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  1. In response to post #119140678. #119166408, #119170528, #119177498 are all replies on the same post. Ok, this "beta > clasic 1.32" option wasn't there before. I just hope they wont remove this option in the futur.
  2. In response to post #118787133. #118803368, #118803808, #118807363, #118831953, #118832103, #118836333, #118837923 are all replies on the same post. if you add the game to your steam library as a non steam game you still need the copy on your hard drive. Just like you would with a normally installed game. And if you want to keep a clean version of the game that you can use in case you break something on your modded vesion, you still need that clean version as a separate backup on your hardware too since you can't "verify your files" on a non steam game since steam only adds a play button to its library but doesn't save any information about your files. So adding the game to steam manually is basically the same as just launching the exe yourself. Same with launching it through vortex. Luckily you can start the game without steam. Just make sure, if you create a shortcut to start the game, to create a shortcut to the original exe and not to any steam related files.
  3. In response to post #118787133. #118803368, #118803808 are all replies on the same post. Might be a good time to share that knowhow here too. Everything I could find was just how to block a game temporarily from updating but you have to do that console command trick everytime before you want to start the game.
  4. In response to post #118787133. I guess the best option you have is to make a backup copy of your current game plus documents folder, then deinstall and reinstall it (or verify your files, but I have never used that option in steam), copy that fresh installation to create another fails safe backup (and never ever change anything directly in that backup) and deinstall ist from steam to not get the update. Luckily you can play the game without steam but sadly you wont get any steam achievement and so on that way.
  5. In response to post #118721838. #118722318, #118736613, #118750988, #118758088, #118770353, #118772443, #118779948, #118783053, #118783283, #118783603, #118798543 are all replies on the same post. I have to admit that I got influenced to share this opninion. I have never used a mod manager myself, I only know how to install mods manually. So I don't know aka can't say what exatly it is but everytime this topic comes up under any comment, that vortex does not fully work with TW3 mods in generel and that it also depends how they are packed in the first place to be abble to get corretly installed by a mod manager. And from what I have heard (that's where/how I got influenced) does Vortex have the most difficulties from all mod managers with TW3 mods. But to be fair, I googled it yesterday before posting this comment and according to a github bug report from september does vortex struggle with mods that has to make changes to the input settings or xmls so any mod that adds a mod menu or adds/changes the keybinds might better be installed manually. I guess next time I should remember that one dokumentet error messege might not be enough to proof all other comments about vortex not being the best option for this game (info for: if its close to midnight again, sleep before commenting)
  6. In response to post #118721838. #118722318, #118736613, #118750988, #118758088, #118770353, #118772443, #118779948, #118783053, #118783283 are all replies on the same post. I guess you are right. Sounds light the only possible workaround for now. but ... don't use vortex for TW3 mods.
  7. In response to post #118721838. #118722318, #118736613, #118750988, #118758088, #118770353, #118772443, #118779948 are all replies on the same post. Ok, but goot to know that I should never ever delete or alter that backup from now on. I guess I have to finde 50gig of could space some how just to be extra safe. I hope that someone reads this and creates a mod or tool to change the document folder direction. I have no Idea how that could work though.
  8. In response to post #118721838. #118722318, #118736613, #118750988, #118758088, #118770353 are all replies on the same post. Rn I have a copy of a fresh installation in a folder on my desktop. At the moment I would have to copy that folder to another place if I want to mod it to not effect the copy I made as a backup. My question ist, If I upload that unmodded copy into my steam library, do I still need a backup copy or can I just do something similar like "verify files" (or how it is called in english) to roll the game back to the point when I uploaded it? Because in that case I could save some space (over 50 GB) on my own hard drive. But if it would effectifely just create an extra "Start Game" button in my library I would still need both the backup and the modded copie on my hard drive. And I could just create a shortcut to the modded exe to play the game that way without steam too. But another question. Does a separate library list entry also use a separate documents folder? This alone might be enough to use this feature. Because rn the old version and the next gen version would write to the same docs folder since both are the same game. And that's a problem if I want to have both versions.
  9. In response to post #118744293. #118751163 is also a reply to the same post. I guess the wild nudity projekt would have never made it. No matter its popularity or content. The very opening scene where you see Yennefers naked butt is the main reason why they had to go back and add censorship/non-nude version for some countries before release. (If this scene would have come 40 hours into the game no one of the testers would have noticed/complained I guess.)
  10. In response to post #118721838. #118722318, #118736613, #118750988 are all replies on the same post. I didn't knew you can add local games to your steam library. I have to investigate this. Can this also be used as a save point to go back to, when you screw up while modding? In that case, if you import the vanilla game, it wold be the ultimate game saver.
  11. In response to post #118755008. #118757398 is also a reply to the same post. You could however solve these "problems" as a developer, if you revisite every single change/bugfix like BiA authors did with for example Besserwisser's and nitpicker's implementation. But I hope and assume they did this anyway with every "new" implementation (as good as time and money allowed at least). But I totally agree with you that the pure implementation of those mods was essentially pointless.
  12. In response to post #118723738. Give No Levels a try. It rebalances the game by basically removing the Level system.
  13. In response to post #118737653. Just sad that they missed the most essential mod.
  14. In response to post #118721838. #118722318 is also a reply to the same post. true. They basically just cleaned up the facade. Sadly I only have Steam and therefor can't downgrade later. But I have backed up a fresh installation of the entire game plus ducuments folder already. Just to be save. I guess I will test the new stuff but depending on the mods, I might not stay on the next gen for long without BiA.
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