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  1. Okay guys, I have been away for some time and I'm very rusty with my modding skills. I know in the CK you can't use an .esp as a dependency as it gets stripped away when saving, but back in the day via xEdit (If I remember correctly) I could change the dependency from an .esm version of my mod to an .esp version solving this issue when creating patches. I have my Beantown Interiors Optimization patch which relies on my Beantown interiors .esp, I used an .esm version of my mod to create a new patch but I'm stuck using the .esm master. I'm trying to update both but have been running into a brick wall and now xEdit doesn't seem to let me edit the extension of masters. I've messed around a bit, I've tried to add masters, clean masters but I can't remember how I had done this in the past. any help would be appreciated, chuck
  2. I have been messing around with this issue but so far I've had no luck. I'm not sure what the problem actually is because the HUD I use on both Xbox and PC works on the PC but crashes my Xbox Series S. Also at the end of June I upgraded from an Xbox One Original to an Xbox Series S my HUD still works on my Xbox One and the game is updated to the latest version but crashes my Series S so I'm not certain this issue can be fixed and might just be "next generation console" related. My next move is to try to update the Def_UI HUD Framework patch I created years ago. I likely won't get to try until the weekend but I will post any progress I have here since in Bethesdas infinite wisdom they disabled their forums and there isn't a better place for console mod discussions . chuck
  3. I got myself a new Xbox Series S for my birthday this month and interestingly enough the Noir Penthouse works on it but not on my PC or Xbox One Original. Strange, Now I just need to get my DEF UI preset to work on the new xbox and I'll be happy.
  4. It must be a pst update bug since I tried to test it with no mods myself on both the PC and my xbox and found the same issue. (well on xbox I did use one mod that allows you to cheat and go into god mode so I could run through the quest fast. ) hopefully Beth with fix the issue.
  5. thanks that's good to hear, I do understand that this type of cell is hard to build I have been making them myself in Fallout 3 and Fallout NV for some time. With the Pre-combined system it must be a nightmare to make them in FO4. I'm just glad it's not only me and not on my end, I'll hold off my anger and just wait for a CC patch and see if it gets fixed Thanks. chuck Edit: I did also test on my xbox and it's also broken there so maybe that is enough incentive for Beth to fix this issue.
  6. I've recently returned to modding and Beth games. I have been having fun working on the "More Immersive Quest Start" series that ChibiCD had started. I even spent a little money buying some CC content that I had ben interested in and patching for them. In all honesty I'm just brushing off the dust and re-learning all that I have forgotten before jumping into some projects I want to do for myself but as with all Beth software I'm now a little annoyed! I picked up the "Noir Penthouse", I have to admit it looked amazing on the shelf (One of my favorite NV DLC's was Dead Money in all of it's "Art Deco" Glory!) but, this is what I got, a broken mess of missing meshes and bad pre-combined! to be honest I should have expected this but I didn't. I tried to regenerate new Pre-Combined meshes and visibility with no joy! I tried just removing the Pre-Combined and visibility in xEdit also with no luck! I have tested on a clean game with no mods expecting to find some mod conflicts but as you could guess I found the same issues. Are other's having this problem with this CC content? are there any fix mods out for this. I looked but didn't see any, Thanks for any help, suggestions or simply just a shoulder to rest my head on as I feel I've wasted money on this broken content, are welcome! thanks, chuck
  7. Pixelhate. It's nice see you still here and to be back. Thank you so much for the help The Geck Exender did the trick and solved my issue. I can now load woldspaces. Out of curiosity do you happen to know which version of blender people are using with windows 11? I was still on Win 7 when I dropped off the face of the earth so I'm having to do some catch up to figure out what I need to get now that I'm back. Thanks again for the Geck help I'm truly grateful!
  8. I've been away for some time and have been reinstalling all my games and modding tools. I'm having an issue with the NV GECK where it crashes when loading a world space. I do vaguely remember this issue happening when the game and GECK first released but I don't remember the fix. I've tested on a vanilla game install with only NVSE, the 4GB patch and GECK PowerUP. The GECK crashes when trying to load any world space. I am assuming the issue is a .ini setting that I need to change, any help would be appreciated thanks chuck
  9. You do now there are a lot of mods ported to Xbox. I have created and ported over 250 mods myself. What specifically are you asking for? I assume you have seen something here that is not available on Xbox but depending on what it is and the authors permissions it might be possible to get it ported.
  10. Here’s the guide for Archive2 it works the same for both Skyrim and FO4. Archive2 come with the ckit and can be found in data/tools. https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Archive2 You can also just use the ckit, it has an achieving tool that automates the packaging but it’s not always 100% accurate.
  11. If I remember correctly there’s an ini edit that will fix this problem. If I were you I’d send RoyBatterian a message he would know how to fix this.
  12. To link your account go to Bethesda.net and log in. In the top right corner of the window you’ll see your username, click on it and go to linked accounts. This is where you should be able to do your steam link. Mine shows steam and my Xbox live accounts. Xbox mods don’t use the PC archives so keep your assets loose and 1. Go to upload file/XB1 2. The ckit will look for assets needed for the mod and open a new window listing them 3. Check the list, once you feel everything is there hit the pack button 4. The ckit will convert the assets to Xbox format and pack with the correct compression. 5. You will get the upload window to add file name and description 6. After uploading is finished go back to Bethesda.net to add images and publish your mod. Pro tip: after the upload completes the ckit progress window will turn into a link that takes you directly to the mod page for editing and publishing. Feel free to hit me up if you have any other questions.
  13. You have to go to Bethesda.net and log into your account there. Somewhere under your profile there is a place to steam link your game. I don’t remember where I was in the ckit beta and just don’t remember where now. It verifies your using a legal version of the game, after that’s done you should be able to upload mods to Bethesda.net This was added because people were using pirated versions of the game, stealing mods and uploading them without permissions.
  14. The author can choose to ban from just “posting” on the mod page or from “posting, downloading, and PM contact” all together. They can include all their uploaded files too. I’ve only had to ban one person in all my time here and only because it was an extreme situation.
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