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Is the real Las Vegas NV becoming a REAL Wasteland?


Is it Turning back into a real desert, all over again?


Forums nexusmods com has become a kind of a Poor Richard's Almanac by Ben Franklin for casino advertisements. A SCAMMER's pair a dice!


Anyone who sets their notifications so they receive eMail from anyone posting at their own thread gets these illegal links sent to their eMail account from the posts here.


For example; I got four posts all aimed advertisements for the same casino.


Links to my thread posted this morning from someone pushing their online casino. Same casino with four different avatar names. All in a row on my thread, "From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old man".


I got 4 eMails for that casino's links; where only comments are supposed to.


We people with posted threads see their illegal links whether moderators at Nexusmods removes them in a timely manner or not!


We get an eMail even if the staff at forums nexusmods com deletes the illegal posts before we log in for the day.


How do the posted usernames casino pusher get through? They have to have a profile to be able to.


Why aren't their posts blocked when they're actually links to online casinos to the casinos?


Being banned isn't stopping them!


They're clearly suffering from Covid-19 more than any other business. Now only seriously drunken people and stupid dopes will wonder into their business; since all the rest of the people are too scared of getting sick being exposed in a crowded establishment.


The real Las Vegas NV is becoming a REAL Wasteland. Turning back into it's real status of a desert, all over again.

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