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  1. Well you could type in the console for example: help "sword" and it will list all instances of swords in the game with their correct item codes.
  2. Do you see any insects anywhere? I know the Unofficial Skyrim Patch removed all insects everywhere, not sure if they ever fixed that.
  3. If it hasn't been mentioned you can open the console from the main menu screen and do coc qasmoke, it will put you in the testing hall as a generic male character then you should be able to load your save fine.
  4. I know there was an issue with the unofficial skyrim patch causing this problem, you should check it's page to see if that's been resolved.
  5. Well my experiance of the PC shutting down was purely down to the video card overheating forcing the PC to shutdown, this was on my old PC which had to have the cover open when running games. Might be worth checking the system temperature there.
  6. I was just looking into this issue myself, thanks for the tip. Yes i have confirmed it's the newest patch here on Nexus that is causing it. I switched back to an older version of the unofficial Skyrim patch and all the insects are back as they should be.
  7. Here's a short summery of the issue I am having: 1. Load game, load a new save the game exits to desktop when attempting to load. 2. Load game, load an older working save (which loads fine) then load the newer save and it loads? So basically I have to load an older save before I can access newer saves as they will not load directly from the main menu.
  8. Is it possible to have the image management page split into pages like everything else on Nexus? At the moment it tries to display all the thumbnails on a single page and when that's over three thousand then the page is extremely slow to impossible to load.
  9. I seem to have full access to ten mods I have no connection with whatsoever, is this a dangerous site glitch?
  10. Thanks, but it's gone again. Site is extremely slow.
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