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It's not so much the choice itself that offends; it is the inconsistency and the lack of adherence to the game and setting's internal logic that galls so. There's... rather a lot of those in Fallout 4 if we're honest and we sort of have to be because many of the better mods out here on the Nexus are correcting it. Wanting the next Unofficial Patch to fix this STUPID attempt to force people onto the Minutemen path if they want to start fixing Sanctuary Hills is what got me starting this entire topic.


(As another example, the programmers had previously set it so that, if you got Curie early on and hadn't killed Kellogg yet, you could still "pay attention to the sign" and chat up Dr. Amari to help Curie transfer her consciousness into a brain-dead synth. This was later specifically blocked at the stage progression level leading many, many of us to roll our eyes and console in "setstage 16454e 150" to do it anyway, especially the AFT users that were getting Curie early to get the spouse revived back at 111!)

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