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  1. Yeah, I had a surge protector (a rather hefty one) but it's in dire need of replacement. I did recently move across the country, so some things are higher on the list. Necessities and all.
  2. Second update: Nope. This thing is still lagging so badly I can count the frames. It's worse than Oldrim! I'm honestly starting to get kind of angry with this. The power outage situation is now entirely dealt with. I didn't get Skyrim to NOT play the bloody thing. ETA: Eureka! It turns out the outage messed with some driver updates. Ran a clean sweep, did a full update and we're in business. Note to self, and PSA if it helps: If your power goes out, when it returns, check your drivers and other updates.
  3. Update: Found it, ran it. According to the things pulled up, some corrupt files were repaired. I'm going to check and make sure another half-citywide outage isn't going on, double-check my system and then give Skyrim a try again.
  4. Ah, okay, thanks. I'll read up on this.
  5. Can I ask where to find that? After the outage (during which, there was an arc between some of the underground hardline stuff), so I imagine something like that would have an effect somehow.
  6. I don't know the regular price, since if you already had a copy of SSE, you got a discount. But I think the others are right, it'd be up to you. One thing I often do before getting a game, DLC, expansion or even a mod that's free, is I find a well-displayed rundown or playthrough of the thing I'm wondering about. Personally, I fell in love with the AE content, especially the bigger quest stuff and some of the player homes (I am a sucker for both). Heavy Burns, FudgeMuppet, and I think Gopher and Brodual all have excellent rundowns of what's all in AE. Check them out first if you're unsure.
  7. I shut down and reboot daily (Shut down at night or for periods longer than 4 hours) and I have automatic updates. I am double checking driver updates to make sure they went through.
  8. Salutations again, Nexus! So. The other night, a section of my city had a huge power outage (2400-some people without power). I mention this for a reason. See, since that night, I have tried to play Skyrim AE as I usually do. Everything BEFORE the outage worked flawlessly, I even picked FNIS back up with no trouble. Now though, since the outage, I've noticed a lag so terrible that you can literally count frames almost. It's seriously bad. Movement on even the title screen options is choppy as all h-e-twin-toothpicks. I even tested another, MUCH smaller game on my Steam library to double-check if something was going on with the Steam client. Even that game lagged all to junk. I have tried the following things to rule out anything I might have mucked up. 1. Took out FNIS 2. Updated Vortex 3. Hard drive space cleanup (I always do this anyway and keep a good chunk of space free) 4. Full Skyrim re-install. The lag-to-end-all-lags persists. My mod list is kept fairly short, comparative to many other players I've encountered. Here it is. ...The Obvious Ones First... Official Patches Unofficial Patches SKSE SKyUI ---The Mod List---- Legacy of the Dragonborn --CC Patches --LotD Safehouse Teleport Immersive College of Winterhold --Relevant LotD Patch Skyrim Unique Drinks Tools of Kagrenac --Relevant LotD Patch Aetherium Armour and Weapons --Relevant LotD Patch Moon and Star --Relevant LotD Patch Realm of Lorkhan TheWulfPanda's Teleport Spells --Major Cities --Towns and Villages --Faction Teleport SPERG The Choice is Yours Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions SimpleJiub SimpleBarenziah Frost Resist Provides Warmth RaceMenu Trinity Restored Karliah Bug Fix Inigo's Perk Point Book Saeri's Aetherial Crown Just No Tails -And a small mod of my own making My apologies for the slight text wall. Still getting that "spoiler" bit down. Anyway, has anyone else been experiencing this? Has something I've got gone weird?
  9. Ah, gotcha. Thanks, y'all! Now to get back to these lessons. Ethical mod-making practises, let's do this.
  10. I actually wasn't aware there was an update/upgrade going on with Nexus profiles. That's definitely something to look into, thanks! And...Hmm. Definite food for thought there, and I'd assume that if the mod author doesn't reply, to operate under "No answer means no permission granted", am I correct?
  11. Salutations, nexus! So, in my learning journey on mod-making, I have come across a puzzling conundrum. As we all know, the "Permissions and Credits" section of any well-described mod clearly names who, if anyone, is allowed to mess with, change, upload or update someone's mod. Now, here's the conundrum: I've come across a mod or two I'd like to either borrow assets from, or tweak/add something to/alter something with. I seek out the mod author's profile, as there is usually a nice big "CONTACT" button with which to contact said author via a Nexus private message. What do you do when that lovely CONTACT option isn't there? How do you contact the mod author to ask said permission, as per Nexus ethics? Thankee, Nexus! --BSR
  12. First, my apologies for the late-ish reply. Second: Thanks, y'all! For the present, as I'm navigating things, I was able to revert back down to Wrye Bash v.311, which is working perfectly. And yes, Webroot is bloody good. Almost TOO good, haha! But ultimately, when considering all options, I'd rather deal with something like this than have a weak shield and something genuinely serious happen. I'm going to keep this for reference, and if anyone else has a similar issue as mine, hey. Nexus got answers.
  13. Salutations! So, I have a rather weird (and infuriating) issue. As always, Mod Gods, if I'm in the wrong place, let me know. I updated Wrye Bash to its latest iteration (v. 312, according to GitHub). Except now, my antivirus program (Webroot SecureAnywhere) thinks it's a virus and will literally block me from using Wrye Bash at all. I've had to reinstall the bloody thing a dozen times, with a 1-in-8 success rate to even get to the point of running Wrye Bash at all. The blazes is going on here?
  14. @Russugar Are you looking for a particular weapon or set? I've found some *superb* collections somewhat recently.
  15. Salutations, y'all! So first, if I'm in the wrong spot, I do apologise. But I think I'm in the right spot. Ahem. I ramble. Anyway. So! In TES IV: Oblivion, there's a lovely mod here on the Nexus, that adds in a few lines of recorded dialogue to check for custom player races. (I think it got merged into one of the Unofficial Patches?) Anyway, at the beginning of the game, if you play a custom race, that Dunmer jerk we all love to murder in the DB questline Valen Dreth will say the following line: "What ARE you? Such a rare species they've caught in their cage. That just means they'll keep you even longer. It's even less likely they'll keep you alive. That's right, Freak! You're going to DIE in here!" Which, while I know I've likely got a bit of this quote wrong, I LOVE that little additional check for custom race stuff. I use it. All the time. However, in Skyrim, I've noticed something. I'm experimenting (learning) how to create a custom race myself. Play-wise, it works without bugs or anything, but ANY AND ALL dialogue that mentions race (Hadvar saying your remains will be returned to wherever, etc.) don't happen. Which of course, might be expected. Thus, my question: Does such a dialogue check mod / race-check mod exist in any of our Skyrim SSE/AE mod collection?
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