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  1. ...Yeah. I guess my whole attitude comes from the same realisation. I've felt for years that if we (as consumers) keep on buying the FIFAs , 2ks and Starfields...we're screwed. And since no outside party is going to give us the hairdryer treatment , because it suits them better as is..I'm vending in public. I just wish there was a way to slap some sense back into the gamers <self included, i'm guilty of buying A LOT of games on release day due to sheer excitement>
  2. The problem is not whether you or I are indeed Beth apologists when saying "modders will fix it". The problem is that this idea has been propagated to the extent where game reviews give Beth games high scores because "modders will fix it" ..and Beth puts less and less effort into QC (compared to the money/time spent for each game) than what any other company would. I don't blame the people reviewing, that are essentially telling the reader to buy broken games because captain modder will come to the rescue, because after 20 years of "the modders will fix it" , there's a generation of gamers that thinks that it's normal practice. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. The "meh" that nowadays comes before "modders will fix it". Bug that has carried over from FO3 to Stafield ? Here's 2 off the top of my head: Dead bodies can get catapulted on Kill because ...reasons. Loading in a cell can result in all "junk" to bounce off its intended placement position because...reasons. Ps. when i said "no, modders won't fix it" i was using exaggeration in order to drive the point home, not trying to make a statement of fact... After all...I am AverageJoe making xedit mods on Nexus and to a certain degree I am fixing Beths game. Pps. I don't use the Steam forums, but if the same arguments have been hashed and re-hashed over there as you say...that should give you a hint that there is foundation to them. What i do know for sure is that your (or mine for that matter) personal experience and rig performance is not the average experience /rig performance. This isn't Xbox or Playstation. Your mileage is your mileage ONLY and when a sea of people complains about an issue, what happened to you (or me) is 100% IRRELEVANT. I'm glad you've had no issues but that doesn't negate all the issues other people have had. The game runs better than any other Beth game on day 1..sure. But Beth isn't as inexperienced as when they released those games...nor did they have MS force them to do QC back then or the same budget and as much staff. So excuse me if i don't compare lists of bugs...its because it proves absolutely nothing. 4 months in and Beth hasn't fixed the broken Engine recipes in the ShipBuilderMenu ...the kind of 0 effort stuff other AAA companies fix on their day 1 patch. And you want to sit here and argue about me needing to post proof that things are going downhill in terms of how Beth essentially sees us. Funny stuff. I have no issue about you dismissing anything i say unless i prove it as fact...but bare in mind that the same goes for everything you've claimed that is based on anecdotes, feelings , premonitions and hunches of yours..it works both ways. You can't sit here and demand proof when you can provide none that things will go as you predict/wish.
  3. "Even MS QC seems to leave a LOT to be desired....." Agreed, but at the same time...that staff had no idea what they where looking at on day 1 ..or what to expect. There's a reason why dev companies have in-house testers...and that's cause the tester needs to be familiar with the product they are testing...or they resort to pure luck when it comes to finding bugs etc. It's also abundantly clear from past Beth games that Beth keeps no records of known issues...and if they do, its more of a "s#*&#33; we got away with" list than a "what we'll look to fix come next dev cycle" list. God knows what abomination of a game Beth intended to release before MS told them to take an extra year for QC. -------------- ..." if not by official patches" Meanwhile back in the real world, there are bugs that have been carried over since Fallout 3...because Beth doesn't fix stuff (unless absolutely forced to) . What Beth does is sell overpriced DLCs which introduce features that should have been in Vanilla to begin with. -------------- .."then by modders." And here we are back to "Beth apologist" square no.1 ....aka "3rd parties will fix it". No, modders won't fix it* (....or at the very least should not be expected to.) How many of you are part of the group of "modders that will fix it" ? How many of you have been to the Beth forums telling them that what they sold you is not a good product? Why is it, that instead of "demanding" that those that got paid to work on the game sit down and fix it, you expect unpaid people to do it? *More and more modders (the kind that introduces new code etc...not xedit mods like the average NexusJoe ) have already "washed their hands" when it comes to Starfield. Why is that? Because every Beth game is buggier than the last one.. Why is that? Because people buy their buggy games and never accost Beth for s#*&#33;.. they will moan for a bit , then rush to buy the next overpriced and undercooked Beth game. It happened with every TES and Fallout game after Morrowind and it will happen again. Beth exists with the sole purpose to make profit. When you pull down your pants and turn around...they will dryf*ck you with no second thoughts, just like any other "for profit organisation". If you want Beth to stop doing what is described above...you need to pull your trousers up. Expecting modders to stitch you up afterwards does nothing to alleviate the unpleasant experience you've been through nor will it make Beth put some lube on, come next time. Ps. AGAIN , no issue with the person...it's the stance/attitude that i am attacking. A stance/attitude that is akin to letting a cancer tumour grow uncontrollably whilst expecting w/e deity it is you believe in to cure it.
  4. They were forced by Microsoft to take a year and polish the game...Microsoft had to move people from other departments to help them do Quality Control [QC - bug test] ... I'm honestly starting to think that QC for Beth is giving the janitor an early copy of the game and asking them what they made of it the very next morning. So has Bethesda. The game engine at its core is 20 years old. Minor bugs/product flaws will always slip through QC...but Beth does f-all QC. I'm not a hater...I'm the dope that fell for their bs, every single time since fallout 3, and has had enough.
