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A mod that lets you avoid doing the KotN questline


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Yeah, so there's already a request on here asking for the option to side with Meridia\ Umaril. Since I don't care about Meridia, and hate the Divines, I want a third option. "But why do you need a mod for it?" - you might ask - "Just ignore the Prophet and you're good!", you might say. But there's a problem with this. The game, as it's designed, just forces the quest upon you. You ask for rumours, because that's one way of getting new quests or learning about random stuff, and then - Bam! - "The holy Prophet of Anvil preaches his bulls***, you should totally go on a scavenger hunt for him!", and the quest gets stuck in your journal forever, or at least until you either do it, or use cheats to remove it. Neither of the solutions is good, because both break immersion for me, as a Daedra-worshiping Dark ELF and as a player respectively. So then, what can we do? That's where you, dear modders, come in!


My idea: The Prophet sends you (the player) on his scavenger hunt, but you get a couple of new dialogue options.

Option #1: Simply refuse. Let someone else do it, there were a few potential npc candidates added by the expansion already (that traveling knight "that found God" comes to mind), so why not let them have a go at Umaril? They don't really need to programmed into doing anything of course, just make this option 'solve' the quest. Yet, Aurorans will start spawning in their usual locations, and will attack you on sight, but fighting them will be like fighting any other npc or creature in the game, as in, it will not be tied to quests or anything like that. With this option you should also be able to restart the KotN quest by talking to the Prophet again, and saying something like "I've changed my mind, I will do what you ask." and then going along the quest-line as intended.

Option #2: Goad the Prophet into attacking you. Say something like "You are a fool, the Daedra will kill you all!", turning the Prophet hostile. He will attack, and either you, or the nearby guards will kill him. This will mark the quest as 'failed'. Like in the previous option, Aurorans will start spawning in their scripted locations and will be hostile, but you will not be able to stop them by restarting the KotN questline, as the quest-giver is dead (obviously).

Another (or the only, if option #2 is selected) way of stopping the Aurorans\ Umaril will be by finishing Oblivion's main quest before finishing KotN. That way, Martin sacrifices himself to stop Dagon, and in so doing restores the barrier between Mundus and Oblivion, making the Auroran invasion impossible. So, regardless of how far you've advanced in the KotN questline, it will automatically be tagged as 'solved' by the game.


And just for the fun of it, maybe add the option to automatically fail KotN if you've already beaten Meridia's quest. Because, after all, if you're her champion, why would you want to foil an invasion that she is involved with? So that way, Aurorans spawn, but are friendly to you, whereas the Prophet is hostile.

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I mean, you can just deactivate the DLC?

Ah, but then I'd be missing the new locations, npcs and items added by it.


Most of the new locations can't be accessed without doing the questline. There is literally nothing to do in the few that you can access.


Except for a handful of generic priests, none of the new NPCs will appear without doing the questline.


Vanilla enchanted elven battleaxes are the only item that is available without doing the questline.


Seriously, just deactivate the DLC if you really dislike it.

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