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  1. Yes, with an additional option to just default to a game during the work session. Like setting Now I'm working on Skyrim VR and set it as ACTIVE game or similar mechanic. Probably the user will need to have a way to copy mods between Skyrim VR & SSE to skip repeated downloads...even if that means having a duplicated copy of a mod between the 2 games..but it is still a way to keep the process working smooth on each game.
  2. No Way I'm touching this again hahahahahh Thanks anyway...but EVERYTHING WORKS now ... I'm not falling on that one again. :P
  3. SOLUTION C The user specifies when downloading the file if this is for Skyrim SSE or Skyrim VR and you create separate downloads/mods directories for each game as it should be so it is not downloaded on the C: appdata dir like it is happening right now. Also Nexusmods should create a new game called Skyrim VR to organize the mods that are compatible/native for VR.
  4. yes I did clicked confirm I'm not sure how to do that Purge and Re/deploy. But I ended up redownloading and installing back everything. Now it is working. The only issue I have is that VORTEX is not using the directories I set: Base: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\SkyrimVR MODS Download: {base}\downloads Mods: {base}\mods Then suddenly my C: drive was filling up, when I verified I realized that vortex is saving all the downloads in: C:\Users\MYUSER\AppData\Roaming\Vortex\skyrimse\downloads Why????? BTW the download path that is configured is EMPTY!! This is not working properly
  5. Do you have any filters set? If you have it set to display only enabled plugins and they are all disabled, you will get a blank list. No filters at all! they just dissappeared after setting the new directories. I guess I had to choose UNDO instead of APPLY on that message that alerted that the links dissappeared but this is another thing not explained at all...aggghh I'm reinstalling EVERY FREAKING MOD for the third time..because it is the only way to re-add the missing plugins. I tried to run the game and every mod dissapeared without the plugins. Also I have to set the download information manually on every mod installed, and then go to the link, then click the NMN install so they are downloaded again into vortex and only after that I select INSTALL aaaaagggggghhhhh!!! THIS VORTEX is becoming a NIGHTMARE!!!!!
  6. if you set a new path for downloads and mods under vortex settings > Mods then it will move all the files to the new directory. the "base" directory is not the installation directory. which i still have to figure out why they set a base path anyway. maybe for upcoming features on their to do list. and instead of setting the base, downloads and mods seperatly, which most people will tend to do, set the base directory to the new location and type in the path for mods {base}\modsdownloads {base}\downloadsafter saving it will move your downloads and mods to the new location. Thanks I did that and yes, all were moved. NOW..something else happened. The same notification as before appeared this time stating that ALL THE LINKS dissappeared (??) And now I do not see ANY PLUGIN LISTED.... what the hell just happened??
  7. thank you ! yes, that list was worthy ... in case I need to re-download them. NICE!! but now, I selected the UNDO option on that big message that appeared. It seems it appears when I tried to install a new mod. THIS ONE: https://imgur.com/a/ADFjgZ0 after selecting UNDO all the files appeared back magically in the MODS directory. But, the plugins are not there. I'm about to test if the game will work correctly this way..right now EDIT: IT WORKED!! I recovered all the mods at once without re-downloading. After trying to install one mod, Immersive Weapons. VORTEX showed me that message... so I selected UNDO on each mod (one by one) that way the modification will not be accepted and VORTEX will undo the change and copied all mods back to the directory. The problem with the plugins was solved after enabling the mods. I selected to disable and enable on each mod and the plugins were appearing again. Once I finished doing this I went to plugins and enable all of them. Started the game and the savegame claimed that I had only 1 missing mod, IMMERSIVE ARMORS! so I quit the game, installed that one again and it worked!!! I just tested it and works flawlessly. NOW, I HAVE ALL THE MODS in D:\TOOLS\Vortex\skyrimvr\mods How do I move them correctly to a new directory and point VORTEX there to avoid issues or reinstalling?? Just copying them to the new destination and selecting the new path in VORTEX?? that's it? or there is any other step required?
  8. If you click the info button in the path selection in the program, the program itself shows you as an example to place the mods inside that directory. D:\VORTEX\SKYRIM\MODS is the example provided.
  9. How did you get the exact list to re/download them? There has to be a backup list in VORTEX somewhere Can anyone provide advices on how to recover from this situation? even if that means a manual re-download and re-install of all mods I need to know where to get a list of all I had...or maybe there is a better/quick way.
  10. PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS IN A SIMPLE MESSAGE IN THE APPLICATION ITSELF!!!!!! Pay attention to some details, when you are explaining how to set the PATHS in the program, the information itself is MISLEADING, you are providing as an example path D:\VORTEX\SKYRIM\MODS That is exactly THE WRONG EXAMPLE you are telling indirectly the user to keep the mods where the vortex is installed. PLEASE MODIFY AND EXPLAIN THE USER CORRECTLY IN THE APP!! thanks! I Just started vortex to find out all my mods are gone!!! I have set a custom path in D:\TOOLS\VORTEX\ WHAT COULD I DO NOW to recover my mods? should I reinstall them by hand??? is there a way to find them? Also why the deleted files are not in the recycle bin neither?? aggggghhh please give me an advice on how to recover at least. Please tell me that vortex keeps a list of previously installed mods or something I had more than 80 mods installed .... HELP!!??? EDIT: I've just saw this MESSAGE! I do not know how did I triggered it!! what should I do on each of the mods?? https://imgur.com/a/ADFjgZ0 I could use this somehow to recover the lost mods??? help!!
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