  5. (This is not an attempt to attack you, but the point of view you and many others have chosen.) I do not propose anything besides a change in what people perceive as excusable when talking about the state of the game. My point was that an active modding community is not an excuse for Bethesda being lazy, time and again. People should judge the game Beth sold to us, not the game they dream 3rd parties can turn Starfield into. Would you accept buying a car with a broken axis under the pretence that it was brand new and 100% functional as intended by design? Would it make it ok to sell you said car broken, if your neighbour could fix the engine? How about if the neighbour could only do it in a years time when the proper tools are out in the market? You wouldn't, none of us would.. You'd be raging over social media/in the face of the car dealer, you'd be talking s#*&#33; about the car manufacturer etc etc. Yet somehow.. here you are talking about a 3rd party garage being just down the road...and how it should be expected for the buyer to take it from the dealer straight to a 3rd party garage just to get it rolling. "The gaming industry is different" , because the consumers allowed it to be..We draw the line of what is acceptable or not. They can be reduced as some of them are only there to make sure assets have loaded in. eg. Certain small interior cells do not require them at all...other interior cells would require a much shorter version of the "1size fits all" loading screen used atm. If i were a dreamer, i'd dream about Beth coming up with some sort of NMS-like space travel...but i'm not, so i expect them to just allow us to quick travel from all those interior cells that we were previously not allowed to. (i'm keeping the bar low, in hopes Beth manages to clear it for a change) Ps. Happy holidays to everyone.
  6. Or open all mods at the same time on Xedit ...check for conflicts...resolve conflicts...save and exit.
  7. Although i applaud your confidence and youthful exuberance ...i doubt you will ever be able to fix any of the fundamental issues Starfield has. One can only polish a turd to a certain point and if Beth doesn't do anything about it* , this game will remain a turd at its core. * I'll concede that in a decades time , mods might have turned Starfield into the best game in human history..but they would also have changed it to be a vastly different game in the process. Not what Beth released and patched, which is what we are looking at. The only way this game can be truly saved, is if Beth devs sit down and rework large parts of it.. and hopefully pull off a "No Mans Sky" of sorts in the process (NMS was VERY BAD on launch..but the devs stuck to it). Now...we are almost a trimester in from release and there are broken recipes since day 1 that haven't been fixed.. (Amun Dunn engines) .. Does that show devs that are working hard or devs that are hardly working? IMO they are being secretive about what their plans to "fix" the game are, because they are looking to do as little as possible. Just the good ol' Beth bs Band-Aid fixes NON VERBATIM eg. "We will look into space travel" or "we understand that people are concerned about loading screens breaking immersion" ---is going to result to--> You can now fast travel from anywhere to everywhere. Ps. We, the consumer, paid a premium price and bought the vanilla game...so the vanilla game is what needs to be the focus of whatever criticism we , the consumer, have. Not every one of us, consumers, will have access to mods...and access to mods for some , doesn't eliminate the issues for everyone.
  8. +1 on the Ship part of the request. Not being able to carry over your ship design makes shipbuilding not worthy of ones time. As far as the outposts part is concerned..i'll abstain. It makes sense that outposts are cleared from planets since its supposed to be a new universe , but i can see why people would want to carry over their designs.
  9. study "Craftable Weapon Skins" and perhaps speak with the author. https://www.nexusmods.com/starfield/mods/5726
  10. Set the originals as masters to your compatibility patches . Whatever you want to tweak on other peoples work can be tweaked by using "copy as override".
  11. In response to post #33369190. #33385585 is also a reply to the same post. @Rioplats What you fail to understand is that you are asking us to thank someone for PARTIALLY fixing a broken product they have already sold us. Lets say you bought a car from me...and it was missing its brake pads. Would you appreciate the effort if i gave you a stick to drag along the ground in order to create friction and stop??? How about if i gave away a free mirror ornament? If you ordered a pizza from me...and all you got was the base and sauce...Would you appreciate the effort if i sprinkled cheese on it but not the toppings you ordered??? How about if i threw in some cheese and chive dip?? Bottom line is ...Quit making excuses for dodgy company practices and defend your consumer rights..because when you don't, you mess up MY consumer rights as well and i don't feel the need to be treated like a money tossing idiot just because YOU like to behave as one. PS. Feel free to call me a prick..correct > politically correct ANY day of the week.
  12. I am interested in creating a mod which allows the game to load multiple textures for the coins at the same time [namely 3 gold/silver/bronze] either randomly or by some given percentage (25%-35%-40% of the time)...this would allow for a player that is looking at a table full of coins to see a random mix of gold,silver and bronze coins resulting in better immersion. The only problem is i am a complete noob to all things scripting and/or TES editing so i need all the help i can get to get me started. Please note that i don't want to introduce new monetary values [the mod i want to create could serve as a resource for that] Any advice and/or help appreciated Thnx in advance, dw420 Edit: i just found out from here that i need to wait for the CK to come out ...but the difference from what is asked there is that i want to effectively use 1 reference ID for all 3 textures
  13. Can't use FOMM because I don't have Fallout 3 or New Vegas and it asks for location. Need to find the function to redirect so it does not ask. But CBA to do that now. It's late. did you find a way around it?
  14. Any kind of morning star...any kind of flail....any kind of greco-roman armor and weapon...a chainmail with coif and headband
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