is never wasted bucks ;)
  3. sorry, i went shoppint and now have my speed challenge, check here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/48782/? and yeah, pretty much... @ oblivion. imagine you could travel back to oblivion, with kinda like playing the game with enhanced graphics (skyrim engine) and the skyrim game... and you take your good ol skyrim char simply back to oblivion to go through that epic adventure again :) awesome, eh? ... sry, but i gotta go back to my personal speed challenge... ;)
  4. id say theyre quite far in their progress... after all, its a huge project they got on the run... i mean, it only works because bethesda at least kept some standard procedures during their games developments... and you could also just go and pick oblivion for that thingy. or only morrowind. or both. anyhow, im pretty sure even without skywind theres a way how to play oblivion on your pc. i mean, if i could manage to make morrowind run.... i mean, it got released in 1998 i think :)
  5. to be honest, back when gaming oblivion i didnt modify my games yet. i had the two dlcs ... em... i guess you called them "expansions" back then, and shivering isles was simply awesome :smile: (i also liked morrowind and solstheim back in the old days... Ragna-Rok the Orc, the Nerevarine FTW! :wub: ) nice to read that post though... now i know 2 things, first, next time i have holidays im gonna go and grab my old "goty" versions from both games (or were they called "collectors edittion"? ... jeez, its been years... ) ... and second, i gotta check back to what "skywind" is doin... --> http://morroblivion.com/ you do know that some modders out there try to merge skyrim, oblivion and morrowind, do you? BUT WATCH OUT! ... for that to work youre gonna need original copies of the old games, its nothing like a "new lands mod" or stuff that will be uploaded somewhere, so you also better go and look for your good ol discs :smile: edit: to be precise --> for it to work you need original versions installed, the original discs within reach, and some smaller skills about some basics of modding, like extracting files and a basic understanding of how the file system of skyrim works edit 2: and im pretty sure latest now youre really out to go and score the game again now, dont you? oh, and my computer isnt the slowest, and i can even play good ol morrowind on it. i tested it about a year or so ago, in the worst case you have to run the game in compatibility mode... theres always a way :wink:
  6. Lunari? is that some manga-figure i dont know about, or some "vampire - the masquerade"-race??
  7. i didnt even know that this would be possible... i guess it only heapens when you use both different type of custom bodies and heads??? *doesnt run any bodymods*
  8. my advice would be to ask the dude that actually made the "knight of thorns" armor about it... what about sending him / her a pm?
  9. go for ghosus advice, that dude has got skills ;)
  10. the easiest thing to do would be to simply give the clothes armor values. but all this with a levelling / scale is pretty much work... i guess theres also something like that on the nexus, i will go and see if i can find it.
  11. and lastly we have the good old "ring of hircine" in game... as many transformations as you want ;)
  12. em.... couldnt you adjust the mouse-sensitivity in the options menu in game? ... hit escape.
  13. good luck guys, new places / lands are always great ... Harrr! :)
  14. the only spell my cat casts is conjuration ... "summon fish". he executes it by waking me up by either licking / biting my feed, or sitting next to my pillow goin like "meeeeow..meow!...meeow...*purrr*" ... and basically it makes fish appear in his food-bowl :) besides that, i would totally install this mod, didnt even know that was in the lore... go guys, go :)
  15. now thats one of the weirdest requests ive ever seen here. anyhow, good luck buddy ;)
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