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  1. Wow, I had no idea this was the cause of all the issues. I have pretty spotty Internet at times, so I just assumed it was on my end and didn't worry about it. Glad to know you had fun on your trip and are getting everything in order. Best of luck to you!
  2. I reinstalled the game and applied the patch fresh, and it worked for me. It also seemed to fix the deck sorting issue, for the most part. Cards still aren't added to my deck automatically, though.
  3. Is there any more information on this bug? I'm having the same problem, with no one ever betting money. Reinstalling didn't help me.
  4. The do-gooders. Easily. I don't give a rat's ass about everyone else's affairs. I think it's wrong to kill them, but I'm not going to put a sociopath into power even if he has ideas on how to better the lives of everyone. What happens if, further down the road, my ideas and his begin to differ? If I've gone out of my way to put him in power, it won't matter to him. I'll just be an obstacle to be removed. That is a great way to run a dictatorship, but not what I would choose for my own government. It seems we will have to disagree on this matter, though. I don't find the ends justifying the means, and you clearly do.
  5. That actually is pretty interesting, but hindsight is always 20-20. Bethesda obviously had an idea where they wanted to go with everything, and wrote the story accordingly, but it conflicts with the idea of choice. It is hard to have as big a game as this, and have every choice be meaningful, and still have amazingly detailed characters. I'm not saying it can't be done, just that it would be difficult. And of course the more money or time spent on any one thing during development detracts from anything else. Damn finite resources, and all that. Also, "Rar! Me evil!" made me laugh.
  6. The thing is, Autumn's goal after rebelling is to get Project Purity up and running, so he can give water to the wastelanders. Or at least, that's all I am able to infer. If that is his goal, why the hell does he come in and try to take over the whole thing himself? If he really is such a good guy, he should have left well enough alone, or at least offered to help protect all the scientists working to make the project a reality. Instead, he breaks in, kills people, and gives them every reason to distrust him and not want to help him. If nothing else, that makes him a stupid and inefficient good guy, and still worse off than we were before.
  7. .. Autumn is the LEADER of the Enclave. He defines what the Enclave is, and it sems the soldiers don't mind. *snip* Sorry, I shed the primitive black/white perception of the world long ago. Seems you still have a pretty black and white perception of things, if you think the leader of something completely defines the entire thing. In any case, he isn't the leader of the whole Enclave. He was the de facto leader of the remaining Enclave forces that relocated to the east coast. The Enclave was around even before the war. Eden was still the one in actual command until it tried to get the FEV into the water, which in turn caused Autumn to rebel. Autumn is still a heartless male without a father, and will kill without remorse to accomplish his long term goals. I don't care how good the ends are, it does not always justify the means.
  8. Just because Autumn is against what the Enclave is doing, doesn't make the Enclave good. It makes him a traitor to his own people. Which I say still makes him a %&$!, even if you ignore his brutal methods of accomplishing his goals.
  9. True. I just meant the bomb won't kill her. Of course, I'm not sure why you'd want to kill her until after you finished her quest. You get a lot of perks and bonuses for doing it.
  10. Moira doesn't die. She becomes a ghoul. She is apparently out trying to do the work herself for her guide when you blow up Megaton, and returns to so much radiation she is transformed. You can find her in the Underworld if you've been there, or Rivet City if you haven't.
  11. The only problem I can see with this is that the story is intrinsically tied to your history. Without a huge mod to change the main storyline and references to being "that kid from the vault" this is more of a roleplaying thing, I think. Still, sounds like a cool idea. I might give it a spin in a new character or two. ;D
  12. Yes, their plans for destroying all wastelanders and rebuilding the "true America" with only themselves, who are "pure" is entirely acceptable. Giving people clean water to gain their trust before betraying them totally absolves them of wrongdoing. Not to mention the sick and at time horrifying Vault Experiments.
  13. Fascism /> Anarchy. I would rather live in a lawless society than a society with no freedoms at all.
  14. I feel guilty as hell when I play bad characters. Doesn't stop me from doing so. It's something of a guilty pleasure, if you will. Indulging in my darker side helps me feel that much better about myself when I take the high road.
  15. What if you were to come to them with a Brotherhood set of power armor you killed some BoS guys for? Then it should be obvious you are their side, and they should be more willing to accept you. It's all a moot point for me, though. I got pissed off at their incessant, condescending remarks, and killed the lot of them.
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