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A campaign follow-up for full map users


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As you know, if you've finished the campaign, Sir Raju's kukri was stolen by Victoria Espinosa. (You can see her wearing it in the screenshots following the fall of Coromodir after Sir Raju's final battle)


You presumably recover it after taking her down. This is a relic of Terra and the last legacy of an ended bloodline... save for stories. As Kamea so rightly put it, stories are what remain when a man has gone.


So, if I actually had any talent, I would script out the stories of Sir Raju's ancestors as the Argo crew seeks them out while bearing them and the kukri back to the most fitting place... Terra.


The thing even has a name all ready for it... Stories Are What Remain.


(Incidentally, there may be one almost-comprehensive history of the Battletech setting, at least the IS and Frontier/Periphery. Comstar would have been collating everything in the name of neutrality the whole time.)


I admit, I wish I had the talent for this... but I don't.

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