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  1. It seems this can't be done with lesser spells. If you change the spells you want to add to "Spells", it should work.
  2. The block won't run no matter what. The spell is self-cast to add other spells. Is it an engine limitation or is there a way to do it? scn magiceffectspell Begin ScriptEffectStart player.addspell aanewspell1 player.addspell aanewspell2 player.addspell aanewspell3 End
  3. Is there a mod out there that starts all side quests (and maybe quests) at once? Of course, if all quests were truly started at once the game would break. So it needs an intelligent system to not start previously completed quests or quest chains based on a certain choice (i.e, if you are kicked from the Thieves Guild during the Ultimate Heist, the last quest of receiving the Gray Fox mask cannot start). Is there such a mod out there? Or is there a guide at least? I was looking to 100% the game.
  4. It's been difficult to even post something trivial there. Idiocracy reigns while power trippers target you at their whim. I've been trying to create something different there. It's a subreddit that discusses the western canon in general, having arts, classical music and literature as main topics of discussion. Currently there's three original opinion articles I've written as well as several others credited and taken from famous newspapers. It has no rules other than the mandatory site-wide policy. I'll leave the link below in case you or anyone else here wants to check it out: https://www.reddit.com/r/westerncanon/
  5. If you've used Reddit from 2020+ onwards you'll have had the unpleasant sensation of having at least one of your posts or comments removed by a local moderator in the last few months. No questions asked, no given reason, just a default "Sorry" message and perhaps a permanent ban. Right now, says IGN, a massive protest is taking place due to Reddit's decision of charging the API's and profiting off their use. Many local moderators (read: unpaid volunteers) have "declared war" on the admins by setting theirs subs private. This has severely reduced site traffic since many of these subs have dozens of millions of subscribers. Now spez is counterattacking by saying the site will change its moderator removal policy, supposedly making it more democratic by introducing a vote removal. What do you think of this mess? Do you mostly agree with the CEO or the protesters? Personally I subscribe to neither. Both the admins and the mods have made the site more toxic in their own way; it would seem Reddit's paid staff is fighting its unpaid staff while the users are caught in the crossfire. About 58% of reddit is modded by power trippers (or, as some were saying, hallway janitors) while the company's representatives (admins and other staff) exploit that situation so their social network is modded for free. Nexus staff and its strict system of rules are far from perfect but when compared side-by-side to reddit's voluntary totalitarianism they seem like heaven on earth. At least the employed staff here has clear, precise rules to obey when moderating content and you can appeal their decisions if necessary. And about the community, people seem more level-headed in general. On Reddit most only read the title if you're lucky, and there'll always be someone in the comments trying to pose as better than their peers when they have literally nothing to add beyond an empty statement or a common sense rule. Let's not even speak of the sub moderators who feel they are entitled to a moral superiority within their private virtual space. You'll find better communities to post and interact with if they have 10k followers or luckily 100k. Run away from the biggest ones (10m+) if you enjoy challenging common sense or discussing anything philosophical (even a game's discussion might turn analytical or philosophical!). Literally at any time at any moment your baby soft "rule violation" can be targeted by a power tripping moderator. And then you're banned often for having a different opinion than theirs. While the admins and higher official staff at Reddit.com revel in the destruction they helped shape, not exactly popular protests emerge to boycott their corporate-capitalist decision. You can check how a large userbase from reddit itself is reacting to all of this by clicking here.
  6. Corporations are already planning on how to use this to further their own private agendas. No, AI art can't fully surpass human skills. Yes, companies will use it to instantly fire many, many artists and animators. Yet this guy is lost in a fever dream.
  7. ~Unable to find any data files. Your Oblivion installation appears to be damaged. Please uninstall Oblivion and reinstall it from the original disc(s). ~ I copied many mods from a previous installation to oblivion's data folder, yet the launcher refuses to load any of them. It returns the error message above and closes, and if I try to load a savegame, the game denies the action by saying no master files could be loaded. I'm running Linux Arch + HoloISO + SteamDeck OS.
  8. @Oblivionaddicted All right. As soon as I get Oblivion's multimod setup working again, I'll give that a try.
  9. @Striker879 Why can't the save be edited somehow? Isn't the save file filled with code about what to load and what time and how? If so, a simple advanced editor such as notepad++ should suffice, no?
  10. I am 100% sure it is active. I have the original ESP checked, however it no longer contains any *visible* formids for the spells I`ve made (my personal version got lost, and I reinstalled the original version). Still, somehow, my player char has those abilities.
  11. Nevermind, this bug was caused by an optional feature in said mod called "Attack Cancel". If you're having problems with it, disable attack cancel in the INI.
  12. In my past playthrough, I had created two custom abilities via Construction Set and added both to my character through the console (~). I did it for fun; one of them would allow my player to reflect 99% of incoming damage, the other would replicate the effects of the mundane ring (50% spell damage blocked and 35% of spells reflected). But I had a problem in my Windows system. By the time I had reinstalled everything from scratch, only my previous saves and mods folder remained. I reinstalled most of my most, except a few ones I thought would directly get in the way of game stability. As a result, I now have a very stable oblivion with many mods that doesn't crash, something that I honestly haven't seen until today. BUT I noticed that my character is permanently stuck with those custom abilities - reflecting damage and spells -, and that they are invisible (both magic effects don't show under active effects). Their previous known FORMIDs are said to be nonexistent when called by the removespell function; they are, however, being loaded from somewhere (certainly the save). Is there a way to delete them?
  13. Recently I've been playing this mod Combat Additions at Oblivion Nexus - mods and community (nexusmods.com) , and oh boy it's been fun. However, shortly after I installed it, suddenly and without any warning, the game's blocking animation began to constantly freeze. If I made a couple of swings with my weapon (any sword) and tried to block afterwards, my character would freeze in thin air and move with their animation completely frozen until I released the block button. Its symptoms are very similar to abomb's, except no abomb solution I tried worked. Also I can't say for sure weather this glitch is caused by Combat Additions or it's something else entirely - maybe a mod conflict with combat additions, which is very weird since I've played this mod nicely for a few days and then suddenly... Any ideas?
  14. Brazil's nation also fascinates me. Remember Project Brazil? What if, in Fallout New Vegas 2, you'd be able to traverse the world all the way to South America and "emigrate" to its largest, old-world style nation - completely untouched by the nuclear war between the US, China, USSR and the European Commonwealth. After all, as far as we know, Brazil could have retained its historical neutral stance in the great conflict; thus it became the most powerful nation in the post-apocalypse, a sort of isolated "old world paradise".
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